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  1. MrsMozart

    It's a bobber...

    When you do everything you believe to be right and yet it still all goes wrong. My young ID is broken and can't be fixed. I'm afraid my clear thinking went after hearing the words along the lines of "major damage to the rear suspensories ", but the gist is a birth defect in his vertebrae...
  2. MrsMozart

    Saddle for a Short-backed Cob?

    Titch (7 year old Heinz cob) has started work in ernest. Well, his version of it, anyway. He's wide in the barrel, non-existant in the wither, and short in the back. Both I and D1 (his riders-to-be) are long in the thigh. Suggestions for a suitable saddle be much appreciated folks.
  3. MrsMozart

    Best Brush for Rotties?

    I've been using the rake thingy that I use for the GSD. Didn't expect it to work, but it does surprisingly well and they seem to enjoy it and like to help :D Issue being it's not really suited to the more tender parts and I should find something else, preferably something that doesn't get...
  4. MrsMozart

    Rotties and agility?

    Anyone done agility with their Rottie? If yes, what age was the dog when you started? Any tips or suggestions? A friend has suggested I take ours along with her two big dogs (roughly same age as mine, ten months), and her trainer. I've been reading up, but there's not a lot, that I've...
  5. MrsMozart

    Feed for Rottie Pups (nearly 8 months)

    Been on Eden for the last two months but it's no agreeing with them. Squidgier side of normal, with the occasional real squirt. Admittedly they do pick up anything they can get their teeth around, but we're pretty good at noticing and retrieving things. Have spoken with the feed shop and...
  6. MrsMozart

    Ideas for 'Pens' for Rottie Pups

    The mad pups are nearly seven months old. Not a bad bone in their bodies, but the not-so-little bobbos do like to chew, so have to be penned when we're not home. The pens are the biggest I could find, only the pups need more space now. They've been crated separately, on advice to prevent...
  7. MrsMozart

    What width saddles are your 4 year old IDs in?

    Having a think. My four year old lad seems to have had a growth spurt. The saddle that fitted him four weeks ago (medium. 17"), no longer fits. Saddler says is now an extra-wide. It seems a big jump in a short period. He's only four. Just backed so no topline to speak of. What the heck...
  8. MrsMozart

    Which Rubber Mats?

    Which are good ones and where buy from? I have some mats but they're the bubble topped ones and I hate them. Been a long time since I had to sweep a stable, but still remember what a pita they are (for me - I'm sure others are happy with them :) ).
  9. MrsMozart

    Older Shih Tzu - food to gain weight?

    We have a fourteen year old Shih Tzu who is losing weight, although remains bright eyed and bushy tailed. The vet doesn't have any suggestions as he's otherwise fit and well. He's not that bothered about food and doesn't have all his teeth. We'll often hand feed him tidbits of anything that...
  10. MrsMozart

    When to do the first walk trot test?

    Trying to get into positive mode - have a three year old ID who'll be backed next Spring, but I have osteoporosis in my spine so don't know yet if will be able to ride him. Anyhoo, that aside, because I'm being positive and looking forward hopefully, when would people first take a youngster out...
  11. MrsMozart

    Does anyone ride who has osteoporosis?

    Just been diagnosed, as part of investigation into hyperparathryroidism, with osteopenia in a hip and femoral neck, and osteoporosis in spine (L1 to L4). Having just bought a three year old that I hoped to back next year, and having a four year old who is being backed now, I'm feeling a bit...
  12. MrsMozart

    I would like to introduce you to...

    ... my new neddy, MrChilled :) A three year old ID. A homebred (by a lovely lady), who hasn't been anywhere or done anything, just grown up with other youngsters. I've technically owned him for about a month, but he decided that loading really wasn't for him, so he remained in his field with...
  13. MrsMozart

    Shire Breeding?

    Anyone know anything about Shire breeding? I've put the question in Breeding, but whilst a zillion views there's no comments to date. Tea and crumpets on offer by way of thanks for any info :)
  14. MrsMozart

    Shire Breeding

    Hope you can help - a friend is looking at a youngster (breeding below) and was wondering if it's a good combination :) Sire - Wheatland King, Dam - Hainton Patsy. Thank you in advance folks.
  15. MrsMozart

    Citreon Relay Horsebox Conversion - size horse?

    As title :) If you have one of these convertions, what size horse/s do you carry in it? I'm trying to work out of it's big enough for my new three year old 15.3hh ID.
  16. MrsMozart

    New Insurance - Issue

    I rang on Thursday to insure my new horse. Went with company that I've insured with before. All fine and dandy. Cover start immediately. Goodo and just as usual. Got the docs this morning and cover is on hold for two weeks until they get a completed form back! So he's not insured! For...
  17. MrsMozart

    Abcess! It won't go away...

    Any suggestions folks? TB. Ex racer. Three years old. Bought off the track via a short stint at the yard. Was in at night and out day, now in 24/7 due to abcess. Otherwise fit and well. Vet and farrier both involved but owner looking for suggestions as he's had it for eight weeks. It's hot...
  18. MrsMozart

    People who are sponsored

    Would you mind dropping me a pm? I have a couple of questions that I'd appreciate some help with. Thank you kindly.
  19. MrsMozart

    Wooden Floorboards and Dogs...

    What's a good covering/coating for wooden floor boards when one has a hoard of dogs playing on it every day? We tried the 'hard as diamond' stuff... The second attempt is in serious need of redoing, but at that price I'm loath to do it again just for it to get scratched off again in short...
  20. MrsMozart

    Showing People - Riding Hat Help Needed

    We sponsor a showing rider. We've asked her to wear a safety hat as opposed to the beagler type, which we'll pay for and which she's happy to wear. Hit a snag in that the Charles Owen 'Fiona' isn't going to be allowed under some new ruling, so looked at the Hampton or the Wellington, which...
  21. MrsMozart

    Livery Prices in Staffordshire and Shropshire?

    We're looking to move this year and contemplating the options. I was wondering what the prices are for livery (DIY, Part, and Full) in these two areas are. I'm assuming exercise and schooling would be on top, so rates for those as well would be good. Thank you in advance - I can offer...
  22. MrsMozart

    Showing and Top Hats (Safety Top Hat)?

    Can anyone enlightenment me as to the ring rules regarding the wearing of a top hat? Will wearing a safety hat will cause the rider to be marked down? I've seen this safety top hat and wondered if it was an acceptable alternative - thoughts...
  23. MrsMozart

    I rode my 'new' horse for the first time yesterday

    I bought him, a 16.2 IDxTB type, nine months ago from a low end market for not a lot of money (i only went for a coffee with Friend!). Having lost the Dizzy one a few months before I wasn't sure I ever wanted another one, other than my yearling bog-off, and did not go with the intentions of...
  24. MrsMozart


    I looked for an update. Hoping the improvement has continued.
  25. MrsMozart

    Rambo Plus Fly Mask - Reviews?

    What is the fit like? I've read reviews that say they come up big, but those reviews are a year or so old so Rambo may have adjusted their sizing by now. I have a 16.2hh coloured with a lot of white on his face and flies just love him :(. He has quite a fine nose length, though fairly...
  26. MrsMozart

    Leaving Gear at a Yard

    Another thread made me think of this. I left jump poles and planks at a yard for many months. Kept meaning to go and get them but never got round to it. When I finally went the YO was less than impressed. They're the good full size ones so worth a fair bit, especially at a yard without a lot...
  27. MrsMozart

    How to Find the Right Sharer for a Horse that Prefers Competing?

    For Grey Mare... She's not your every day sort of horse really. I'd want some financial and time commitment. She's the sort of horse that has to bond with someone and have time spent with her, hence looking for a sharer. D1 is okay with it all. Four years at Uni means that otherwise the...
  28. MrsMozart

    Riding Lessons in Aberdeen?

    D1 has gone to Aberdeen Uni for four years. She hasn't taken her gear, wanting to settle into the course work, but will next term :). I thought it would be nice for her to have some schoolmaster lessons, but would have to be reasonably easy to get to as she's not got her driving licence yet...
  29. MrsMozart

    Looking for Grazing or a Yard - Borrowash or Belper or Uttoxeter

    Prefer a small sole use yard / grazing. Big enough for four to six horses, though happy to take on something bigger. Don't mind about facilities (or the lack of!). Happy to do the maintenance.