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  1. blitznbobs

    Best anatomical bridle

    If your husband said he’d buy you a bridle as a present - anything you like (and he genuinely means anything) what dressage legal snaffle bridle would you want?
  2. blitznbobs

    Today I jumped ....

    So for some reason I had a major crisis of confidence after Christmas and could barely function on anything other than nutter cob... my new fella has been on schooling livery ever since and I’ve been riding him 3 day a week ish... so this was a big deal to me. I decided today was the day we were...
  3. blitznbobs

    Tell me about Irish draughts

    So my new boy is a ISH and he’s more draughty looking than thoroughbredy iyswim. And for many years I’ve been toying with the idea of breeding again. I bred welshies a long time in the past but I am thinking about doing some research into possibly, maybe breeding some pure IDs. I love the fact...
  4. blitznbobs

    How far do you hack?

    Just wondering how far people like to hack if it’s a nice day or you box up to go for a hack? I wonder what the longest hho hack is? If you could hack off road would you go further ?
  5. blitznbobs

    Pictures Why I have horses

    Days like today make me remember all that is good about ponies Drying in the sunshine whilst weeding the yard - next week we are actually back in the show ground so the week long ‘get the hairy show clean begins’!
  6. blitznbobs

    Livery yard which would you prefer ?(tack room)

    Given everything else is exactly the same, If you could choose between having your own small secure tack room connected to your stable (space for 2 saddle / bridle racks and a small set of drawers or the like) or a communal secure tack room with 2 assigned saddle and bridle slots with a social...
  7. blitznbobs

    When will I trust my own judgement?

    I’m so cross with myself - I’ve been having a schooling issue with my new horse for a while - he is being ridden by a few people at the mo As I don’t have enough time - and they have been saying ‘ride him this way’ don’t put that saddle on him out this one on ... don’t do this do that... and...
  8. blitznbobs

    Rules... livery yards

    So I am aware that livery yards need rules but what rules at your livery yard are good and are there any crazy weird rules? The one at mine is that all jumps must be left up at 1m despite me never seeing them jumped at that height ... I’m sure there are people that do but they seem to be the...
  9. blitznbobs

    I have been converted... hallelujah!

    I have been resisting for some time but my dog made me do it ripping a hole in my favourite comfy grey breeches — (don’t worry he was given a good kicking)... So wandering around the saddlers looking for a replacement pair of something comfy but proper to ride in and i bought a pair of riding...
  10. blitznbobs

    Spooking - what would you do?

    Interesting experience today I was out hacking with a largish group off road. There was a mixed bag of eventer and dressage riders . We arrived at an ‘obstacle ‘ (big tractor with trailer load of flappy haylage bales) which we had to pass ... (driver was great cut engine and waited for us) I was...
  11. blitznbobs

    Horsebox satnav

    Exciting times are afoot - I went to discuss a build of a new horse box with my preferred builder and when I arrived he had just got in a barely used (the fittings in the living still have the original plastic on them) second hand box with pretty much all the bits I wanted so we put a deposit on...
  12. blitznbobs

    Pondering - renting second hand saddles

    Just looking round my tack room this afternoon and having a chat with some younger riders who are struggling to find saddles due to lack of funds, If someone were to say buy a few saddles would people be interested in hiring them for a season on either a hp kinda thing or a straight hire and...
  13. blitznbobs

    Stupid question alert re breastplates

    So I am beginning to do that jumping thing with horsey and being ‘all the gear and not much of an idea’ when it comes to all things cross country I recently bought a lovely event saddle and was advised to order an event girth (needed ordering cos he’s a big boy and needed a 32 inch short girth...
  14. blitznbobs

    Poorly pony

    The pony in my avatar is very poorly (colicky and a bit shocked) vets been now and she looks a bit better but as some of you may know she’s in her 40s so anything is a stressor on her system ... crossed fingers or prayers to appropriate deities accepted
  15. blitznbobs

    Tech stirrups

    About to take the plunge and buy a pair of tech stirrups - any negatives before I waste my husbands hard earned cash on them?
  16. blitznbobs

    Adjustable skull cap - does it exist?

    I’ve just invested in a uvex hat and I love it but is there any hat that is suitable for cross country that is also adjustable as it’s the first hat I’ve ever worn that feels comfortable and like it fits properly.
  17. blitznbobs

    When does backed become broken?

    Discuss... I’m not sure I know any more
  18. blitznbobs

    Saddle fitters hope valley

    Anyone have any experience of the hope valley saddle fitter good or bad Pm if more appropriate Thanks
  19. blitznbobs

    Width of saddles

    So I’m looking for a new (to me) saddle at the mo and have been trawling the second hand market cos I know my boy is more than likely to change shape... now the narrowest saddle I own is a mw... which is too narrow for him but I don’t see him as a particularly wide horse yet all the saddles I...
  20. blitznbobs

    Secure event /jump saddles

    What makes would you suggest I try before I buy. I have easy access to equipe, Albion, Whittaker prestige ... but are there any other faves out there before I make a decision... I need something secure for a big shouldered big moving horse.
  21. blitznbobs

    Hat standards

    Hi guys Just getting my kit ready for my first competition in years.. and have realised that my show hat is not the right standard - going hat shopping this week but what is the acceptable standards for bd atm - I cant find it on bds website Much thanks and chocolate hobnobs
  22. blitznbobs

    It’s official I am a right wuss...

    I don’t know why but my bottle has just disappeared with my new horse - was having a few teething troubles and came off with a moderately large buck - no injuries but my nerve is severely damaged with this horse - and he didn’t do anything bad particularly... excessively cross with myself as...
  23. blitznbobs

    Falling off...

    So today I fell off - first time in about 4 years ... new horse napped I rode forward and he let fly with one huge buck and I exited the side door... not hurt but I always feel like bad person too which is stupid I know.. How often do people really fall off and what do people think (apart from...
  24. blitznbobs

    Horse box owners help!

    Hi So it looks like I’m getting a wagon - having never owned a box with living before what are the things you use every day, the things you never use and the things you wish you had but don’t have? Thanks in advance
  25. blitznbobs

    Horses that compete... cruelty

    So I was browsing face book on a break at work today and came across a video of Scott brash’s Ursula lying in her stable having a dream - it brought a smile to my face she looked so relaxed and like she was jumping fences in her sleep... and then I read the comments which were on the whole...
  26. blitznbobs

    Dressage to Music.

    Im currently sat in front of my laptop trying to work out my DTM (Nov and Elem) for this year... I can't remember how long (time) the tests are - does anyone know ? and is nov in a long or short arena these days...? Also I'm really struggling to find music without lyrics I like... why oh why do...
  27. blitznbobs

    New horses and saddles

    How do people manage this situation? I’ve bought a youngster that was being hacked out but little else - he’s a lovely genuine horse tbh... so when he arrived I booked a saddler for 8 weeks time and had a mooch round my tack room to see what saddles I had in the mean time - one of my saddles...
  28. blitznbobs

    What do you love that others hate

    In the spirit of equality and positivity... Trolls - I love a good troll thread A bit of bling ... I’m too old for a lot of bling but a bit is good .. actually the 7 year old girl in me wants to paint my ponies pink but I have to tell her no... when I hit 70 I’m going to stop saying no and let...
  29. blitznbobs

    Why can’t I be more...

    Like a horse ? I’ve had Henry for a month now and he’s put on so much top line that me saddle no longer fits ... I work out at the gym and don’t see any change for weeks on end — sometimes life is not fair in so many ways... and the saddler can’t come til February .... argh...
  30. blitznbobs

    Question for professional grooms

    In a normal working day? Including all the necessaries - mucking our grooming , to field and back etc - and those of you who ride as well how many horses can you do the above and exercise etc assuming a 5 day full time job ? Thanks for any info of what is reasonable and what would make a job...