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  1. cremedemonthe

    If you ride on the roads, please sign and share this

    Friend of mine started this, she runs the Pass Wide and Slow group on facebook and is actiively meeting mp's and challenging the government to change the current laws regarding the protection offered to horse riders on the roads. SHe needs many more signatures to get them to even consider...
  2. cremedemonthe

    Dentists in West Wales or rather, lack of them

    I have been in Wales for nearly 3 years, in that time I have failed to find a dentist, NHS or private, NO one is taking anyone on. I got on to a list to go, ONTO a list, for private patients at the local dentists where my girlfriend goes, maybe a year's wait. Today she got a letter to say that...
  3. cremedemonthe

    South East horse people, please help

    This came up on the Surrey Horse and Pony on facebook which is my old patch, please could you have a read and share it around. This lady's lorry was stolen at the Oxted and Edenbridge show, the lorry was recovered in Essex but her little dog was inside and is still missing.As you can imagine...
  4. cremedemonthe

    Can the South East people pleasehelp

    This came up on the Surrey Horse and Pony on facebook which is my old patch, please could you have a read and share it around. This lady's lorry was stolen at the Oxted and Edenbridge show, the lorry was recovered in Essex but her little dog was inside and is still missing.As you can imagine...
  5. cremedemonthe

    Moving to Wales - an up date

    After my previous thread about moving to Wales about 2 years ago or more, I have written an up date on how I am getting on. Here it is, any questions, PM me, just remember, you'll see things here that in Surrey you'd get arrested for, ANYTHING goes in Wales I have discovered and no one seems to...
  6. cremedemonthe

    Horse burnt to death

    Poor horses, down here in Wales and on my timeline and the link below is to the lady who had it happen to her, poor woman, can't imagine how she must be feeling right now Mare survived but badly burnt, doubt if she'll ever recover from that but their gelding died. Hope they catch the scum who...
  7. cremedemonthe

    Here's another wally too who should know better

    This is up in Aberystwyth, about 40 mins from me, I certainly wouldn't use these vets if I was in that area...
  8. cremedemonthe

    What a moron

    Words fail me, some sort of "training" ? Sight hounds are notoriously thin skinned, that dog must have been not only terrified but absolutely frozen.. IF I ever saw anyone doing that, they would soon follow the dog in to the water, that is a promise. Very angry...
  9. cremedemonthe

    Cordwainers College Re union - calling all ex students

    Any other ex Cordwainers on here who would like to go to this? It's too far for me to go or I would. Oz [/URL]
  10. cremedemonthe

    First smallholder, poultry and equine sale of the year

    Looking forward to it, meet people I know and have a nose round. ***ATTENTION***** *****2017 Dates***** WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! DATES FOR THE FORTH COMING SALES ARE AS FOLLOWS, ALL DATES ARE ON A SUNDAY: 16th April 30th April. 14th May. 28th May. 11th June. 25th June...
  11. cremedemonthe

    Outside my back door this morning

    SO different to being back in Surrey! Although where I used to live in Caterham on the Hill it was rural once upon a time until the rot set in with over crowding and anti social behaviour came a long in abundance and where I used to live in the Tandridge area it has just been announced by Surrey...
  12. cremedemonthe

    Alternative horse fly trap

    I am familiar with the black ball version but they are hard to make yourself as where do you get a very large black ball! This one is food for thought though and looks far easier and cheaper to make ready for the horsefly season. Oz
  13. cremedemonthe

    Home made dust bath for indoor hens

    Today I decided to make my chickens in the barn a dust bath, been using trays and all sorts but it gets messy in there as they spray it all around. I took an old builder's bag I had in the basement and using scrap textiles (of which I have lots) made a door in the side with a "curtain", on the...
  14. cremedemonthe

    Anyone going to the poultry,equestrian and smallholders meet Sun

    As in the title, held every 2 weeks.Starts at 1pm. Quite a few horsey people selling their stuff there. I'm going again tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up for a chat, I'll be arriving in a White transit van (61 plate) with yellow "dog on board" sticker on side door. Here's the details of where...
  15. cremedemonthe

    How's this for too close for comfort? Thank God that horse was calm
  16. cremedemonthe

    Where did my "off to Wales again next week" thread go?

    As in the title? Seem to have vanished? Was going to add a few more photos of the place but it's disappeared! Strange
  17. cremedemonthe

    Anyone fancy this?

    It's going to be in my neck of the woods when we move and looks good
  18. cremedemonthe

    Not impressed with this

    The message they are giving out is wrong and so is their explanation of it too, just encouraging yet more people on the feel good factor to buy dogs,cats etc for Xmas and by early January they are dumped...
  19. cremedemonthe

    Small bale of straw

    Anyone got a clean,dry small bale of straw they can sell me for my chicken house please within 5 miles of Caterham on the Hill in Surrey? Just need one! IF you can help me (can pick up during the day some weekdays or at weekends in my van) please email me on with price...
  20. cremedemonthe

    Looking for photo of a horse injured by fireworks

    I'm sorry for the seemingly insensitive question and I hope it doesn't up set anyone who has had a horse injured by fireworks. Reason I ask is I am in a group trying to get fireworks sales restricted to just certain times of the year and not ALL year due to the distress and injuries caused to...
  21. cremedemonthe

    WARNING for all horse owners in South Wales

    Be on your guard, poor horses
  22. cremedemonthe

    Self help for dogs

    [/URL] Oz :)
  23. cremedemonthe

    Pony missing from its field in Dormans Park, Surrey
  24. cremedemonthe

    firework display to be held near dog rescue centre

    Can you help on this one please, we need people to write (POLITELY) to ask Next if they would not go ahead with their display, here's an email received from lady at the centre it speaks for itself: FROM Jen Hanna I don't know if you able to help but NEXT head office in Enderby Leicestershire...
  25. cremedemonthe

    headcam evidence used against van driver From what I have read, serves him right
  26. cremedemonthe

    Off to Wales to try again next week.

    Going up to look at another property as still looking for that special place. I am booked in to see a place next week in the Brecon Beacons, let's hope it's better than the last one which was only fit to bulldoze flat! Will report back when I have seen it. Oz :)
  27. cremedemonthe

    Horse box/trailer accident on M25 near me

    Hope horse and owner isn't too traumatised
  28. cremedemonthe

    Checking your saddle for eveness

    Been chatting to someone on PM and have just given them this to help them check their saddle. Thought I'd put it on here incase anyone else wants to look. It's not perfect as was trying to hold saddle and photograph it but it gives you a few pointers. Oz Right here goes, this is to check...
  29. cremedemonthe

    Accident on M40 involving horsebox

    I was coming back down the M4 yesterday when this came on the traffic news on the radio, thank goodness everyone was ok. Must have been horrific to watch it unfolding.
  30. cremedemonthe

    What do you think of these ? Thoughts? Oz