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    Failed vetting WWYD

    What was the point in a second vetting if you aren't going to take advice? Bit of a waste of money...
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    Horse prices - groan

    According to H&H as you go further north prices are a little cheaper...
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    I paid in advance
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    Full time workers with horses on DIY... how do you fit in horsey appointments

    My farrier will do my horse when I am not there. he texts me if there are any problems and I pay by BACS.
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    Clinic report: Cudo with Richard Spooner

    If these were administered before a competition which ones would be positive on a drug test?
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    Having a bit of a wobble!

    There is always someone who will read the test for you. Don't forget we are doing this because we enjoy it and what would be the alternative? Have a lovely time and let us know how you get on.
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    Getting worse in the stable

    Mine became a nightmare in the stable just recently - I feared going out in the morning as I expected i would see a head sticking out of a pile of wood. I could find no reason for the dramatic change in behaviour (though never thought of rats). In desperation I bought a quit kick - day one I...
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    Anyone done Berriewood BE?

    If my memory is correct its on an old airfield so is a bit windswept. I did it a few years ago so things may have changed - the ground was very hard and in the SJ my horse fell between fences as there was not much grass cover and it was slippy from dew.
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    Eventing Eventing Aspirations

    Enjoy the journey and everything is possible and worthwhile. As a previous poster says who knows what you will achieve. Start your journey and see what happens ... but most of all enjoy it then whatever hardships, logistics, problems etc you face will be easier to cope with.
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    Horsebox insurers and breakdown recommendations please!

    I have been with NFU for several years and also have their breakdown cover. I have always found their service excellent and competitive. I have used the breakdown service twice for something technical and several times for tyres. The service has always been brilliant and on the 2 occasions they...
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    Alnwick Ford Be event

    Thanks. What the ground like?
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    Best soundproof ears

    I have these and they don't fly off even when the horse shakes his head. I put the surplus crochet under the head piece, make sure its tucked under at the corners, and the front under the brow band and it seems to be fairly stable
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    Alnwick Ford Be event

    Does anyone have any thoughts they can share on Alnwick Ford BE event - am thinking of doing the BE80 but will be our first. Thanks in advance
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    Prospective horse has tested +ve for strangles....what to do?

    You love the horse, its passed a 5star vetting. Once it has the all clear for strangles no reason not to go ahead.
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    Anyone for Eland? Weekend plans :)

    Good luck
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    Sellers - a rant!

    Saved you the price of a vetting!!
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    Richard Webb Horsebox dealer

    Speak to horse box builders who may have some part ex in for sale.
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    70 or 80? WWYD?

    According to the website their classes are full.
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    Used Equilab for the first time...

    Are there any other apps for this? - will a cycling or running app work?
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    I need to rant!

    I think you need to start a new post - about Badger - and put the rest behind you. Move forwards - don't keep looking backwards...
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    Can you dressage on a shoe string?

    If you were told a couple of years ago that you could reach 'top hat and tails' level as a combination then clearly you don't need to worry about the horse having the ability. The judge doesn't see the horsebox so that can't influence results. Clothes are only new on the first day you wear them...
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    Catching a unhandled horse in a large herd and field

    Not read all the posts but it does seem a little daft - how can she leave if she can't catch the horse??
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    Passed 5 stage vetting in October- now retired? Can I do anything?

    Having had an issue which should have been picked up on a vetting and having pursued this through the VDS I doubt very much (from what you say) that you will succeed in a claim against the vet. In my case, ultimately I was successful but it was hard fought and initially the VDS rejected my...
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    To run or not to run....

    You can always go along and do whatever you feel comfortable with - do the dressage and see how you feel about the SJ etc.... Often when feeling overloaded at work, pushing yourself on to do something 'fun' for yourself proves (with hindsight) to be the best thing for your sense of well being.
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    Horsebox satnav

    I have the tom tom truck one and its great. You put in the dimensions of your vehicle and max speed so much better routes. I used the car version before and ended up in some tricky places with a truck!!
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    Daughter losing interest/moaning about cold-am I pushing too hard?

    Pony club is the way forward - she will have lots of fun, meet other children and become more confident.
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    Sunday shenanigans (a sort of comp report)

    Didn't even look at the date! That was an amusing write up - glad it got dug out!
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    Am I being selfish??

    I suspect that she will ultimately turn into a timewaster if she's already changing her offer. However if it is genuine then I would sell. Selling horses is a soul destroying business at the best of times ... if you factor in the amount of time you will spend with timewasters and if someone does...
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    EEKK! First Course walk of 2019 done! Epworth- let the season commence!

    Not there but thinking of doing it next time. God luck and thanks for the photo course walk!
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    EEKK! First Course walk of 2019 done! Epworth- let the season commence!

    Looking good. if you get chance can you photo some of the 80 course?