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    Soggy weekend plans

    Went to meet a lady with a heavy horse who recently had a bad fall and can't show for a while...been offered the chance to show her rather handsome boy at a couple of local heavy shows in July. Now regretting selling my tweed in a huff at Christmas and need to replace...
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    Showing - County versus Local Show differences

    Just a heads up, some county shows have really strict rules on when you can arrive. My local ones opens lorry parking between 6.00 and 7.00, and god help you if you're not in the queue! Good luck, have a great time.
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    Hi just wondering here

    I was 7, as my mum flatly refused to take me competing while I was still on the lead rein as she hated running! Gymkhana and showing at a local show; I still enjoy gymkhana games when I can find open ones.
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    Would you hack 4 miles road work to a jumping or flatwork lesson?

    I used to hack a 10.2 Shetland 3 miles to a yard, do a PC rally or lesson and hack home! I've often hacked 5/6 miles to a show and done several classes, then hacked back. My last pony used to ride 3.5 miles to the local riding school, do an hour's jumping lesson and hack home once a fortnight...
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    WHW and BHS

    My mum left the BHS last autumn after 30 years and a lot of qualifications as an instructor. I did the same; we don't feel the BHS represents us any more. There's hardly any training or events in our county, money is spend without sense or forethought and there's some horrible accusations of...
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    Weekend plans :D

    Sounds like lots of people have had good days. Royal Cornwall was not so much fun yesterday, it rained for the whole 8 hours I was brave enough to stay and watch, and we ended up missing a couple of classes because it was too wet to venture out the grandstand. Today was much better, although...
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    Weekend plans :D

    Hanging about at Royal Cornwall. I've been here since 7.30 this morning, watched horses non stop and still have a 1.35 jumping class to watch and some more crepes to eat as that's the closest food van still open. Repeat tomorrow for Mountain and Moorlands, Arabs and foreign breeds, and Saturday...
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    Weekend plans :)

    There were good entries at the show I was doing secretay stuff for this morning, but had to turn 3 lots away for not having up to date flu jabs. Felt really sorry for the crying 5 year old who'd spent hours polishing her boots and was all excited to ride. But honestly, it's on the fb pages, it's...
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    Weekend plans :)

    Nothing exciting - being entries secretary for another local show Sunday. Two days booked off work for Thursday and Friday at Royal Cornwall later in the week though. 3 days wall to wall horses and eating junk food!
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    Showing Our first (and second) show

    He looks super and what a great omen to get a red rosette in your first ever class! Showing a heavy is always good fun. I actually used to have more fun taking my Clyde in open classes than heavies, as he'd always be the centre of attention. Have you got any more shows planned?
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    How many local shows have folded near you?

    Most of the village shows near me have gone. You can jump or dressage on a surface three times over every weekend, and the big town shows are still going but the village 2 showing rings, 1 jumping ring and a gymkhana are all vanished. Main reason seems to be lack of entries - I hear kids being...
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    Chestnuts and ergots

    My Clyde used to grow the most revolting ergots. The farrier would nip them off but they grew much faster than hooves and I used to cut them in between as well. Gross. Every heavy I've known has bad ones, I think it jus be related to feather length.
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    Can you imagine your life without horses?

    I've been horseless since Christmas which is something I couldn't imagine before. I've put on a horrible amount of weight, my mental health which I thought might improve for not having horses to worry about has declined more than I thought it could and it's only thanks to a couple of strict...
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    New weekend plans!

    Had a lovely outing with the heavy horse group and throughly enjoyed driving 17 hands of shire round a 4 mile loop of the woods. I think I made his owners laugh by saying he was easy to harness though; he was 7 inches smaller than my lad which is a huge difference when it comes to throwing...
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    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    If your gut says it's not right, walk away. So sorry for you but hopefully the right horse is out there somewhere.
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    New weekend plans!

    Going out with the local heavy horse club for a pleasure drive Sunday. Not been around heavies since losing my boy at Christmas, aside from the three at a show a fortnight ago where I ended up crying into the mane of the mare who best him at his last show which was very undignified just because...
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    Weekend plans!

    Managed a super horsey weekend, no mean feat without a horse! Sneaked in a jumping lesson at the local school on Friday night, on a lovely Irish hunter who's fairly newly arrived and popped around 1.00m like it was nothing, watched a local show on Saturday with a 1.20 and a huge accumulator...
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    Weekend plans!

    I am going to see a model horse show on Sunday! Apparently it's a thing and as it's being held in the next village and has people coming from several counties to show their models, it would be rude not to go... No idea how it works but it sounds fascinating.
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Easily easily! I've got three lovely second hand saddles here, all cost less than £50 from auction and in decent condition although ones got a torn seat so I stuck a cover on it. All English leather, properly positioned stirrup bars and good trees; they all fitted the horses they belonged to. I...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Dunno, I think that one's actually viable. She doesn't say it has to be within 10 miles of where she lives, that's more giving her location, and I think there's a good chance of picking up a only just out of racing horse for that money, which are generally good to shoe and box and would be up to...
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    Horses in films - Cortez?

    Dan used to be - probably still is? - part of the Devil's Horseman stunt trope display team, and i know they had others as well as the Spanish horses. A few cobs, couple of heavies, some ponies etc for different roles. He's involved in horse driving trials now as well. Teenage me also thought he...
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    What's the obsession with buckskins and duns?

    I was always told a 'dun' probably actually buckskin was the mark of a good sound horse who'd never let you down. I think a lot of them were connemara descendants. In general, something unusual is always going to get more attention than another bay. Roans, palominos and anything with blue eyes...
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    Workload for a 19 yr old

    As long as he gets a mixture of hacking and flatwork as well as just jumping, I can't see the problem. 19 is no age for a kids pony and most PC faithfuls will be much older and still going out weekly. They're used to it all, the travel etc shouldn't be a strain.
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    Anyone for Eland? Weekend plans :)

    My mum's judging a local RC show this Sunday, and they were short of helpers so I got volunteered to do entries for the day. I'm looking forward to it; Mum's never judged showing before so is a bit apprehensive.
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    How far do you hack?

    I had one particular horse who lived for hacking and I was still in education so we had our summer holidays to hack out. We'd average 20 miles a day, our longest was approx 40 miles and took a long time! This was always with a lot of trotting and cantering involved, by early August he'd look...
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    Sellers - a rant!

    I know, I feel sorry for him. He was a sweetheart and tried really hard to please, which is why she was happy to go with the vet - her heart had already decided! I am cross with the seller for not caring, how people can be callous like that I can't imagine. But I'm glad friend didn't get any...
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    Sellers - a rant!

    Went with a friend to look at a nice 5 year old bay gelding this morning. She was after a young RC all rounder to bring on and this nice welsh D looked pretty good. He had a slightly misaligned jaw, top teeth slightly forward but the whole upper jaw and teeth were to the left of the lower teeth...
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    Foreign Breeds

    A lot of the local shows take Arabs in the foreign breeds as there aren't enough to give them their own class. I've never seen part breds allowed. There's often a pair of Icelandics, a fjord, assorted Haflingers and the western horse contingent in our local ones. Used to be a lot of PREs but...
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    Pros competing with newbies.

    It's a tricky one...on one hand, I know they're taking the placings that you want a crack at, and in eventing, I think there's also the limit on how many horses can start so perhaps they're taking chances away there. On the other hand, my pride and joy moment as a teenager was beating a local...
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    Easter weekend plans :)

    Point to point was fab, picked two winners and two seconds (sadly, the two seconds were both in 2 horse races so not all that impressive!) My instructor's young horse lobbed his way round the maiden and came 4th from 6 finishers on his first ever outing, finished full of running and really...