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  1. Dusty M Yeti

    Do you give nicknames to your dogs??

    Peggy is most often known as Ickle Pickle, Pegster, Scruff Dog or Doodle Popsome
  2. Dusty M Yeti

    Full Grass Livery near Cambridge (uni student)

    Lol ester, I think you've moved to my village now? Not MY village but you know what I mean ;) I've used the guided busway bus twice in the 7 years living there, it's such a faff, but is great for other modes of transport, used to hack along it too before the horses were at home
  3. Dusty M Yeti

    Full Grass Livery near Cambridge (uni student)

    I'll get my thinking cap on for you lazycat, but off the top of my head I can't think of any yard that offers full grass livery close to Cambridge. I've lived in and around Cambridge my whole life (and work for the Uni btw) and had horses a long long time so do know the local horsey scene...
  4. Dusty M Yeti

    Your recent dog-ventures - let's see your pictures :D

    @vallin can you put up the picture of Peggy and Daisy on the xc jump from Chatsworth please? :D
  5. Dusty M Yeti

    What's the obsession with buckskins and duns?

    My black based dun/grullo (thanks Ester ;) ) Arnold, in his new summer coat with the remnants of his winter coat (much sandier) left on the clip line. Can see his tiger stripe legs here although in full summer coat they are more obvious. He's a WHW rescue, I just wanted something with similar...
  6. Dusty M Yeti

    Pupdate - Ffee

    I do love Ffee!
  7. Dusty M Yeti

    Cushings - What were the first signs/symptoms in your horses?

    It is the first time it's ever happened with him but that's exactly what has got me thinking! It's happened, then WHY has it happened? Like I say, no other outward symptoms, drinking/weeing totally normal, not sweating, not lethargic but sometimes grumpy. I'll call the vets after the BH...
  8. Dusty M Yeti

    Cushings - What were the first signs/symptoms in your horses?

    Thanks for the replies so far. ^^ Interesting, mine has no outwardly massive symptoms but this resonates. It's niggling at me. He was trimmed on Saturday by same farrier who has done him his whole life, feet looked neat afterward and I didn't think anything of it, by Sunday evening totally...
  9. Dusty M Yeti

    Cushings - What were the first signs/symptoms in your horses?

    Just having a pondering about one of mine. So as title really, what signs/symptoms made you seek testing or diagnosis?
  10. Dusty M Yeti

    Post your un usual colored horses.

    Oooo, what does that mean? Is that a black based dun? I knew he was special ;) Edited to add - I've googled grulla ;) very interesting :)
  11. Dusty M Yeti

    Post your un usual colored horses.

    My pics are HUGE for some reason :oops: Cynthia was a spotty foal that greyed out, second photo is her clipped out last summer and you can faintly see some spots still on her shoulder, obviously they are still on her skin underneath, and she has the usual spottly muzzle and stripey feet...
  12. Dusty M Yeti

    Thoughts on PTS

    I have used Holts, I would thoroughly recommend them. Very professional, discreet and efficient. I seem to be the friend that covers PTS for others and I've dealt with it on a professional and personal level. I've experienced injection and gun, vets, hunt and knackermen (goodness, it sounds...
  13. Dusty M Yeti

    Puppy Bonding

    That is a beautiful picture of all three :) Puppy is growing well!!
  14. Dusty M Yeti

    Eventing schooling livery - Essex?

    Casey McKenna is that way too, he's tall but lightweight, though if Claire is so local you probably know him too. I suggested Claire because she'd be ideal for the 15.3hh! Um....could definitely recommend some people based Cambridgeshire way, more my area, but pointless if you don't want to...
  15. Dusty M Yeti

    Eventing schooling livery - Essex?

    Claire Fielding - Fielding Eventing on facebook
  16. Dusty M Yeti

    Belton Live Stream

    Ooo, excellent. Thanks!
  17. Dusty M Yeti

    Help sorting turnout groups of 5 ponies needed!

    Lol ESW what a conundrum :D I know you want a track system but the only way I can see is to split your field into two!
  18. Dusty M Yeti

    Sleep well, big dog

    Aww, sleep well brig. Sorry for your loss CT x
  19. Dusty M Yeti

    Pictures Your Favourite Non-Conventional Picture Of Your Horse

    The joys of sequential photos on my new-at-the-time digital camera. This horse was eventing (successfully) at BE Novice at the time but just could not fathom out this water jump at a schooling session, he is the most genuine of horses though so kept going whether he was right, wrong or somewhere...
  20. Dusty M Yeti

    How much bedding do you use a month?

    I have two big horses on straw, fully mucked out every day, and I use roughly 2.5 small bales a week - 10 every 4 weeks - £25 Two minis on wood pellets, fully mucked out daily, 1 bag each every two weeks (they're full beds, but very clean ponies) - 4 every 4 weeks - £22 So £48 every 4 weeks...
  21. Dusty M Yeti

    Does anyone have a youngster who panics behind out hacking?

    ^^ This. I too have a alpha mare, boss of all horses, who just hates being behind others, I presume she sees it as an enforced demotion through the pecking order!
  22. Dusty M Yeti

    Clydesdale training report

    I always love an Alfie update, sounds like you've been having lots of fun :)
  23. Dusty M Yeti

    Dog suddenly lame in front

    See my thread from Wednesday 'can you poultice a dog's paw' terrier did exactly the same! I still don't know what she did but try not to panic, if there's no obvious wounds or swelling then rest is only thing you can try. Try to stay away from Google :D hopefully he'll be better in the...
  24. Dusty M Yeti

    Can you poultice a dogs paw?

    Sorry, should have updated this (I hate it when threads are left hanging, and then I go and do it myself :D) She did settle in the end on Weds night and by Thursday morning she was a little better, still lame but using the leg in walk, only lifting it when in sitting position! So left her...
  25. Dusty M Yeti

    Arghhhhh need a kick please....

    If it were me I'd go out and do it, the adrenaline and pressure of a competition would focus my mind and make me perform better. Your horse has some miles on the clock with another jockey so dropping a level should mean he has the confidence to carry you round a bit should you need some help...
  26. Dusty M Yeti

    Can you poultice a dogs paw?

    Thanks umbongo, that's really useful advice :) I honestly can't see anything in there at all but the way she's chewing it is quite targeted to the two toes and pads. I hadn't thought about a sock, I'll try that as a barrier and vet tomorrow if no improvement. Quite alarming when they're fine...
  27. Dusty M Yeti

    Can you poultice a dogs paw?

    Peggy was totally normal on her evening walk but has just limped into the kitchen on 3 legs! Front left paw in the air, had a good look, no obvious wounds, pads look normal, claws fine, checked in between toes thought maybe muscular? No objection to being fiddled with. She'll rest for the...
  28. Dusty M Yeti

    A day out with the dog (picture heavy!)

    No :( , it's a very aged HTC phone, so Android run. Keep meaning to upgrade but it's proving indestructable!
  29. Dusty M Yeti

    A day out with the dog (picture heavy!)

    I had a lovely day out at Chatsworth horse trials yesterday with my wonderful dog. This is the second horse trials I have been to devoid of human company and we (the dog and I) have had a super time at both!! The only consequence is that I now have a lot of pictures of her at events, so here are...
  30. Dusty M Yeti

    Thinking about getting some Guinea Pigs - Does this set up suit?

    Thanks for the advice so far, am now getting fully carried away looking at some amazing set ups on t'internet :D