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  1. hopscotch bandit

    Wind Galls

    Usually they are present in warmer weather, if the horse has stood in for a time and the fetlocks become puffy. If the windgall decreases when the horse has been moving, i.e. when it comes in from the field, or has been ridden then there isn't a problem. They are usually present on both legs...
  2. hopscotch bandit

    Feeding tips for dieting a fat pony!!!!

    Best advice is to double netting any hay nets after soaking the hay for a few hours. Double netting makes the holes smaller so it takes longer to empty the net, extending the time he is eating. If he's out 24/7 you need to reduce the size of his turnout using electric fencing/put him in a...
  3. hopscotch bandit

    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    I agree with YCBM. My horses problems stem from a neck problem at C7/T1 which has caused neuro issues.
  4. hopscotch bandit

    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    I am so sorry, its such an awful shock to find them like that. I too lost a horse with a broken leg, a compound fracture of his tibia. He greeted me with a whinny when I was called by the Y.O who had said to my mum that there was 'a problem' with my horse. If its any consolation however...
  5. hopscotch bandit

    Riding school in the Isle of Wight

    Thank you very much, that's really kind of you and your Aunt for suggesting.
  6. hopscotch bandit

    ‘Safety’ stirrup warning

    I don't get how people get dragged with their foot caught in stirrups, I thought if the stirrup bar was down (which they are meant to be when riding) the stirrup leathers would automatically come off the stirrup bar as they are designed to do. This isn't the first time I've heard about this. I...
  7. hopscotch bandit

    Riding school in the Isle of Wight

    Hi I'm off for a week in the Isle of Wight soon and would like to find a riding school to have a half hour private lesson, just trot/canter and maybe a couple of little jumps. Is there anywhere that you can recommend that has sane horses and decent instructors please? I don't want to go for...
  8. hopscotch bandit

    Lame steps on corners of one rein?

    Mine had this when she did a suspensory branch, was lame on right rein circle although injury was on n/f.
  9. hopscotch bandit

    DIP joint injection

    Is it PRP (platelet rich plasma)
  10. hopscotch bandit

    Can you imagine your life without horses?

    I'd like to take up jogging and also rock climbing as an alternative hobby as I've always fancied doing both. I need to lose about four stone first though! Because I've barely got out of a trot over the last couple of years (old girl has a multitude of issues all manageable and pain free but...
  11. hopscotch bandit

    Can you imagine your life without horses?

    I think I would feel like I'd lost my right arm. Although I would appreciate the huge amount of money I could have as my own rather than paying the vet, feed supplier, hay man, farrier, etc.
  12. hopscotch bandit

    Update on missing Air Jacket

    Hooray DHL have just collected the loan jacket from me at work. Fingers crossed for a successful journey and final destination :)
  13. hopscotch bandit

    Advice on loading & loading issues

    Darn it! There is a bar that fits the length of the trailer with a right angled breast bar and right angled bar across the bottom, when the horse is loaded you swivel the breast bar and the back bar also comes up at the same time. But no matter how many times I google it I can't find it.
  14. hopscotch bandit

    Advice on loading & loading issues

    After many years of loading issues and Grant Bazin telling me my horse is not frightened or in pain just trying it on, which reassured me, I have found that a small bucket of feed works miracles. I am a bit naughty wherein once in I squeeze between my horse and the partition to get out the back...
  15. hopscotch bandit

    Horse keeps doing 'extended' trot, also loss of performance

    You are right, he is pulling himself along, instead of pushing because it used to hurt his hocks. Either that or he'd got used to that way of going and now it doesn't hurt but the muscles have been built up over a period of time and to do anything else then feels uncomfortable and not 'quite...
  16. hopscotch bandit

    Feeling lost

    Gosh we can keep ours for £20 per week until we find another horse if we are in the unfortunate situation of ever losing one at our yard. That's a shame.
  17. hopscotch bandit

    Feeling lost

    Keep your stable, offer to pay the YO a nominal rent every week/month until you have decided what to do, like really decided what to do. If I were you I would see if there isn't something you can work out with someone at the yard to see if you can ride their horse in a share type situation...
  18. hopscotch bandit

    Horse keeps doing 'extended' trot, also loss of performance

    I would get a vet to assess. What might look like soundness to the layperson might not look like soundness to the vet. Best to pick it up now whilst its at a relatively early stage so treatment time will be reduced as well as costs at a later date. I'd say if I were to hazard a guess that the...
  19. hopscotch bandit

    Sports Bra's this is what I normally buy, they come in black or white. Because they encapsulate each breast they are very good for...
  20. hopscotch bandit

    Update on missing Air Jacket

    Yes I am reading it. And this is my last comment regarding this as I will not be drawn into another argument with some sad person (unknown) running to admin to get me an infraction. And it's all well and good acting innocent now by saying you were warning me of the legalaties. But I...
  21. hopscotch bandit

    Update on missing Air Jacket

    As you might remember I sent my air jacket for servicing following a bit of a tumble from my horse. It went missing in the post although I’d insured it and sent it special delivery via the post office. Rachel from Hit Air very kindly lent me a new air jacket whilst they carried out...
  22. hopscotch bandit

    Knee boots....

    Probably but imho they are safer as they can't slip and they also cover the whole leg too negating the need for brushing boots.
  23. hopscotch bandit

    Knee boots....

    Kat you are a superstar, I will buy some new ones. My current ones are around 15 years old and I've just done a quick calculation that I've applied them to my horse and ridden with them approx. 2,000 times now, the Velcro straps are as good now as they were on day one and they are immaculate...
  24. hopscotch bandit

    lame in tendon sheaf

    I believe she needed around 5 weeks box rest. Then controlled exercise i.e horsewalker, in hand walking, etc leading eventually to walking under saddle, trotting for a few minutes in a gradual build up over weeks. From distant memory I would say it was around 2 months from diagnosis to being...
  25. hopscotch bandit

    Knee boots....

    These are what i use. Never hack out without them on. But i thought they had been discontinued now?
  26. hopscotch bandit

    lame in tendon sheaf

    My horse aggravated her tendon sheath on a hind leg. The sheath was injected with what i think from memory was HA (hylauronic acid) and a corticosteroid. Short box rest followed by contolled exercise plan in hand and then ridden with quiet turnout.
  27. hopscotch bandit

    Minor rant!

    I have often balanced my mobile on a menage or gate fence, put the 10 second photo delay on and got back into position to take the photo. I've balanced my camera or phone on the fence post to take assessment videos for the vet as well. I have about 15 really good action photos of me riding my...
  28. hopscotch bandit

    Saying Goodbye

    So sorry, very brave, thinking of you.
  29. hopscotch bandit


    Mine has been on it for five years. I took her off it twice, it took about 7-10 days for the effects to kick in the first time I took her off it. I put her back on it and noticed an improvement in behaviour over the same time period. A few months later took her off it again, again spooky...
  30. hopscotch bandit

    Paddock Sweepers

    Ha didn't realise it was so old, sorry.