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  1. MrsMozart

    Pictures surprise matchy matchy

    Beautiful! What a lovely lady.
  2. MrsMozart


    I admire your guts :) Other people have offered good advice. We've sponsored people in the past. I would say one of the main things is providing the sponsor with what's been agreed, e.g. a an after show report within x days. The sponsors are running a business and handing over hard earned...
  3. MrsMozart

    Pictures Some photos from Sunday

    She is looking so good! Looks at ease, as do you lass :)
  4. MrsMozart

    My amazing little pony got a 9 today!

    How absolutely wonderful! You're both stars lass.
  5. MrsMozart

    Pictures I think he approves!

    Hope you have very many happy miles together :)
  6. MrsMozart

    A Day In The Life Of A Very Cold Work Rider!

    Oh my! What stunning pictures! Love your report as ever lass. I'm sending warming drying thoughts.
  7. MrsMozart

    Ed the ex-racer

    Oh sweetie. I'm sorry. The wet weather won't help (suspensories). Sending you love and hugs.
  8. MrsMozart

    New (ish) pup/dog: Pictures aplenty!

    So very cute :)
  9. MrsMozart

    Puppy 😍

    So much cutes!
  10. MrsMozart

    Do you have a plan?

    Scary times. I've done the taking my lorry to move horses who where about to be flooded out. That was a tad wet and stressful, but they were all saved so happy days. I will check with the YOs of the current horses as to what their plans are should the worst happen.
  11. MrsMozart

    A bit of light housework. How to make hoovering more fun

    Ooh! Tempted by the dog option - I knew the GSD would moult(!), but didn't expect quite so much from the Rotties...
  12. MrsMozart

    Act your age, you silly old gits!

    That's made me smile.
  13. MrsMozart

    Water overnight

    They always have two full trug buckets. Wouldn't leave them with any less.
  14. MrsMozart

    I've just got back from driving my pony!!

    What a cracker! So pleased for you lass.
  15. MrsMozart

    Leicester/nottingham people

    Thank you for the heads up. I hope they get their gear back! Horrible thing to happen.
  16. MrsMozart

    Surprise Christmas gift

    Oh Gusbear hugs to you. Restores faith in people for sure.
  17. MrsMozart

    I Think He Might Be Tired.

    Poor little t'ing. Give him a duvet and hot water bottle.
  18. MrsMozart

    Pictures To beard or not to beard...

    My DWB used to look like a cart horse in the winter :D We went the clipped route as she was worked six days a week.
  19. MrsMozart

    Life long nightmare riding fear realised today

    The colt wasn't your fault lass. No way. I hope you and your mare are okay.
  20. MrsMozart

    Horse box owners help!

    Make sure you're happy with the way the gearbox works, some go the opposite way to that which you might be used to. One friend used to used an airbed instead of a normal mattress. She took it out when not staying away, said it stopped it going mouldy.
  21. MrsMozart

    Starzaan’s glorious Badminton HHO dinner extravaganza!

    You're barking mad and wonderful all at the same time lass :D I'm not, currently, planning on going, but may yet be tempted...
  22. MrsMozart

    Horse box owners help!

    Spares of everything: headcollar lead rope girth stirrups and leathers tie hairnet and bobbles gloves And generally found to be useful stuff: coat hanger food (biscuits, pot noodles) water decent water container pens (including permanant marker) hairbrush mirror basic grooming kit boot pull...
  23. MrsMozart

    Why is it so hard to find an instructor?

    Nope. Not being too fussy. Seems odd that so many are saying take a tight hold. Maybe someone will be along here shortly to give an insightful answer.
  24. MrsMozart

    A tribute to our beloved Mo

    Beautiful tribute.
  25. MrsMozart

    Jonty Evans ....

    Very well done the lad.
  26. MrsMozart

    Should I buy her?

    No. ETA: As in No, wouldn't buy her. I've had two from the same age-ish. Lost both to lameness issues that couldn't be fixed and were only going to get much worse for each horse.
  27. MrsMozart

    You can give his feathers a trim, I said

    Oh! My! Gawd!!! Blinking well done for seeing the funny side m'duck. I think I'd've been spiting feathers...
  28. MrsMozart

    Dog walking and personal security

    Two Rotties and a GSD, so not really an issue. The fact that they'd all merely lick and ask for tummy tickles is academic. Admittedly I only walk two of them at a time, but any combination is likely to keep folk at bay from just a looks POV.
  29. MrsMozart

    Rice bran feeds: Saracen equi jewel or keyflow key-plus?

    I've used Equi-jewel and Releve with many different horses. Worked well at putting on weight and fed in small quantities.
  30. MrsMozart

    At 60 can I enter Arab showing classes and what else?

    Nothing useful in terms of rules etc., but Yay! for cracking on and enjoying the horse life :)