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  1. Downton Dame

    Poopost worm counts

    discovered this firm recently. £5.50 inc p&p for 1 worm count kit and £9 inc p&pfor 2 kits .cheaper for more.Comes with very good explanatory leaflet." The test is performed using the industry standard modified McMaster counting method , in duplicate......etc". Thought...
  2. Downton Dame

    Bedding- rape plant

    anyone use this bedding? do they eat it? is it high in sugar ?
  3. Downton Dame

    WHW and BHS

    I have recently cancelled my BHS membership. It was only for the insurance that I was a member. WHW also do insurance and its with SEIB and is cheaper than the BHS. . Am disheartened at the accusations of bullying and the buying of that horse box so have voted with my feet and have left.
  4. Downton Dame

    Thoughts South Herefordshire hunt.

    When I was growing up all the magazines I read and most books I learned from upheld hunting as the pinale of horsemanship . Going hunting was something to strive for to have "made it" once you became a hunt member. It held up good manners, tradition ambition. So what has gone wrong? those photos...
  5. Downton Dame

    Second hand tack shop Craven Arms Shropshire

    Discovered this place yesterday, its called Pampered ponies, picked up a rather nice Jeffries Bridle for £15 ! They have lots of horsey things on sale
  6. Downton Dame

    feeding straw

    anyone feed straw? fat cob needs to diet. can they have barley straw? i'm finding it difficult to source oat straw.
  7. Downton Dame

    Anyone feed their horses straw?

    fat cob on a diet. anyone feed straw? oat or barley ? how much ?
  8. Downton Dame

    BHS chief exec
  9. Downton Dame

    lets post photos

  10. Downton Dame

    Shires sweet itch rugs

    anyone tried these ?
  11. Downton Dame


    Are excellent. Good range of products, cheerful,helpful,well priced. Called in yesterday and picked up a girth extention ---which was in stock!---and other things. Just great.
  12. Downton Dame

    Flu confirmed in Shropshire--where ?

    AHT has confirmed 4 horses attending a hunt meet have the flu. Somewhere in Shropshire. Does anyone know where and which hunt? I was led to believe it was Ludlow but not so sure now.
  13. Downton Dame

    Buddleia--is it poisonous ?

    and do they eat it ?
  14. Downton Dame

    FAO Shropshire riders

    please head over to the regional boards West Midlands. theres a thread in there by Janet George asking to complete a survey for Shrops Council about what rights of way we want looking after. please complete for bridleways, then at least we might get something rather than just cyclists and...
  15. Downton Dame

    Flu confirmed at Bewdley

    16 horses with the virus art Bewdley and 4 other worcestershire sites. Also in Shropshire.
  16. Downton Dame

    Anyone elses horses moulting?

    Mine are !
  17. Downton Dame

    H&H news item, owners justified about joint illness---discuss

    I think it proves that a lot of horses are being worked too young and/or too hard and/or with too heavy a rider.
  18. Downton Dame

    New lay out

    like it? yes or no ?
  19. Downton Dame

    Recommend me a bridle

    light weight riding horse (anglo arab x native )15.2 hh buckskin. full size bridle . horse goes in a loose ring French snaffle, no noseband or a plain cavesson.
  20. Downton Dame

    Nearly an accident

    today OH was driving a lorry Nr Landovery..When it was too late he noticed a woman riding a bay horse against a hedge wearing camouflage. he couldn't pass wide and slow as she wasn't seen until he was way too close . WEAR HI VIZ and don't be an idiot peeps. He is a horse owner and rider. he...
  21. Downton Dame

    Good weekend

    Had a lovely hack yesterday, through the woods and lanes. lots of autumn colours many toadstools very peaceful. Horses were just great. lovely day. Hope you had a good weekend doing whatever it was you chose to do. :-)
  22. Downton Dame

    Chipchecker,complete mess!

    new passport regs start today. have just checked my horses microchip number on it. it says he's eligible for the meat chain. no he isn't he's had bute. I cannot sign him out apparently on the data base the PIO have tyo do it so I have to send the passport back to the PIO. what is this going to...
  23. Downton Dame

    A JRT in its natural habitat

    my JRT on a cold and frosty morning
  24. Downton Dame

    Its easy to post pics!

    this is great. Photos !
  25. Downton Dame

    More horse neglect/welfare issues

    several arabians PTS by RSPCA at a large stud I've heard rumours about the conditions of this place for years. Apparently around 40 horses and 2acres of turnout if postings are to be believed.
  26. Downton Dame

    New sweet itch vacc

    as in H&H news. thoughts?
  27. Downton Dame

    Barley straw

    any know how much small conventional bale barley straw is ?
  28. Downton Dame

    new paddock long grass

    horses summer paddock is looking quite bare they live out 24/7 . they are not having hay at the moment but I can give them hay if required.. Have turned them into the adjoining winter paddock at 8 am this morning. it was mown for hay on June 29th. No fert applied. it has long grass., Do I 1...
  29. Downton Dame

    Toxic arenas

    Anyone else read the article? I wonder if the supplier can be sued for costs and removal for mis selling a product?
  30. Downton Dame

    New animal welfare legislation does this affect assisted livery yards? or dealers (schedule 3) ? or stunt horses eg Sheamus?