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  1. JJS

    Pictures A "what breed is my horse" question

    I reckon there’s probably some Welsh in there, along with a bit of Irish cob, but who knows what else might have been thrown into the mix!
  2. JJS

    Pictures Two today!

    I couldn’t honestly say. I haven’t measured her in a long time, but she’s noticeably taller than her mum now. They are huge! Our farrier always says she has feet to rival a Shire 😂
  3. JJS

    Pictures Two today!

    It's hard to believe, but two years ago today, a very tiny Mayflower made her way into the world. In that time, she's gone from this gorgeous little munchkin... ... to a grown-up girl who's beginning to tower over her mum! She's been a huge challenge, and you couldn't describe her...
  4. JJS

    hopping‐like forelimb lameness syndrome - etirement?

    I knew a horse with this (he belonged to a friend). He deteriorated pretty quickly with regards to his ridden work, and was retired at the same time as my gelding (my boy was seven and hers was eight). I know he was put to sleep within the year, although they’d moved to another stable by that...
  5. JJS

    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    Although I have no experience of her specific problem, I have far too much experience with neurological problems and how they can degenerate. Much as I hate to say it, I’d walk away, because if you’re as soft as I am, chances are you’ll end up with a very expensive field ornament at some point...
  6. JJS

    Pregnant or not?

    I knew she looked suspicious! 😂 What a beautiful baby. Congratulations, OP!
  7. JJS

    Pictures Two years ago today

    She’ll be two on the 19th of May! I have no idea where that time went 😵
  8. JJS

    Pictures Two years ago today

    Two years ago today, the vet had just been out and turned my world upside down. He'd been along with his scanner and officially confirmed that Mary was in foal, with about a month to go. She was looking very portly, and I was facing an awful lot of late nights and long days filled full of...
  9. JJS

    New horse shopping criteria

    I agree with all of this. The pictures are terrible and do him no favours, but I actually think he might be a good sort for what you want to do. Yes, plenty of other posters think you should be looking at older horses, but you’re the one who’s buying, and you’ve repeatedly expressed a preference...
  10. JJS

    Still having catching drama - now in a pen

    This may sound harsh, but I think you need to stop and take a long, hard look at yourself, OP. You have said, over and over, that you don't have time to walk him down, and at no point have you made any real effort to do so. With this in mind, you've still gone out and bought a youngster, giving...
  11. JJS

    Pictures I might be biased but...

    Well I must be sentimental too then. She's had periods away from her mum, just to make sure they can be taken away from each other without any issues, but they're always happiest when they're together. They have such a beautiful bond, and Mary still very much acts like her mum and goes out of...
  12. JJS

    Pictures I might be biased but...

    She string tests to 16hh, but she's been hovering around 14.2hh for a long time now (although she's closer to 15hh behind :rolleyes:). I'm actually hoping she comes in a little smaller than that estimate, as she really is Welsh through and through, so probably easier in a more pint-sized...
  13. JJS

    Pictures I might be biased but...

    ... I actually think there's a pretty nice filly hiding away under all of that hair! For a rising two year old who's always lived out, has never had hard feed, and has been left to grow on as naturally as possible, I think she's turning into quite a smart little BOGOF :)
  14. JJS

    Breeds you admire ...

    If I could go out and choose a puppy right now, it would be another Staffy. I ended up with mine entirely by chance, but I’ve never known a more loving, well-behaved, or charming little dog. She’s also ridiculously easy to look after: perfect size, doesn’t drop hair, still strong, healthy, and...
  15. JJS

    Obese or just a bit fat?

    He looks fine on the pictures. I do find that the hair tends to make them look a lot heavier though. My rising two year old is about half the size she was a fortnight ago, purely because her summer coat is coming through and you can actually see what’s going on underneath all of the fluff!
  16. JJS

    Pictures Update on going to view a horse

    Looking at that second picture, there was no way on earth that you were leaving without her 😂 She’s lovely, LG!
  17. JJS

    Do all 5yo mares go nutty with hormones?

    Mary has never had a noticeable season in the two and a half years I’ve had her (from four through to six).
  18. JJS

    In foal or fat?? Awaiting blood results

    I’m voting for not in foal. Some of them do hide it well though, so I could easily be entirely wrong!
  19. JJS

    Mare in foal due to negligence of mare’s owner - legal rights of the stallion owner

    Legally, whether or not there is a foal is entirely down to the mare owner. You have no control over whether they decide to continue with a possible pregnancy, and no claim on any foal that might be born. In terms of who’s responsible for the incident, both of your animals escaped, making you...
  20. JJS

    Random-do young horses often fall over?!

    Mine fell over once before she was one, when she was galloping around and skidded on a muddy patch, but she’s never done it before or since. She’s as steady on her feet as my mature horses.
  21. JJS

    Kittens 2nd lesson leading up the road and loading

    What a clever little Kitten!
  22. JJS

    Ever realise quite how well behaved..

    He sounds like a star, OP!
  23. JJS

    What do your oldies do?

    My (at least) 26 year old is still ridden. He'll hack anywhere and for any distance without breaking a sweat and loves being out and about. He also does the occasional bit of schooling, but he's never really enjoyed jumping, so that's the one thing we do keep to a minimum. If he has one of his...
  24. JJS

    WWYD? Bad luck - Buy another or keep going?

    In your position, I opted to get another (but actually ended up with two more). Whilst I've never for one second regretted that decision, the more sensible approach is probably to look into loaning or sharing. The more enjoyable option, however... 😂 I guess that it really depends on what you...
  25. JJS

    Height of gypsy vanner

    I'd guess that he'll end up somewhere between 15.2hh and 16hh. You can usually add about a hand to their two year old height to get a rough idea of their mature size. The string test will likely give you a more accurate estimate though.
  26. JJS

    Confusing advice about my mare

    I saw that the OP had posted on the Foaling Hub, and I know she wasn't sure whether to scan or not, so I imagine that she might not have any new info to update us with.
  27. JJS

    Cheltenham Sir Eric...poor horse

    Whilst I absolutely agree that racing is the lesser evil, I'm not sure why people can't be outraged by both. Believing that racing needs to be banned and believing that something needs to be done about the breeding of coloured cobs are not mutually exclusive issues, so far as I can tell. In...
  28. JJS

    Kitten starts school

    She's such a cutie! I'm really looking forward to following her on here as she grows up :)
  29. JJS

    Very itchy pony 9 - advice

    Is it a recent thing? Could he be itchy because he's overheating?
  30. JJS

    Cheltenham Sir Eric...poor horse

    Exactly as EKW said. Sometimes strength is incidentally sacrificed for speed, and although this can be the case with any horse, I think Thoroughbreds seem particularly vulnerable to this type of injury. They simply move so fast and with so much power, and their legs are so incredibly slender...