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  1. silv

    Queen Anne Legs, lets see them

    He looks like a real character!
  2. silv

    Hi just wondering here

    In my very late 20's I wasn't fortunate enough to have my own horse until then. Rode at a riding school from the age of 6 and during my teenage years was fortunate to be allowed to ride ponies owned by a local dealer.
  3. silv

    Queen Anne Legs, lets see them

    Following on from the other post, it seems that there are plenty around, just for fun lets see your dogs. I will start off with Wallace, he was a rescue 14 years ago, I have no idea of his breeding, some corgi and possibly pomeranian perhaps, but could be plenty of others he is quite unique...
  4. silv

    Horse prices - groan

    I think you are underestimating the price it costs to breed a decent horse, from the stud fee to production. Something that is ready to go elementary will have had a good few hours training put into it.
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    My thoughts entirely.
  6. silv

    Striped hooves - showing?!

    Same here, I think it looks awful and very unnatural. My mare is jet black and a county standard riding horse but I only use the clear oil as I think it looks so much better.
  7. silv

    Wildlife when out hacking

    I think they pick up on how flighty, fast and nervous deer can be.
  8. silv

    Found stray dog... We might be having him!

    What a wee darling, he looks like he will have a huge personality. I am sure he will bring you great happiness in years to come and vice versa. Look forward to lots of updates.
  9. silv

    Wildlife when out hacking

    Really miss seeing all the wildlife that the UK has. Here I see wild pigs, goats and quite often deer sometimes a few birds but that is about it. I was riding in Australia a few years back when on holiday and there were kangaroos jumping up the track in front of us which was cool.
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    I usually double net with two fine ones, looks better than one heavy one I think. Any chemist should stock them.
  11. silv

    What would you do?

    She is being totally unreasonable and is fortunate that you have put up with this selfish behavior for so long. I would just go in and if she says anything say you will try to keep away from her but its the only convenient time for you to ride. If she wants exclusive use she should be...
  12. silv

    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    Very sorry to read this, it is so unfair for this to happen, totally devastating for you. take care xx
  13. silv

    Competition Report - Henry goes XC

    Well done, sounds like you both really enjoyed your day.
  14. silv

    Travel boots issues

    Can't advise on travel boots as never use them, just wanted to say very nice horse!
  15. silv

    Head desk!

    Me too, poor wee pup, to my mind this is just cruelty.
  16. silv

    Foal Update.....

    She is just adorable, huge levels of cuteness.
  17. silv

    Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Such great news!
  18. silv

    Advice please . New rescue dog

    He is very handsome, sounds like he has landed on all four paws with you.
  19. silv

    What is this bit called and how harsh is it?

    My mare goes beautifully in this bit, you don't see many eggbuts these days. A Dr Bristol has a much bigger more square piece in the middle.
  20. silv

    Getting rid of rats without using poison

    I thought those sticky pads had been banned,due to being extremely cruel. I know rats are vile but still living creatures who should be disposed of humanely
  21. silv

    Advice please . New rescue dog

    Great, well done with him, would love to see his photo. What breed is he?
  22. silv

    So Proud of our Shagya Stallion

    Sounds like you did make the correct decision, well done, any photos?
  23. silv

    Video First 1.30 in the books!!!!

    What a great team the two of you are! You must be so pleased. The hunt class looks like great fun. What's next for you both?
  24. silv

    In-hand showing outfits.....Why so frumpy and 80s??!

    Me too, cannot believe how easily offended folk are, makes me wonder how they cope with daily life. (puts on tin hat)
  25. silv

    First time showing

    What height is she? That would help give an indication of what classes you could do.
  26. silv

    Ludo at big boys school second visit

    A great deal to like about him, when he fills out and gets stronger he will be fantastic, heaps of potential there. An exciting prospect for the future.
  27. silv

    Agitated mare

    She could well be grass affected, you mention the amount of grass growing at the moment. Have you tried giving her magnesium. Have a look at this site there is lots of information on it.
  28. silv

    Nightmare abcess. Help

    This, a few years ago I experienced this with my old horse, it went on all winter eventually, it burst out of his heel I think the time span was about 3 months from start to finish. A very stressful time for myself and painful for my horse.
  29. silv

    My heart has ruled my head!

    Good for you, I would have done the same in your situation. They both look like nice horses. I wonder what his story is? Look forward to hearing how he progresses.
  30. silv

    Do you give nicknames to your dogs??

    Yep always have, at the moment I have Twink- Twinky Mcwinky Panda - Pandarama Mcgregor -Mr Mcgregor Wallace - Wallace Pooha (he is of multiple mixed breeds and quite unusual, if anyone asks what he is we say he is Pooha Whimsy (one of my horses) The Whimsasaurus.