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  1. teddypops

    XC Fences changed after course walk

    Could it not have been the case that your daughter did actually go wrong? The last hunter trials I did, there was a dad going on about how his daughter walked the course and jumped the exact course she had walked and was numbered, but got eliminated for error of course. He was claiming the...
  2. teddypops

    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    I’m definitely competing less. I used to go somewhere most weekends but I have only been out once so far this year. I don’t like the hanging around and the poor attitude of a lot of fellow competitors.
  3. teddypops

    Having a long lie in- and having horses!

    Mine do this to me!😂
  4. teddypops

    Do you feed your veterans anything special?

    I have a 31yo and a 28yo, both in amazing condition. 28yo still in full work and no, I don’t feed them anything special. They get chaff, nuts and sugar beet in the winter only. I do soak the nuts for the 31yo as his teeth are smooth and a bit wobbly, so he finds it easier to eat them that way.
  5. teddypops

    Found stray dog... We might be having him!

    My Jack Russell does too!
  6. teddypops

    flu jabs.

    They need to have the first and second vaccinations which are a minimum of 21 days apart then 7 days after the second one, they are ok to be out competing, but check with venue.
  7. teddypops

    Brushing Teeth 🦷

    I brush my collie’s teeth as he has just had a dental op, so his teeth are lovely and clean and I want to try to keep them that way. He’s not keen though!
  8. teddypops

    Should I rug the ponies? Opinions please!

    It may be June and the summer but it is very wet, windy and chilly in places. Certainly colder and wetter with me than it was most of the winter.
  9. teddypops

    Should I rug the ponies? Opinions please!

    If your horse is cold and miserable, put a rug on it. If it’s not, don’t. It is clearly colder and more miserable elsewhere in the country and you can not treat every horse the same. The time of year is irrelevant, it’s the temperatures and weather conditions you need to go by. It’s colder and...
  10. teddypops

    You’re first horse

    Welsh Section C mare. I got her when we were both 6. Had to be pts age 33 as she started to struggle to get back up after lying down/ rolling.
  11. teddypops

    Washing rugs

    I don’t either. I had a couple that needed repairing so had to be washed and reproved professionally but they weren’t waterproof at all after that so I use them for indoors now.
  12. teddypops

    Should I rug the ponies? Opinions please!

    I put off rugging my lot but have given in this morning as they were all huddled in a corner, shivering and shaking and generally looking miserable. Put 200g rugs on and they have cheered right up! If yours are cold and unhappy put rugs on!
  13. teddypops

    Saddle fit and the young horse

    I use an adjustable saddle company saddle on my youngsters. I can then continue to use this or I sometimes get them a made to measure saddle once they are mature.
  14. teddypops

    Bhs stage 4 tacking up fail!

    I did my stage 2 about 30 years ago and I also had a couple of disagreements with examiner but she was more than happy to listen to my reasons and I was the only one to pass that day, everyone else just churned out the ‘correct’ answers! (Back then you were informed of your result on the day).
  15. teddypops

    'Silent' electric cars - will this be an issue out hacking?

    It’s not about that though. It’s about not hearing them coming and potentially not being able to get out of their way!
  16. teddypops

    Farrier issues...

    I think that it’s fair to charge for a refit. My farrier doesn’t if I have the shoe, £10 if I don’t, but he lives up the road and I’m one of his original customers and I have 8 ponies. However I don’t think it’s on to suddenly charge more without telling you.
  17. teddypops

    Found stray dog... We might be having him!

    I love him! Look at that little face!
  18. teddypops

    Do 80's have ditches & water combinations

    I’ve done unaffiliated 60 and 70 both which had water and ditches, so I would imagine that yes an 80 would have.
  19. teddypops

    I swore I wouldn't look at another Arab!

    I love Arabs. I had mine from age 6- 28 when he had to pts due to cancer. Anyone could ride him and he did a bit of everything. His only issue was loading.
  20. teddypops

    broken tush?

    Get the dentist!
  21. teddypops

    Found stray dog... We might be having him!

    Aw, hope it all works out!
  22. teddypops

    Best overreach boots for turnout

    I use the professionals choice neoprene ones. They very rarely come off. Any others I have to replace at least once daily!
  23. teddypops

    Advice please on leg injury and cartrophen

    It works well for arthritis in some horses.
  24. teddypops

    When do horses lose their winter woollies?

    Mine all have summer coats by the start of June.
  25. teddypops

    Why does it seem so odd to get chiro for dogs?

    Chiro shouldn’t be diagnosing anything! That is for a vet only (by law).
  26. teddypops

    Why does it seem so odd to get chiro for dogs?

    Change your vet. My vet was more than happy for my dog to be seen by a physio.
  27. teddypops

    2nd horse ? Should I get another?

  28. teddypops

    ‘Safety’ stirrup warning

    I actually thought it was 7 stone as they are designed for kids.
  29. teddypops

    Insurance cover for second opinions

    Yes, as long as you are covered for what you are claiming for and you are within the claim limit and time, it doesn’t matter what vet you use. Wouldn’t cover the same thing twice though, so 2nd vet would need to see all notes etc from 1st vet.