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  1. smiggy

    Getting a Canter lead correct, top tips please

    I might try leg yielding to track as we are doing prelim 1 where you pick up Canter after the Diagonal so can sort of sneak that in to test if it works ! Got one right today with outside bend ! Can’t do too many as he gets worried So we have to mix it up a bit, and it’s hot too
  2. smiggy

    Getting a Canter lead correct, top tips please

    Thanks all Opposite bend makes sense, have been doing shoulder in on circle to straighten him into both reins . Will give all ideas a go ! I think he is welsh cross cob as very active back legs and a bit lighter in build .
  3. smiggy

    Getting a Canter lead correct, top tips please

    Ok, have semi educated pony who has been cantering in the school for a few months. We started with scruffy transitions but the right Canter leads and have progressed to blinding transitions on the left rein but completely lost right Canter.once we get it the Canter is fine but struggle to get...
  4. smiggy

    StarBoot long boot zip repairs

    They all sound like great prices I asked in my local shoe repair shop last week and was quoted £55 for one zip !
  5. smiggy

    Probelms with Forums website

    Same here re back button, just did search to see if any one else having this issue! Super annoying
  6. smiggy

    Sleep and horses

    I think we underestimate bedding choices on this point as well. Mine come in for the day , occasionally at night if weather vile. Stables have rubber mats and I have been using sort of shavings this year, the ones that are little chippy bits rather than flakes. I just swopped back to straw as...
  7. smiggy

    Interesting bit change observations

    My little cob is super fussy bit wise. I have tried a horse bit fit person but she didn’t like their suggestion after a few rides. I alternate between a myler snaffle and a bomber happy tongue. I have just bought the new bomber dressage swivel to see if she likes that. Couple of rides she seemed...
  8. smiggy

    A very poorly pony .....

    Has your Vet done routine blood tests to check for liver function? Always a possibility if from a dodgy background Hopefully not but worth checking if not done yet
  9. smiggy

    Pony tripping on Andrews Bowen surface

    One of mine trips on waxed surfaces. She is better than she was now she is better balanced and more off her forehand but still does and never does on rubber,sand etc. I mentioned it to my physio and she said one of hers slips behind. She figures it’s a lot less forgiving of a slight toe drag .
  10. smiggy

    Sunshine Tour

    I did the dressage year before last. I did find it really busy and super expensive. The classses fill so quickly that I had to enter on three separate days ( I am very local ) but then had not only entry fees but hefty first aid charges for each day. I didn’t bother last year.
  11. smiggy

    Training methods

    I was once sleeping in my Lorry on a yard that was also hosting a Warwick Schiller clinic. That evening I sat in my Lorry watching one of the participants spend over an hour trying to catch their horse in the field. Pretty much says it all really !
  12. smiggy

    Dressage Tell me about My Quest/Team Quest

    I did team quest the year before last, it’s lovely to do stuff with a little group of friends on a regular basis and generally we found the judging very fair, especially as we were a native pony team. We all rejoined last year but sadly gave up as despite promises from bd, there is still not a...
  13. smiggy

    Marvins music dressage

    Exactly the same as mine then, glad to see they have improved over the last three years ! Am getting the hang of audacity slowly, there are ( luckily ) lots of helpful YouTube videos .
  14. smiggy

    Marvins music dressage

    Thanks. They have refunded me with a snidey comment about how they are sorry the concept of a ready made test is not working for me 🤣 It’s not the concept it’s the flipping execution ! Am playing with audacity for Xmas one, have watched lots of YouTube videos !
  15. smiggy

    Marvins music dressage

    It’s absolutely rubbish. They came back with a new floor plan which basically added a 20 m Circle but having ridden it, there isn’t even enough trot music to finish the first two circles ! Complete heap of pooh. Have asked for a refund and will go to trading standards if they don’t reply. Just...
  16. smiggy

    Marvins music dressage

    Has anyone bought a floor plan etc from here. I bought one as for various reasons I have a competition on Sunday, issues with my normal stuff and only time for one practice tomorrow, so I thought it would be a quick way of getting something at least rideaable. They have emailed me the floor plan...
  17. smiggy

    Scaredy cat rider

    I do think highlands have a reputation for being solid plods, but in many cases can be quite quirky. I have had three and two were not good in traffic at all,despite being fairly bombproof in other ways . It really wasn’t me, the one I had from a baby was good in traffic.
  18. smiggy

    Dog attack Wivelsfield East Sussex

    So sorry Have you put this on local Facebook pages as not seen anything, might get more response Hope you are both ok soon
  19. smiggy

    Dog allergies and cytopoint treatment

    Your vet might let you do them , like people do the immunotherapy ones at home. It’s the cost of the drug that bumps the price up though. Twiggy, you are not stopping the allergy symptoms coming out, the cytopoint is basically antibodies to the inflammatory proteins that cause the symptoms, so...
  20. smiggy

    Dog allergies and cytopoint treatment

    Have seen a lot of success stories and have personally used it in one dog which has done really well. The theory behind it is very sound and it’s very safe, I would certainly give it a try if you can afford it ( cost is only downside )
  21. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    Cortez,please can I send her on schooling livery please ...😎 Yes she is the one I’m my avatar ( never had one before but so easy on new forum ! )
  22. smiggy

    Really need a calmer that works! Help please?

    I just found the ecalm helps with that occasional sharp silly spook. My mare isn’t spooky out hacking but when schooling, and seemingly very occupied, will just occasionally do one of those 0 to 60 sideways leap and zoom forward if a leaf drops off a tree 🙄 I thought from the original post, that...
  23. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    Cortez, it was exactly the opposite though. I don’t know if you have ever ridden a cob but they are so on the forehand getting a good Canter transition takes a lot of time and patience. Believe you me, after two years of trying and weekly lessons with a dressage trainer, I know what a good...
  24. smiggy

    Really need a calmer that works! Help please?

    I would give e calm a try, it’s cheap enough. I had my fell on it as it really helps her skin in the summer, I ran out a fortnight ago and didn’t bother reordering as thought with winter coming her coat would be fine. It is but she nearly had me off in the school twice last week! Have just...
  25. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    Cortez, it wasn’t quite that low and I categorically will not be riding like that. I was just hoping that someone with a better understanding of the mechanics of the bit might be able to suggest why that was the case. Fully accept that it may be the whole riding concept rather than the bit...
  26. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    Thanks. I tried a straight bar happy mouth and she just foamed like crazy, drool everywhere, odd ! Saddle was checked about four months ago, I think it’s fine. I use other saddles as well , as we play at western, and she is always the same. Good thought though.
  27. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    Thank you, think I have one kicking about on a universal but could give it a go on the snaffle ring just to see.
  28. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    Blitznbobs, thanks but actually she was working better through her back and hence better transitions. Obviously I don’t want to ride like this on a regular basis because of the leaning forward but I was wondering if the lower hands was causing the bit to act in a different way that she preferred...
  29. smiggy

    Horse preferring low hands with contact

    My little cob is very fussy with the contact, a regular dressage comment is needs more steady contact . It’s not my hands as she is the same for my RI who rides gp and is very non handy. She has regular dental checks and I have had a bit consultant. Generally I find she goes best in a bomber...
  30. smiggy

    Prelim to music

    Thanks, I’ve done it now and did 3 to be safe !