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  1. Tarragon

    Dung beetles

    Same pony same day (as poo pick daily). Right hand pile has been dung beetle processed 😁 Second photo showing decent sized hole
  2. Tarragon

    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    I like the idea of this. I trained my other pony for driving when he was 16 years old and loved playing with him with two lines. I did most of it using a dually halter so wasn’t thinking of bits. I think I need to ponder a bit more - I think I have a missing bit (no pun intended!!!!)
  3. Tarragon

    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    I have been having lessons with someone who follows Philippe Karl and I do think that I understand the philosophy but I am struggling to put the theory into practice and just thought it would help if I could find a different approach that would help me get over this hurdle.
  4. Tarragon

    Riding and leading.....

    I ride and lead a lot and really enjoy taking them both out. I agree with using a longer rope as the lead one tends to stop dead to have a poo and the longer length just gives you a bit more wriggle room before you run out of rope! I also use the end of the rope as a Whip Wop if you know what I...
  5. Tarragon

    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    Thanks IHW :-) I agree with you. That is why I was wondering if there is any training that can be done in hand to help this correct acceptance. Though in my case, I want to try these exercises on my 14 year old pony to help in his ridden work! I backed him myself when he was 4 and took "happy to...
  6. Tarragon

    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    Would you say that getting the horse to salivate more and to encourage them to "hold" the bit in their mouth (badly worded I know but I am hoping you know what i mean!) is more about the choice of bit or can it be encouraged with some exercises?
  7. Tarragon

    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    I hope that this isn't hijacking this post too much but I would like to know if any of you do any any exercises with the bit in place once the correct bit has been chosen and the youngster has accepted having a bit in their mouth? I am interested in any exercises that are a precursor to backing...
  8. Tarragon

    I swore I wouldn't look at another Arab!

    Perfect :-)
  9. Tarragon

    My next equine project horse

    Yes, Happy Birthday Ted! I cannot believe that it has been 8 years either. I only recently became a member, having been a very ling time lurker, and I have loved reading all your Ted posts over the years and have admired your determination, horsemanship and ability to see the best in life...
  10. Tarragon

    Does anyone not feed a bucket feed?

    To me the term "bucket feed" is anything other than grazing in a field or anything in a haynet, so yes, my two natives do get a "bucket feed" as part of our daily routine. They live out and it is reason and reward for coming in from across the field when I arrive at the yard. What goes into...
  11. Tarragon

    Competitive spark and living out.

    In my youth I used to love the "hot" headed ponies that were always on their toes and just poised waiting for the instructions to up the gears, but without thinking about why the pony was that way. Now, however, I can recognise the difference between an adrenaline fuelled pony that is on its...
  12. Tarragon

    I swore I wouldn't look at another Arab!

    I think that if any horse gets under your skin in that special way when you first meet then you are destined to be together :)
  13. Tarragon

    Got to put on my brave girl pants.... Am I ready for this??

    That is lovely to hear! And what a lovely looking horse :-)
  14. Tarragon

    Setting up a livery help

    I have kept my ponies on DIY livery yards for years. If I pick the best features from them all they would be: 1. Separate and private lockable storage space. The yard used wooden partitions in a side barn to create little walk in spaces big enough for feed bins etc. It was one per stable so...
  15. Tarragon

    Electric fence best tape???

    I use rope as we are on a hill and the rope copes better with the wind. If you go for rope, i would suggest that you choose posts that have the fittings that take rope as it is a real pain to squeeze rope through gaps designed for tape!
  16. Tarragon

    Got to put on my brave girl pants.... Am I ready for this??

    The way I see it is try to set it up so that a successful outcome is the most likely outcome, whatever that is. So don't have any expectations that you will, or should, be able to do A, B and C. Instead, just take it as it comes, and if that means just mounting and then dismounting, but you and...
  17. Tarragon

    Cheval Liberte trailers

    I have owned my Cheval Liberte trailer now for over 10 years and love it. It is very easy to manage which is essential if you do a lot on your own and very easy to tow (in fact I used to tow with a Mondeo!) I have the pony trailer which takes two Exmoor ponies but I also invested in the full...
  18. Tarragon

    Foal Update.....

    I went cubbing with the Suffolk Hunt on my donkey back in the 1970's - that caused quite a stir!
  19. Tarragon

    Passed the pigs

    You can tick that one off your list now
  20. Tarragon

    Foal Update.....

    What a lovely foal! Very smart. What plans do you have for her?
  21. Tarragon

    A saddle fit with half panel numnahs question

    Thanks all for your replies. The saddle passed the "jump sideways at a scary sheep" movement and a canter up a steep hill test and neither saddle nor pad budged so that is a success. Interestingly I also noticed the unexpected better leg contact with this new arrangement and I am hoping that...
  22. Tarragon

    A saddle fit with half panel numnahs question

    Thanks for that. Very interesting! I thought that the reason the Strada Endurance pad was slipping was because the sticky pads were no longer "sticky" due to it's age. I thought about investing in a new one but really I need a brown numnah for my Exmoor Pony; the white ones look so wrong on him!
  23. Tarragon

    A saddle fit with half panel numnahs question

    The question I have is "does having a half panel numnah affect the fit of the saddle if the saddle previously fitted with a full numnah of similar thickness?" The reason for the question is because I have, on the advice of a saddle fitter, recently bought a beautiful, but quite old, second hand...
  24. Tarragon

    Standing in with no food

    I have two ponies and I always bring them both in when I want to ride and the one I am not riding has to wait until I get back. This way, if I am riding the fitter and slimmer one, the fatter one benefits by being without for a couple of hours, and if I am riding the fatter one I can choose to...
  25. Tarragon

    How many local shows have folded near you?

    That is sad :-(
  26. Tarragon

    Are we being driven off the roads?

    I agree that we face a dilemma and a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Road traffic volumes have increased and road users seem to be less tolerant and more ignorant and this is putting people off riding on the roads. This, in turn, results in fewer horses being ridden on the roads which has...
  27. Tarragon

    Having a bit of a wobble!

    Go for it, I say! and well done for being the sort of person who is going out and competing. I must admit that this is one of the reasons that I ride my Exmoor ponies - the expectation of your general riding abilities starts at a much lower level if you turn up riding a hairy pony :) In my...
  28. Tarragon

    Opinion on my ponies weight

    I am another who was expecting a photo of a far fatter pony so I can see why you are getting mixed messages regarding her weight; it is subjective and also hard to tell from just the one photo. So, whatever the definition of "overweight" is, something has caused the laminitis and it may be...
  29. Tarragon

    Feeling lost

    I would also keep the stable for a bit longer. Sometimes, the horse finds you rather than you actively looking for a horse :-)