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    Can you imagine your life without horses?

    I can, and it's not pretty. I only really got back into horses after a 15ish year gap away from them 2 years ago. My Granny used to take me to a local riding school for 1 lesson per week if I behaved at school, I was taught the basics, w/t/c and small jumps and then got bored - We could not...
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    Help! My shettie in season

    Call a vet. No other advice to give really.
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    Any ideas where I can.....

    If i remember tonight Gunner i'll grab some photos tonight, it's abit of a bodge, but doesn't look horrific.
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    Looking for a kind and EXTREMELY patient instructor in Essex

    This link should work if you are having difficulty navigating the forum Liz.
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    Took a tumble at the weekend :(

    We all have bad days. I hate to say it, but I'd recommend a new helmet if you smacked your head off a pole..
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    Would you be upset and angry if ...

    Justified. I am extremely particular with who rides either of my girls. It's basically just me, my Mum and my partner. Mum I will let ride Bonnie once a week (over winter) to help keep her fit, she has a share of Belle so can ride her basically when she wants but listens to me when I say not...
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    Any ideas where I can.....

    What do you intend to use them for? The reason I ask is I have a shire with a very long neck. In the past I have bastardised 2 sets of reins into 1 longer set. Indeed I think I am going to have to do the same with my new reins that I have bought because my others were black and not brown like my...
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    Grazing on very long grass

    I've been told that long rested grass is better for the sugar sensitive ones than the short sweet grass? I am unsure how true this actually is though!
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    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    In addition, some research would suggest that horizontal are gentler as they do not apply as much pressure on the tongue than the vertical lozenges.
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    I want a new bridle

    Cheap and cheerful? I'd say Top Horse UK, I have ridden Belle in one for over a year and have had no problems with it. Recently bought Bonnie the exact bridle but in Havana to use as her 'Sunday bridle' and i'm equally impressed with the quality once oiled and cleaned. They were between...
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    Hunter or riding horse

    What's the actual difference? Surely a horse that hunts (A hunter) is still a ridden horse? I might be being stupid here... He;s lovely OP, congrats on your results.
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    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    I have been told by my bit fitter and dentist that the french link requires the horse to have quite alot of room in their mouth. He is a massive advocate of lozenges. I recommend a full cheek sweet iron with copper lozenge for a youngster. They are available with the lozenge lying vertical...
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    Washing rugs

    To be honest, I'm not worried about cleaning mine (turnouts), they are literally just going to get dirty again. If they start leaking they will get washed and reproofed by a horse rug cleaning company. Yeah they can stink but I'm sure the horses don't mind!
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    The Insurance Emporium

    Pet Plan are looking for £90 per month for Bonnie alone for very similar if not identical cover, insurance is such a minefield!
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    The Insurance Emporium

    Hey guys, I know this question has probably been asked a million times but I feel that more current views are quite important. I currently have Bonnie and Belle both insured with and i'm looking to change to a new provider. No other reason than I want more cover than I...
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    Those who leave their dogs when they go to work

    We have a Border Collie and a French Bulldog at home, we both work full time. My partner goes home most lunch times to let them out for the toilet but some days he can't get home and they are fine left 0730-1700 if they have to be, I'm sure they just sleep all day.
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    Things found out hacking

    I see alot of deer, the occasional fox and far too much bloody litter! Nothing exciting unfortunately, but I don't do alot of road hacking or indeed routes that are known/easily accessible.
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    Things found out hacking

    This would honestly be either of my two mares! I'm sitting at my desk creased over in laughter at the sight of this!
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    'Silent' electric cars - will this be an issue out hacking?

    They are not 100% silent, admittedly the sound they make is alot quieter than a combustion engine but they still make a sound (Almost a whirring sound of the electric motors spinning). Initially I can imagine it causing some issues with horses as it's a new sound but I think long term the horse...
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    Best feed for weight gain?

    I only tried Baileys as a coincidence, our local carr's had some short dated stuff for sale a little cheaper and I gave it a go, difference was noticeable within a few days. Albeit it may have heated her up a little, she wasn't explosive in anyway.
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    Best feed for weight gain?

    I swear by Baileys Number 4, Calm and Condition and Micronised Linseed.
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    They've taken his mane off

    Both my mares have long manes and tails. They are heavy type, a Shire and a Belgian draft x Comtois (I think) and IMO they suit long manes/tails and in Bonnie's case long feather. When I bought Bonnie the mane was one of the things i really loved about her appearance, I was horrified to be told...
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    Horsey shop - Peterhead

    I'm up at Peterhead for my partner's Papa's funeral. Are there any decent horsey shops around as I have a few hours to burn tomorrow.
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    Phoenix Saddlery Walsall

    I thought that may be the case, do you know if anyone bought them out or are still making saddles in their style (primarily with a large space for the spine)
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    Phoenix Saddlery Walsall

    Does anyone know anything about this saddle maker? I'm struggling to find anything online...
  27. The Trooper

    Pictures Saddle suggestions, large shire horse

    Yeah the saddler I have used in the past carries second hand saddles, as does (I think) the one I am planning to use to fit Bonnie. My old saddler came out and said to use a thicker numnah as she didn't have any spare gullets with her for my Wintec breaking saddle - not good service imo and I am...
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    saddle fitter scottish borders

    Any more, up to date thoughts guys? So far have been looking at Cicely Jefferies, Alene at Stirlingshire and Lee Valley. Ideally I'm looking to have my current saddle adjusted, whether that is possible or not I don't know (Wooden tree). If needed I'll be looking to buy a second hand saddle.
  29. The Trooper

    Pictures Saddle suggestions, large shire horse

    Hey folks. Just looking for some suggestions as to what saddles to look at for my mare Bonnie. She is quite wide (XW) according to wintec gauge and has large shoulders (She is a shire after all). I'd really like to pick up a second hand Albion GP but I'm not sure if the cut would suit her or...
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    Treating feather mites

    Hey guys, Belle has presented with Feather mite symptoms, I have treated her with her first dose of Dectomax and will do another in around 10-14 days. I am also going to bin her bedding and disinfect her stable as well - my question is around this. When am I best to disinfect the stable? Now...