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  1. sportsmansB

    Why are novice riders buy unsustainable horses

    I wish riding schools would rename their lesson hierarchy Intro Beginner Beginner novice Novice Instead of Beginner, intermediate, advanced (or whatever) - I genuinely think that when people are in an 'advanced' riding school ride they don't recognise that they are novice riders in the big...
  2. sportsmansB

    Horse prices - groan

    If you would consider something with a vice or a management issue you might get lucky at that budget, but they are often word of mouth sales To be honest what you are looking for probably is £10k+ if you want any competition experience outside of riding club and clear potential to go up the...
  3. sportsmansB

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    I got so fed up with the detailed list of requirements (16h bay gelding, done all riding club activities, no younger than 7 or older than 11, for £1000) I replied and said 'I'd like a 5 bed house in the country on 8 acres with stables and a sandschool for the price of a 2 bed terrace in town -...
  4. sportsmansB

    Soggy weekend plans

    Oh and then off to the 'Why Mummy Drinks' show in the local theatre on Sunday night with a friend who suffers two poppets who driver her to drink regularly..
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    Soggy weekend plans

    I'm going to give a hand and walk the course at the event on Saturday afternoon and then going early Sunday morning to ride round it before it opens to the public. No better way to see if you're ready than to jump a whole flagged course from start to finish!
  6. sportsmansB

    Tucking in his head

    My eventing mare did this I used a cheltenham gag on rope cheeks and it fixed it altogether. She actually got so much better that I didn't need it any more. She hated most bits so I just got the gag with the same NS double jointed mouthpiece that was in her flatwork bit.
  7. sportsmansB

    Riding and leading.....

    @Fiona does a bit of this I think, she might be able to give you some advice
  8. sportsmansB

    Cough during exercise

    I had one who did this at the same time every year. I had to get a course of Ventipulmin from the vet, that cleared it up but it always came back the following year. It came in April. He didn't cough except under saddle / on the lunge, but they were fierce big coughs that required completely...
  9. sportsmansB

    Should I move yard

    I am moving my horse tomorrow from somewhere with the best facilities ever because he's not getting turned out and it is not good for his mental health. You have to do what's right for your horse.
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    To be honest, if hes 20, back to feeling well in himself, not obviously lame on a circle, and you work him within his comfort zone (which you seem to do) I wouldn't be too worried. Many much younger horses wouldn't pass a strenuous flexion either. Unless you want to get him nerve blocked to be...
  11. sportsmansB

    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    We have a mare at the yard who is competing at 3* level. Shes been in a professional yard since a 4yo, and as far as we know hasn't had any challenging situations to lead to her behaviour (went straight from breeder to event yard) However She is protective over her personal space and will ears...
  12. sportsmansB

    Those who leave their dogs when they go to work

    I walk mine in the morning to tire her out and then she stays at home while I'm at work. Comes to the stables in the evening and runs for a good 2 hours about there. I feel that we are guilted into doing more than our dogs care about, to be honest. Mine is left with toys and so on but she...
  13. sportsmansB

    Found stray dog... We might be having him!

    Aw well done ponyparty I'd be surprised if your OH thinks for a second hes coming home without another family member. Poor George, it is devastating for him to lose his family after such a long time Fingers crossed all goes well x
  14. sportsmansB

    Teaching a horse to come back

    I had one who had been showjumped badly before I got her and had basically taken over with her previous rider as a self preservation instinct. I spent a lot of time schooling around, but not over, jumps, and then casually just popping over one when she wasn't expecting it (eg circling onto it...
  15. sportsmansB

    Delete if not aloud

    When did people start confusing 'of' with 'off' (sometimes with a should / would / could before it too!) I have become accustomed to the where / were / wear and even an our / are but of and off?
  16. sportsmansB

    What would you do?

    Maybe when the ex livery friend is there would actually be a good time to come in, as the other livery might take more confidence from having that support while shes doing something she feels uncomfortable with Ex livery friend can be quite matter of fact about it (if you warn her in advance...
  17. sportsmansB

    Sports medicine boots

    I have premier equine ones which last and wash well, they are often reduced in the sales or the 20% off daily discounts They are fine on my current lad, but the seams at the edge rubbed a super sensitive mare I had if I didn't put them on very carefully
  18. sportsmansB

    What would you do?

    I think in this case you just have to go on in. Be considerate and offer to use the other end of the school but don't apologise too much or she is getting the impression that you're somehow in the wrong - which you aren't. It isn't easy and I am especially sympathetic to people who are...
  19. sportsmansB

    What would you do?

    This is awkward as you want to be nice and sympathetic to someone who is struggling Does she recognise that this is difficult for everyone, or just expect that she can have it to herself every time she wants it? Is there a diary or booking arrangement for sole use of the school (such as for...
  20. sportsmansB

    No silly prices please...

    I really badly want to reply when I see these. Unfortuantely everyone who does, gets shot down and told that its not the posters fault that they don't have loads of money and 10 of their friends got similar for free / £500 / why shouldn't they... Especially when they are looking for the ultimate...
  21. sportsmansB

    Warm Up Arena's

    I hate hate hate warm up arenas I am crap with left and right but I make sure before I go in that I am sure which is which And them am completely baffled by people coming straight at me and assume I must have got it wrong I haven't- they just come straight at me! If a show venue is near home...
  22. sportsmansB

    Instructors for specific breeds/ways of going

    Some times instructors have come through the 'system' of lesson plans and structured training designed for the discipline, but with less actual knowledge of riding and training different horses themselves. Some of them have been lucky enough to ride and train with the typical warmblood type...
  23. sportsmansB

    5yo ID struggling to canter

    Focussing on the voice aid can really help If you have to use a lot of leg to get the canter, chances are you end up doing a fast / unbalanced trot first, while she gets the idea that its supposed to be canter. A fast unbalanced trot isn't going to lead to a balanced canter. So if you can use...
  24. sportsmansB

    Fatty had an outing - biomechanics clinic

    Wow - well done for getting out of your comfort zone & going, for a start And to find it so useful and have stuff to work on at home that you understand and can measure progress - brilliant! My pilates teacher does this and I am feeling now like I really should bite the bullet and go
  25. sportsmansB

    Cracking Hacking Fear....

    Just don't do it too often or you'll be in canter as soon as your hooves hit the grass every time!!
  26. sportsmansB

    WWYD - pelham and grackle?

    If she likes the stability of the bit you could look at a Micklem for every day. I had a fussy mare and it was the only bridle she was truly happy in. Think you can try before you buy with Micklems. I know people have concerns about the leather quality on some of them - but you can pick up a...
  27. sportsmansB

    StarBoot long boot zip repairs

    My local saddler is £50 for a pair. I got him to put in quite sturdy zips on my 'home' boots and it was obvs still a lot cheaper than buying new. They look a bit clunky but I never go too far in them and they definitely last
  28. sportsmansB

    Disillusioned with the Horse World

    Oh thats great. I remember reading your original posts and wishing there was something you could do. Well done for finding your way out of it all
  29. sportsmansB

    Bitting sugestions please

    A nelson gag has smaller rings so a lesser effect than a full cheltenham gag - I found both worked well on my last mare who was strong XC, head down or in to chest and just ploughed on sort of strong. I used with rope cheeks as the give and take is a little quicker but you can trial both and...
  30. sportsmansB

    Electric fence - is wire ok or should I stick to tape?

    Having had an escape artist at a livery yard where they used wire, and found him standing with blood pouring from his leg inside a circle of electrified wire which he had detached from the posts, I would err against it. He was a ridiculously thick self harmer but the wound was significant enough...