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  1. carolineb

    Allergic Reaction to Neoprene Girth

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has had a problem with a neoprene girth or even just neoprene!! My daughter's little Section A had a new girth on Friday which was a short neoprene dressage girth. On Saturday she could barely walk and had a huge swelling in between her legs as well as big...
  2. carolineb

    PSSM people, I need your advice please!

    I am jumping in late to this discussion but for my PSSM2 suspect horse (he was tested by Equiseq and came back negative to all variants that they had at that time but I am still convinced he has something!!) I fed him: Speedibeet Top Chop Zero Alfalfa Pellets Salt Micronised Linseed Equimins...
  3. carolineb

    Best cordless clippers

    I have seen what looks like a fab set of cordless clippers - Wolseley Jay clippers which you can either use clipper blades on or trimmer blades. My current Heiniger Handy clippers are too heavy for me to use really so I'm looking for something lighter and I like the Jay's as they are quiet and...
  4. carolineb

    How much Sedalin to clean willy?

    Helpful comment! 🤣
  5. carolineb

    How much Sedalin to clean willy?

    New horse has one or more beans I need to remove. He’s shy about getting his willy out so am going to give him some Sedalin. He’s a 16.2hh tb but quite small withlong legs! I don’t want him sparko but enough to get him to flop it out,
  6. carolineb

    New loan horse dragging hind toes and feeling a bit weird behind!!

    Got lovely new loan horse on Saturday - he's a ex racehorse who retired and went hunting. He's done nothing for about 6 months and has come to me to hunt and do bits and bobs. He is a rangy, leggy, fairly weak looking horse who is in his teens I think. I don't think he's ever done any schooling...
  7. carolineb

    Purchase deal breakers, what are yours?

    Anything with PSSM or that the vendor says has tied up more than once. Bad feet - if I"m buying the horse, its feet need to be good from the start. Anything with spavin or sacroiliac issues Buckers/bolters/rearers.
  8. carolineb

    Best good trimmers

    I've got some Wolseley Skylark trimmers which are pretty rubbish in my opinion! I'm looking to get some new better ones. They need to be able to do faces/armpits/tricky bits well and efficiently. Any thoughts? Price not really an issue as long as they are good. I've got Heineger Handy Clippers...
  9. carolineb

    When can I take muzzle off?!!

    Got a little 11h Section A that has had very bad laminitis in the past (before we got her) and as a result, she only ever goes out with a muzzle on and is fine. She's in medium work - exercised every day led off a big horse and then hunts on a Saturday with my 7 year old. She's looking good...
  10. carolineb

    Haygain forager replacement regulators

    Just use the carabiner clips - seriously they get far easier the more you use them I promise and now I don't even think about it. Its far easier and cheaper than getting new regulators!!
  11. carolineb

    What size box to send saddle in?

    There is a proper size to send them in!! But can't remember what size it is.
  12. carolineb

    What size box to send saddle in?

    I need to send my saddle back to the saddler for a first reflock but can't remember the size of the box I need to send it in!! Any ideas? I know its a double skin one that I need.
  13. carolineb

    Realistic price for a horse like this?

    Have a look at Exmoor Eventing's website. They are in upstate New York but also spend a lot of time in Florida. They are UK people who breed/produce eventers. If they didn't have anything suitable, they could put you in touch with someone who might...
  14. carolineb

    Tipping forward in saddle

    I felt exactly the same with the K&M cob saddle that I tried. Felt awful.
  15. carolineb

    Riding in the dark

    I ride in the dark in the mornings on the roads/woods - I use a fab headtorch (cost me nearly £80 a couple of years ago but its amazing and well worth the money). Hi viz Amigo exercise sheet on the horse and crack on.
  16. carolineb

    How much does the grass grow from now on?

    Just curious about how much the grass grows in Oct/Nov as we've had our first frost this morning but its beautiful sunshine now and supposed to be every day for the next week. We did have torrential rain for 24 hours and about an inch of rain in the rain gauge. 2 years ago, the grass just...
  17. carolineb

    Kids gloves etc

    So am finally taking my 6 yr old hunting this season led off a horse. Just wondered if anyone can recommend the best gloves so as not to let child go cold!! Also does anyone's child have a thermatex waistcoat and recommend them? I like mine but not sure about a child!
  18. carolineb

    Following on - how many people own previously abused horses?

    I couldn't say whether mine has been abused or not but he is terrified of men esp. my husband (who swears blind he hasn't beaten him secretly!!). Its not ideal as it means OH can't do anything helpful like get horse in or turn out etc. I wouldn't dream of using a whip with him as it would make...
  19. carolineb

    Annular ligament damage/manica flexoria

    A horse i had a couple of years ago tore her manica flexoria and had a very swollen annular ligament - think she did it out hunting or getting caught in a sheep fence. Hers was her near hind. We went to Newbury to have the annular ligament operated on and when they were in there, they found...
  20. carolineb

    Running out of Grass

    I'm loving the weather - we are on clay and our grass come back incredibly quickly and very lush after the winter. We had 25 sheep on the field from May - mid June and they grazed it to nearly nothing. This is the first summer I've had my horse with no muzzle on all summer, he's wanting to come...
  21. carolineb

    Best Devil's Claw liquid

    Thinking of trying some Devil's Claw on my horse who has slightly arthritic hocks. He had them jabbed last year but it didn't make much difference and I'm keen to try something else. Devil's claw has been suggested. Can anyone recommend which brand of the liquid they use and whether its made...
  22. carolineb

    New horse is lame after a trim

    Exactly - he shouldn't touch the sole and only remove any raggedy bits on the frog, nothing else. I would assume trim too!! And make sure you tell the farrier.
  23. carolineb

    Now This Really Is A Shocking Display.....

    That is nothing like what Oliver Townend did. This knocks the socks off that. That whipping is beating out of pure anger. I hope he gets a competition ban for life.
  24. carolineb

    Chunky Monkey Saddle Visit Dorset Sunday 1st July

    Only just seen this. Will you let me know if you are going to book in so we have an idea of numbers.
  25. carolineb

    Best hedge to plant

    Having had a few incidents recently where the neighbours horses and mine have had an argument over the fence, I'm wanting to plant a hedge between our 2 fields. There are 2 lines of fencing, their's and ours and about a foot in between. Our fence is solid and in good condition. Their's is...
  26. carolineb

    Chunky Monkey Saddle Visit Dorset Sunday 1st July

    I think she is based up north so coming to Dorset is a one off!! PM me if you want any more details.
  27. carolineb

    Best LED Flashing Colour & iPhone Locator

    My wonderful little lurcher has suddenly gone very deaf and a bit dotty. I lost her last night when she went out for a pee (first time this has happened) and I eventually located her sitting in the middle of a large field by the house doing I don't know what. She didn't hear me calling obviously...
  28. carolineb

    Chunky Monkey Saddle Visit Dorset Sunday 1st July

    Sam Rhodes from Chunky Monkey Saddles is coming to Dorset on Sunday 1st July if anyone would like an appointment. Great for cobs, horses with big shoulders, native types and curvy ones!!
  29. carolineb

    Bute and older horses

    Don't you worry a bit about a little bit of bute!! I had the most wonderful 20 year old ex eventer to hunt for a season. He was pretty creaky and not very sound but he LOVED his hunting and he was an absolute gent to hunt. I kept him going on bute and it made his last year on this earth a...
  30. carolineb

    Thoughts on bony lump near spine please.

    If they are about thumbnail size, they might be sweat lumps. My horse gets them in the summer if I'm not scrupulous about riding in clean numnahs. They do disappear. We tend to get them in the summer when he gets a lot sweatier than in the winter when he is clipped. I wash with malaseb when...