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    Riders Rasp

    Just looking to buy a rasp for tidying up between farrier visits and wondered if the RR is easier to use than a normal rasp, the price is not as bad as I expected but would like to know I am not wasting my money buying something that will not be effective.
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    For Sale, having a clear out.

    Centaur 2 rail rug drier. Anti weave grill, full door grill. Ifor Williams trailer grill, fits a 510, not sure if it goes in others. Several 7ft rugs. Several 5ft, 5ft 3in, 5ft 6in, various makes, types, condition, will list soon. Premier Equine stable wraps. Jump poles, some...
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    Many Clouds RIP

    After beating Thistlecrack he sadly collapsed, thoughts with all his connections, such sad news he was a real star.
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    Olympia dressage start list

    For anyone planning on watching this evening.
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    Nasal Discharge, any ideas welcome

    One of my liveries has a discharge from one nostril only during/ after work, never at any other time, thick yellowy gunk, she has been blood tested several times, been x rayed and scoped with a trach wash, had swabs taken, nothing has really been found to explain what is going on other than a...
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    Blood test results

    Has anyone struggled to get copies of blood test results or similar from their vets, I know they own the property rights of xrays and scans so I am guessing that blood tests come into the same bracket although they were not mentioned specifically in the info I found, they will not routinely send...
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    Pony rugs

    I have a load of 5ft -5ft 6in pony rugs, stable/ cooler/ sheets and turnouts of different makes, weights, various styles and condition from very good to needing a minor repair. I will make up a full list at some point and post but if anyone wants to pm me what they are looking for I will sort...
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    Taking the P*** or misunderstood?

    Mulling over a few recent threads on horses that are less than cooperative when ridden, I agree with the opinion that they cannot take the P*** but they can and do push the boundaries and test their riders, often when they are unsure of what is required of them, if they "get away" with a minor...
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    Freestyle start list

    Due to start at 2pm our time, no actual times or breaks on this list but shows the running order.
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    Start times for GP special

    Times for anyone trying to plan their day.
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    Rachel Peel conviction overturned!!

    Not sure if it has been posted elsewhere and I missed it. What a travesty, the RSPCA acted appallingly in the way they handled this from the start and now they have failed to gain a successful prosecution...
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    Adorable Alice have you seen what BD are running

    For Ted, he now has his own championships to aim for!!
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    Flood rescue video

    This just came through on my H&H email, an amazing rescue of horses from fast moving floodwater, it took 11/2 hours to accomplish and they are all fine, extremely brave of the 3 men involved...
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    23 year old Five Boys wins at Blenheim!!

    Well not one of the main classes but to be competitive and win the 90 arena eventing championship shows how it is worth keeping these older horses going, Kitty King must be delighted he is still out having fun after all she did with him, to have "retired" to such a wonderful home and be looking...
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    Sending your horse for surgery, is it worth it?

    2 very different experiences, to balance out the colic surgery thread. I have had a successful experience with colic surgery, not sending the horse in at the time was never considered as he did not present as a normal colic, no sign of impaction or twisted gut, the vet after 24 hours...
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    Adorable Alice

    Can you clear your inbox please, I have been trying to send you a pm.
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    Yet another poor ad, the broodmare over there >>>

    Not one photo actually showing much of the mare, she may have good conformation and bred a nice foal but where are the photos of her???? POA as well, unless someone is interested in her specific bloodlines then I will be surprised if they get any calls, what a waste of money.
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    Charlotte Dujardin, Sportswoman of the year.

    Great news for equestrian sport, well deserved recognition for all she has achieved in the past couple of years.
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    Headshakers and Micklem bridles,

    Has anyone tried using a Micklem on a horse that headshakes? did it help or makes matters worse, any thoughts welcome as I am running through several ideas and having felt it may be the worst thing to try I am now thinking it could help with other issues. The horse is only a very slight...
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    4 weeks into SI rehab, being positive about progress.

    My boy had injections into his sacroiliac joint just over 4 weeks ago, the prognosis is not great but every effort is being made to try and ensure he has a future, he is only 10 so deserves the chance. He had a few days box rest, restricted turnout and in hand walking, followed by a week of...
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    Magnetic rugs

    I am considering buying a magnetic rug to help my boy with a now chronic SI problem, he has just been medicated and rehab is about to start, I found this kit which looks very reasonably priced and versatile with movable magnets, has anyone used this type of magnet with an success...
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    How we all see different things.

    Looking on another thread I am amazed at the variation in comments and what people see by watching a short video, some saw a confident, well started young pony, others see a worried pony that lacks confidence, others see some unlevel strides, are we watching from different viewpoints, having...
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    Going to the vets today, some vibes would be appreciated

    Taking my boy to the vets, he has now been, at long last, diagnosed with a sacroiliac problem he will be scanned to see the full extent of the damage then probably have steroids and local injected, the prognosis is not great as it is now a chronic condition. All of last year I knew he was not...
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    Sacroiliac damage, any success stories to make me more positive?

    After 18 months, initial wrong diagnosis, a workup, MRI, operation, careful rehab under veterinary advice etc etc my poor horse was seen today by yet another vet and he was amazed that I had even been told to ride him as he was so lame, he was ridden all last summer, as advised, yet never came...
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    Another 3.5 lorry thread. VW LT35

    I am going to look at a VW Lt35 today, with a mechanic friend, apart from the obvious things to check is there anything particular relating to this type of chassis/ engine etc we should be looking at, friend is a car mechanic so not really his field. It has only been owned for a matter of...
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    What would you expect to pay?

    For a 9 year old, 16 hand gelding, with a good record 90/ 100, decent dressage if a little inconsistent, never faulted xc in 3 limited seasons but can have a pole or two sj , has been ridden by a young girl who would not have put in as much work as some might so both dr and sj could improve, he...
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    A traveling question, right hand loading.

    I am using a 3.5 ton box today, it has a right hand ramp, usually I would load into the furthest partitioned area giving him plenty of room to turn as he goes in, only used a left ramp previously, and travel there so horse is behind the driver, I am assuming that he should actually travel on the...
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    Why do people not do the right thing?? or do they think they are

    I am not sure what to think, I know people do have serious changes in circumstances but is it right to try and rehome 2 such elderly ponies that owe nothing to their owners , they may try and find a genuine home but is it likely that anyone will want to take them on, I could not do it to any of...
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    Another naming thread

    I need some help with a proper name for my new cob, it needs to be fairly short, to the point and not fluffy, based on his personality, he is a real character, a bit bossy, confident, very bright and quick to learn, both good and bad things!!! He has a clock in his head, within days he had...
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    Pet or bought to do a "job"?

    Most people I know that own a horse buy them for a purpose, to ride, many through age or injury can at some point no longer be ridden or do the job they were purchased for so need to retire, reduce workload or be pts. I am lucky I have my own land and keep them in retirement with the ability...