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    Feed stuff

    Just checked online to see if my local feed merchant has my usual feed stuff in stock, Fast Fibre and Safe & Sound have each gone up over two pounds a bag since I bought them a month ago. Ouch!!!!
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    Horsebox recovery

    Looking to take out a horsebox recovery policy for a 3.5ton horsebox, just asking who people use for recovery and have actually had to use them and how good the recovery service was.
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    Police advise horse owners to be extra vigilant following an horrific attack on a stallion which resulted in its death. Its genitalia were cut off, its eye was cut out and teeth were removed. A mare and foal in the same field were unharmed. Police and RSPCA are carrying out enquiries. If you...
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    Alpaca stolen

    Friends baby alpaca was stolen on Sunday morning, it is only 3 months old and not weaned. Please keep a eye out if anyone selling a baby alpaca or a new one perhaps appeared in a field. It was stolen from the St Austell area in Cornwall.
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    What is wrong with the site or is it just my computer When I open up the site I am logged on as different people I can see their PM and there postings I have cleared all my cookies but it is still coming up the same ????? Have just managed to get on under my user name so hope this will post
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    3 Shetlands stolen

    Please everyone keep a look out for these 3 stolen Shetlands 2 of which are foals taken off the mares. Please print of the poster and display where ever you can.
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    Another 3 Shetlands stolen

    Please look at this link Please keep an eye out for these ponies and if you can print off the poster and put it up in your local tack shop.
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    What colour ??

    Wasn't sure which section to post this in but can anyone help me? Would love to no what colour you would call this pony the pictures was taken last summer but her coat looks to be coming through the same this year. Stallion was spotted and dam was a Cream Dun Shetland.