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    Is it just me, but....... 🤞

    It’s 16.15 and it doesn’t seem quite as dark tonight... Lighter nights and shedding costs can only mean one thing. Come on summer :cool: ;)
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    Bob Champion is asking for help after Liverpool fire

    Just seen this , such a shame, really hope people can help
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    Hovis - can't believe it...

    Hi Can't believe what I have just read, poor Hovis and poor Hovis family Keeping everything crossed, wonder if we can collectively send some famous HHO vibes
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    Gold medals and now golden rings....

    What a day for Charlotte
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    Arab Horse Society Magazine 1988 & 1989

    Hi This is a real stab in the dark but would anyone have copies of the Arab Horse Society Magazine from 1988 and 1989 that would have had the write up of their national summer shows. For those years it was Ascot and then Kempton Park I'm trying to locate copies for a surprise for my mum. I...
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    BHS Gold membership - coverage abroad

    Hi. I am looking at taking the BHS gold membership to cover me when riding my clients wifes horse in France. This is recreationally, and my client is because of my consulting work here, not an equine client or anything similar. I cannot easily tell however if the BHS Gold membership covers...
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    Does it ever stop hurting?

    I'll set the scene... Up to mid 20's full on rider, worked full time but kept 3-4 up to county standard showing as well as riding for others and judging, then career got in the way and it stopped. Anyways, working in Southern France and my client says come meet my wife and horse. She (wife)...
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    Stopping me missing home (France)

    Does anyone know of anything equine going on this weekend within an hours trip from La Grande Motte? I'm working here and need something to take the mind of the homesickness TIA
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    Badminton Grass Roots updates and ground conditions

    I have my fingers crossed for all H&Hittes and looking forward to hearing how they did, and was just wondering if the awful weather we have had here today has been replicated at Badminton? It has chucked it down all day and am concerned if it caused any problems, as well as how the ground on...
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    Nuff Said!

    In the words of the great oracle H O Vis: "Looking to your past is like rein-back ? easy to do, but then you still have to get your bum into gear and move forwards." Hilarious :)
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    Clare Balding looking for horse

    She suggests its for a secret charity project If you are on twitter please see here: for those that don't tweet:@clarebalding: Details on the horse I need: 15.2-16hh gelding, 6-14 yrs old, all rounder who can jump and carry weight...
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    Horses seemingly dumped in Croydon

    Hi there Any advice greatfully received. Overnight 3 equines, rather 2 horses/ponies (can't safely judge their height) and a foal of about 2 weeks of age, have appeared on parkland in Croydon. They appear in reasonable shape, and the foal certainly has some cheeckiness about it, but I am not...
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    Just seen the list, and it was always going to be a tough one, but no equestrians have made the list which is disappointing:(