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    Small haynet

    Shires do a smaller hay net holds 4kg but I put less in and use them for my Shetlands, cheapest place I could find them was
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    trawler haylage nets

    If you put in trawler net hay nets in search on the internet it brings up several amazon ebay etc do them.
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    Spectating clinics/events

    Might be worth having a look on the face book page Duchy College Equine Events
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    Feed stuff

    Just checked online to see if my local feed merchant has my usual feed stuff in stock, Fast Fibre and Safe & Sound have each gone up over two pounds a bag since I bought them a month ago. Ouch!!!!
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    St.Ives /Carbis Bay

    If you fancy having a trip out and a look round Eden Project your in laws could stay at the entrance there is a giftshop, plant shop, toilets and cafe which you can visit for free and you could pay to have a look round the biomes.
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    Problem anybody with Valley View animal feeds , Cornwall?

    Searching on face book and it says they have changed their name to that was put on 6 days ago but web site doesn't open. Someone has put these phone numbers on to call 07904416969 01503263330. On eBay they are under the name valleyviewherbsandspicesdirect (0 ) no...
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    You All Bought The Chicken Rugs...

    Snowfilly I volunteer for Prickles and Paws I collect injured, undersized etc hedgehogs from the vets, general public etc for them. Think they are at just over 250 rescues so far this year they do brilliant work.
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    What do you call these?

    On Amazon they call them Garden Kart also Wheeled Garden Trug, Homebase call them Rolling Cart Wheelbarrow hope this is of some help.
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    Horsebox recovery

    Looking to take out a horsebox recovery policy for a 3.5ton horsebox, just asking who people use for recovery and have actually had to use them and how good the recovery service was.
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    free wood chips mansfield/nottingham area

    Do you really think it is wise putting your email address and house address on postings :-( you never know who is looking at the forum.
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    How to find BHS membership number so i can access legal helpline

    Have you tried just phoning the BHS legal help line 02476 840700 they might be able to find your membership number by your address.
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    Retirement Livery South West also in regional board

    The Graze just outside St Austell Cornwall is first class, they have a face book page The Graze Livery. Assisted & Retirement Livery in Cornwall.
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    Christmas advice please....

    Don't no if this company have the boots you are looking for but they have a good return policy in place for returning items, you can return them up to 13th Jan they have put 2016 but sure they must mean 2017. Just a in case the boots didn't fit or...
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    Aggressive Shetland By Roadside?

    One of my Shetlands started playing up kicking out and barging through the others to get to me when I went in the field, found out someone had been feeding them carrots over the gate, I never give them tip bits. If your field is beside the road could someone be feeding him? just a idea.
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    How can I keep my stable from smelling?

    I use STALOSAN F Disinfectant Powder in my stables, poultry houses and chicken runs it is perfectly safe for livestock, I just sprinkle some under my straw bedding in the stables occasionally to freshen them up. Shop around on line as big variations in prices and they do it on eBay.
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    Retirement Livery Cornwall

    The Graze Livery neat St Austell do retirement livery lovely people and horses well looked after, they have a web site also a face book page if you put in The Graze Livery
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    Moving to Cornwall recommendations needed

    There is quite a few farriers in the St Austell area but they all really busy a lot aren't taking on any more customers Megan Urell is very good she has a face book page don't no if she is taking on any more customers but could properly recommend someone . Quite a few veterinary practices round...
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    help Renault master mark 1 (1996) owners

    These people are breaking a 1997 not sure if that year is still a mark 1
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    help Renault master mark 1 (1996) owners

    If you put Renault master breaking for spares in search on ebay brings up quite a few been broken for spares. Just found out my old supplier of parts for my Renault has closed down :-(
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    Towing trailer on motorways etc.. Towing in general!

    Think what Red-1 was talking about is a Bulldog Anti Snake Stabiliser we use to tow caravans and horse trailers and used one of these never had any trouble with the wind or lorries passing etc
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    breakers for Vauxhall parts

    We used to use VL Barlow 01302 84644 for our 2nd hand van bits they posts the parts and reasonable price as well, they do have a web site but doesn't seem to be working at the moment hopefully they are still trading but worth giving them a ring.
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    Bodmin moor parking

    We use to leave our small horsebox on Bodmin Moor and go off for a ride, nobody every said anything, the hardest part was finding somewhere off road firm enough to park as roads are quite narrow and have passing places which you cant park in. Might be worth going for a drive and having a look...
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    Smelly stable, best deoderiser?.

    I use Stalosan F it is safe to use round livestock, I bought a small bag off good old ebay to try it. Works really well in my chicken runs they tend to get a bit smelly in this wet weather and also sprinkle it under the bedding in the stables. Have bought a larger bucket of if now as works out...
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    3.5t Vauxhall horse box MOT surrey

    The garage will have to have a strong enough ramp as they have to lift it to MOT it. You need to find a garage that test class 7 vehicles.
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    Electric poultry netting - stupid questions

    The bottom line of the fence isn't electrified so safe to use tent pegs to fix it down. This is worth having a look at
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    where to look for another mini shetland?

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    Ladies of a certain age.....

    Love this posting brings back great memories, my great big brown jodhpurs with wings and my pride and joy my first slimmer fitting white cord jodhpurs use to have to scrub them with ajax to get them clean. Waiting for dad to finish reading the Sunday paper just so I could look at the Jackatex...
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    equestrian gilet bigger size

    I am a larger ok very large lady :-) Agree try none equestrian shops, I no you don't want a plain one but I have this one Washes well and looks smart I have a navy one for when I am showing in hand nice and long to cover the...
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    Stop the world I wanna get off

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow from a fellow sixty-er :-) x
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    any horseboxes for sale?

    I think you have to have past your test before 1st January 1997 to drive anything over 3.5 ton. So at 24yrs you would have to take a C1 test, apologies if you have done this test or the info is wrong x