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    Lunging my excitable mare

    I would never ever use two lines with an excitable horse that’s bad mannered on the lunge it’s just to dangerous .
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    Potential loan horse having lameness issues

    The loan has not started the horse is lame I am not sure what the question is really A lame novice eventer is use to OP so she needs to move on .
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    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    That’s awful l am so sorry for you both . At least you know .
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    Fairfax breastplate

    Any one who rides cross country without something to keep the saddle forward in emergency is nuts .
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    Tug of War

    Silly boys , I had two who played with sticks I can only assume they learnt from the labradors
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    Feeding tips for dieting a fat pony!!!!

    I always have my dieting horses ( I have two atm on strict rations ) on a high quality balancer and a small amount of linseed . One of them Fatty has been one a diet most of his life he’s retired now I had him on a good but cheap supplement and changed him in April to a super dooper one I see a...
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    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    I agree with ihatework many horses respond to time in the right sort of field it’s unfashionable now just to turn away ,insurance has lead to a rush to treat and because we can do more we think we must . I would much prefer to have an answer before I turned away though . Turned away horses need...
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    Is my horse fat it or is it just her build

    I do think your horse is a little fat but it’s really hard to tell from that photo .
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    Vet advice for a push over Back/ KS/ Sacroiliac/ hind legs

    You need to go straight for referral and be clear that there’s only 5k in the pot if the lameness is multicausal diagnostics can run through that very quickly .
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    Albion Legend

    They where good saddles I had a GP one for years I really regret selling it .
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    Fairfax breastplate

    Honestly it’s fantastic there’s a real difference to how the horse jumps .
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    Dung beetles

    Wonderful little things since we stopped working regularly and went to FEC’s they are all over our place if you turn the dung over in summer . We stable after worming or use the small turnout squares and poo pick .
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    Rugging Mares and Foals

    It’s mad you do have to rug foals sometimes but it’s extremely dangerous to rug mares
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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    After my hip break in May I can’t see me going out and about again . But I think the young are still out and about as we where . I have a lovely rider riding mine to help me out atm the other day she drove to Yorkshire ( two hours ish ) had a lesson with Chris Bartle drove home sorted out her...
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    Failed vetting again

    All the horses on this yard passed that test The horse is bilaterally lame in front not good for a horse that is to jump
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    WHW and BHS

    Training has always been a very big part of what the BHS has done and it should be the training has been modernised in the last few years and it did need to be so expenditure is understandable a part it’s oldest objectives to provide a good training framework . The puppet is ridiculous that sort...
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    Lunging my excitable mare

    I start by keeping the horse close to me and asking it walk and halt from the voice . I only do this after turnout or ridden work there’s no point otherwise . I preserve until the horse works out that no matter what we are walking and halting I move with the horse round the school so we don’t go...
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    Bute trial and ulcer risk, how long?

    Been through all this not so long ago . The research shows that ulceration from short term use of Bute is extremely rare. However ulcers in horses who have pain symptoms are extremely common so if you then add Bute into the mix you may get a worsening of the ulcers . We always start a Bute trail...
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    WHW and BHS

    I am undecided what to do. I will remove the BHS from my will that’s decided they don’t deserve my money in event of my death the lorry the puppet the appointment of CE who don’t have the people skills necessary to succeed running a big volunteer led organisation . At its best that’s what the...
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    Straw pellets

    Thanks everyone all ideas very welcome .
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    Straw pellets

    Mmmmmm not sounding like the answer I won’t in any circumstances deep litter so I don’t think they would suit . He’s a big horse and boy does he pee . I wonder if easybed might work . I love the bed max for their feet it’s so good but it’s not great with him it’s so expensive I could easy add a...
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    Clodagh (the spaniel) home safe and well

    Elated would not cover it . I would cry for a fortnight .
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    Continual problems

    Camped under is a classic sign of suspensory problem in the hocks and that might explain the sore back as well .
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    Straw pellets

    Does anyone use them ? H is a very big wet horse and uses a lot of shavings in a week , I can get straw pellets easily and wondered if they might be better for him. How do you manage them ? I don’t deep litter btw . All information gratefully received I don’t think I have ever seen them in use .
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    Video Exciting Future plans....

    I know that area quite well and have been to the horse park many times . That sounds like a great week . The main stadium is amazing . Good luck with your preparation and I look forward to hearing how it goes .
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    Horse prices - groan

    They are but there are fewer competitor types and the good ones tend to sell fast and they are not that much cheaper . I would not except to find a young green uphill nice type of flat work horse at less than 10k round here .
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    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    I would do a bone scan
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    Riding and leading.....

    Have you got the rein from the near side threaded through the near side bit ring ? I teach them with a second person with a dressage whip ( on a horse if possible) who keeps them going if necessary . If you are supple and the horse you are riding is calm you can hold the whip in your right hand...
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    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    I don’t take on horses that young any more but when I did we would sometimes feed them in bits just a small amount of something nice . We would use the reins gently and reward the horse when it yielded generally we just gently worked on to ensure the horse was unworried by the bit .
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    ‘Biting’ a young horse

    I would use a loose ringed bit with an angels lozenge . I might move on to a cheeked bit in a while but I prefer a loose ring at first because the horse can move the mouth piece and I use a thin mouth piece . Before I bit the horse the first time I make sure it’s used to a brow band and I warm...