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    And so it begins... hoof issues :(

    Right you can stop that rain dance now :)
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    Livery costs

    Nottingham/Loughborough I am paying 35 pw in summer 40 in winter plus bedding for school & OK hacking
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    And so it begins... hoof issues :(

    Love your attitude and his :)
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    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    I can recommend a book that might help you see how to change your approach, "Perfect Manners" by Kelly Marks. second hand wil only cost you a few quid and may well save you a lot of heartache...
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    When do horses lose their winter woollies?

    Also depends if/how they are groomed :) Some of the other liveries have a "hands off" attitude to grooming so their ponies still have fluffy coats...
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    And so it begins... hoof issues :(

    Not sure where exactly you are but rain seems to be very much on the cards :)
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    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    So sorry to read this, I am very sorry for your loss she looks like a very happy pony in the photos, you obviously had a very strong bond.
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    Asthma, head shaking woes

    Just wanted to say "keep the faith" you know your horse is a star just waiting to feel better, and I know from your previous posts that you will do whatever you have to do to beat this, even if it's just nursing him though these weeks. Try the vet, they may just be able to find an answer but if...
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    Breathing and Allergies help

    Might be worth trying cetirizine hydrochloride ( hay fever tablets) . My horse has the same issue but a suitable dose for your horse is relatively cheap and could stop it. My 16 HH TB has 15 tablets twice a day and I et them from Amazon (cross posted with Fransurrey)
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    Best way to sell a saddle?

    I sold a couple of saddles through Saddles Direct after trying and failing with other routes (EBay, Preloved, local saddlers) and was very happy with the price I got. One was an Equipe close contact and one a Black Country dressage one.
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    Metformin for horses

    Unfortunately it's normally quite a few tablets (!) so that won't work. I had to grind them down with a pestle & mortar then hide them in pink mash or fast fibre with spearmint to hide the taste. It did the job though (lost weight), even though the grinding was a bit of a PITA.
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    Selling saddles

    I used Saddles Direct a couple of times and was pleased with the outcome
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    head shaking :(

    Dose from vet was "Cetirizine dose is 0.2-0.4mg/ kg twice daily. " so for 500 kg horse between 10 and 20 tablets 10mg twice daily, hence 30 a day (split into two feeds) seems to do the trick for mine, relatively cheap to try, I found almost immediate relief for my girl.
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    head shaking :(

    cetirizine hydrochloride would be my first try, my vet recommended 30 a day for my TB mare who is allergic to pollen. She doesn't so much head shake as gets out of breath May to November but the cetirizine hydrochloride stops it completely. I get mine from Amazon (12 months supply for human but...
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    Can we not have a blub alert button ??
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    Cushings, itchy and stiff

    I'm no vet but have you tried anti-histamines for the itching? What do they think is the cause ?
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    Touchy stifles

    Thanks for the update and best of luck, she's not having the best of times ATM :(
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    Touchy stifles

    Any news OP ? I had nothing constructive to offer but would be interested to hear what the vet said?
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    New life to look forward to

    Sounds brilliant, if you need any help there may be a list of volunteers :)
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    A Day In The Life Of A Very Cold Work Rider!

    Love those whiskers thanks for the insight :)
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    Laminitis 😔

    Sounds like a good plan, Metformin does work and has helped my mare massively. I wish you and the horse the very best of luck.
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    Keyflow Pink Mash

    Another convert thanks to recommendations on here, we are on week two and I think mare feels more forward going and she is definitely enjoying her grub again. We changed from Fast Fibre to hide supplements in and she's finishing up no questions asked.
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    Palatable joint supplement?

    Have you tried Copra to disguise the smell? I can seemingly add all manner of nasties with mint and copra to get over odd smells, including Forage Plus. I also give her boswelia for joints which seems to go down OK and work.
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    Joint supplements.. Worth it? Do you use them?

    Another vote for Boswelia here (15yo arthritic mare), turmeric had no effect
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    Impossible situation with Diva

    My mare was treated for EMS too, when you say she won't take Metformin how did you feed it ? I had to crush the tablets with a pestle & mortar and feed with Fast fibre, and a small amount of copra with some Top Chop zero. The first couple of days she didn't eat up but with persistence she did...
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    New horse increasingly misbehaving

    I know some horses can handle it but mine hates the saddle wobbling, as you describe with a pad. I would guess it's this as it would wobble more has you go to forwards to trot
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    Feet going soft whilst on box rest? tips needed please!

    Another Red Horse product, sole paint, will dry the frogs a bit & protect them. I used it with sole cleanse it seemed to work for me.
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    Red Horse Field Paste - Stronghold

    I am a big fan of Red Horse Products but I looked on their web site and this one might be better for your purposes - but I can't say I have used it, hopefully someone else might have ? My mare's hooves are too dry so...
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    Fed up of this weather!

    Oh my AA, can I have one too? What a picture!
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    Horse with sensitive gut

    Just buy straight yea sacc from Progressive Earth or somewhere, not expensive and I find effective, I add just a few grams every day.