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  1. Hanno Verian

    Teenager thrown off horse, dog owner refuses to call off dog – Devon 7th Jan

    Just seen the report in H&H about this incident, does anyone know anymore about it?
  2. Hanno Verian

    Sports insurance

    Does anyone here have general sports insurance? I have cover for my riding through my horse policy, but this doesn’t give me the level of cover for loss of earnings I’m looking for. I have been using Sports Direct to cover my other sports, I’m interested in what other people use if anything?
  3. Hanno Verian

    Owner shares shocking video footage of near-miss in lorry - Why hasnt she reported it??

    Just seen the dash cam video Why the hell hasn't the owner Linda Faulks gone to the police with this she has dashcam footage, albeit not great quality - pointless having a dascam if you cant read...
  4. Hanno Verian

    Positive experience with cyclists

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the cyclists that my trainer and I almost literally ran into on Sunday, I cycle, but not competitively and I've been very aware of the often justified bad press that certain cyclists have generated through their behaviour on the road and around horses...
  5. Hanno Verian

    Which side of your trailer do you travel a single horse on

    This has been brought on by seeing a lot of IW type trailers on the roads with a decent sized horse (16hh) loaded on what is the nearside (side nearest to kerb). I would never ever think about putting a horse in a position where it can effect a trailers centre of gravity and put the horse...
  6. Hanno Verian

  7. Hanno Verian

    Lemieux Pro Sorb Saddle pads for 18" Saddle

    I've got an 18" Albion Jump Saddle on a new horse, he's a new horse who had been on light work for a variety of reasons, he will change shape as he muscles up . He's now able to work more and we have both upped the work and feed accordingly. I've had a saddle fitter out and we have adjusted one...
  8. Hanno Verian

    What colour tack for a Chestnut?

    I've just bought a Chestnut, my first ever Chestnut. I've got quite a bit of saddler and tack knocking about the yard, but haven't had him under saddle since I tried him. I just wonder what people think is best Black or Brown, I didn't really pay attention when I tried him, I've got both...
  9. Hanno Verian

    Driver involved horrific horse collision avoids prosecution

    How the Hell did the CPS or Cambridgeshire Police decide that this should be dealt with by a Driver Awareness Course!! Apparently the criteria are: Whilst offered on a discretionary...
  10. Hanno Verian

    Insurance ? Mortality Claim Equine Metabolic Syndrome

    I?ve just had my 6yr old ID PTS following Laminitis as a consequence of Equine Metabolic Syndrome, this came on very suddenly with a fit horse suddenly becoming foot sore on Christmas Eve then increasingly lame, he was diagnosed on the day after Boxing Day with EMS and treated accordingly. After...
  11. Hanno Verian

    Albion - Poor customer service

  12. Hanno Verian

    Pointings Saddlery, Lansdown, Bath

    Any one used them? I'm looking at getting them to fit a Fairfax Jump Saddle & Dressage saddle for my 6 yr old ID, I've never dealt with them, does anyone have any experience of them good or bad - PM me if preferred.
  13. Hanno Verian

    Ifor Williams Trailer hire - Swindon area

    Does anyone know or able to recommend where I can hire an Ifor Williams trailer to transport a pair of 16/16.1 horses for the winter. I'm looking for 505/506 or a 510/511 for a six month hire, I've just been let down by the planned hire company and will potentialy be picking up a new horse on...
  14. Hanno Verian

    20" waist Pikeur breeches sought Wilts/Glous area

    Not entirely convinced this is the best place to post my query, but on the theory that competition riders will see this. Does anyone know anywhere within striking distance of swindon that carries Pikeur breeches in a 20" waist as an in stock item? Hopefully with the different leg lengths...
  15. Hanno Verian

    Correct fit - Hunt Coat

    Just a quickie, I seem to be having a big problem getting a gents hunt coat to fit me as I appear to be outside of the standard sizings. I'm 6' tall with fairly broad shoulders/chest but a narrow waist, I normally need a long fitting for arm length and the waist to be correctly seated. As a...
  16. Hanno Verian

    Catterick area - Brushing up skills for hunting

    Can anyone suggest a trainer/yard in the Catterick area where a friend of mine can have some lessons to brush up her skills prior to coming hunting with me. She's not a novice rider, plays polo regularly, but just hasn't jumped in years. I feel that she would benefit from some lessons just...
  17. Hanno Verian

    Catterick Area - Brushing up skills for hunting

    Can anyone suggest a trainer/yard in the Catterick area where a friend of mine can have some lessons to brush up her skills prior to coming hunting with me. She's not a novice rider, plays polo regularly, but just hasn't jumped in years and would need to use one of their horses for the lesson...
  18. Hanno Verian

    Cross Country Clinics within easy travelling distance of Bristol

    Does anyone know of any XC or Showjumping clinics within an hour and a half or so's travelling distance of Bristol, in the first quarter of 2011. I'm looking for something like the clinics Mary King runs (can't find her website??) aimed at an new horse & rider combination, experienced rider...
  19. Hanno Verian

    Getting rid of doggy smell from a sofa

    I've just moved house, and have been given a sofa and arm chairs by an old friend, the intention being to use it for a while until I replace it. With my work pattern I'm away for two months then back for one, the sofa isn't my highest priority as I'm pretty much furnishing the cottage from...
  20. Hanno Verian

    Cottage/accomodation wanted in S Bristol/Bath/Chippenham area

    Probably not the intended use for this forum, but can anybody help me out! I'm looking to find a cottage within reasonable driving distance of (Wick) S.Bristol. Ideally an unfurnished annex or wing of a house on a farm/yard, 2 bed (+/-1) decent sized kitchen, lounge/dining room, parking, but...
  21. Hanno Verian

    Dog - GPS tracking collars

    Has anyone on the forum used a GPS dog tracking collar? We live and ride out in a private estate and have a pointer who runs alongside us when we ride. She has recently run off for the first time, became disorientated and frightened, and as a result was missing for 36 hours before being found...