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    Pictures Our first cross country evening

    Looks like you had fun , lovely horse.
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    PhD Survey on Horse Health and Management in the U.K. and Ireland

    No time now will look later it will be easier to find by posting this.
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    Hunter or riding horse

    No help from me but a very handsome horse and fantastic results at the Cornwall Show.
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    Pictures All change here for me and Arlo. Hopefully for the better!

    Lovely looking horse and what a great teacher keeping it small and not frightening him will set him up for life.
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    Sleep Wagging (Restless Tail Syndrome -ha ha)

    I used to love watching my old dog dream which could involve tail wagging, legs running, nose twitching and talking.
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    Cinnabar moths: any point in introducing to control ragwort?

    Was identifying a moth this morning in our veggie garden and it is a cinnabar moth very pretty. We do not have ragwort but maybe our neighours do, I hope that it is now a moth it keeps to what the book says and drinks nectar and not our vegs. Love how a thread on H&H comes up for about...
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    Her Majesty's Cavalry

    Happened to see it by chance very interesting but yes also thought how they are taught to mount is so wrong. The cantering long before being ready also not great for the horses which were putting in a quite a few bucks. Health and safety not an issue with the army I guess! Would love to see them...
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    Pictures Updates: The spotted sports cob and the sockmonster!

    Two beautiful horses, extra love for the one that has been walking through a river of white paint!
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    Canter is too exciting... thoughts?

    Very interesting replies and I guess I would have said more on the lines that W&R above said. My horse is very lazy in canter in the school and to pep her up I do lots of very short canters which makes her excited. So I think what that shows that every horse is different and you have to find...
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    Foal Update.....

    Another one that missed the is she isn't she posts but love your update. That is one very cute foal, love how proud your stepson is holding them. Look forward to seeing Pheobe grow.
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    Let’s find a horse for SLH

    I like the ConxCob one if I was looking.
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    Pictures Over 70% for ponies first ever dressage test!!

    Wow she looks a different horse you have done a beautiful job well done with result.
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    Video Flying high (and really wide!) into the weekend

    Great still picture that is some jump hope you have a great week with him.
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    Anyone got/had an Ardennes cross?

    Bless him sounds like he has had a lot going on in a short time. When he grows in to his backside he will be a big boy but I also was expecting something like SELs boy.
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    tail bandage in field

    Sweetitch rug or any sweetitch potion no to tail bandage.
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    Dressage Which Intro?

    I would have a go at both I have just started going out and doing a bit and two tests are fine at this level. A does have quite a lot happening I have not done C yet as do not have the sheet. I am also dipping in to prelims so I do one intro & one prelim so I feel more relaxed before I need to...
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    Bottom (of a cook) Appreciation Thread.

    That is one clever horse greymane!
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    2 years (and because I can finally post pictures again)

    Great to see the change, her neck is so much nicer now and much more muscle and yes that tail is SO much cleaner.
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    Pictures Show off

    Beautiful pony and that tail is just lush, I love how he uses it like the cheerleaders at an American football game.
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    Anyone NOT sick of horse hunting & wanting to find another? Pretty please?

    There could well be Ester as it was nearly 20 years ago we saw the sale ring bust up. Also you have the correct problem of the quarter horse the HYPP which they likened to having epilepse when explaining it to us. With out goggling is PSSM the same or simular ?
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    Anyone NOT sick of horse hunting & wanting to find another? Pretty please?

    One you like seems quite a good chose. Just make sure there is no Impressive in the quarter horse side it was an eye opener to us to nearly see a punch up in a sale room as the hammer went down on a horse that someone stood up and said but it has Impressive in it. It was resold there and than...
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    Eeeek shocker of a day at Calmsden!

    Oh such a shame for you but glad no real harm was done. Even the pro's have bad days so hopefully when you get home and pop a few jumps you will be back out again.
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    Pictures Filly’s first week

    Beautiful horse so glad she is settling in so well.
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    Why do you compete?

    I have lessons to keep me in check to ride my 19 year old horse correctly so she will last for several more years for my long hacks. I have started low level dressage to complement the lessons and to stave of dementia by learning tests as I am no spring chicken. It has been helped by getting...
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    Big jump day in the USA

    Wow they have come on so much and your body control is fantastic you make it look all so smooth.
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    Kissing Gates and horses

    A proper self closing gate are not on springs and work well and or double gate it with a small pen area is how we always did it.
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    Suddenly scared of poles again

    I am so glad to hear it is not just my mare I do not jump but like to do poles and she used to event with someone else but you would think that she has never seen a pole on the ground . She is well in herself and though older I have no reason to think it is pain related and like your mare once...
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    Pictures Think she is moulting

    Never mind wind & rain it has been snowing at your place.
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    And we now have videos from the clinic with Jimmy Wofford :)

    Great videos both look like they enjoy their jumping and have plenty of scope just a bit of refining to do. Good tip from D66 to check for wolf teeth.
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    What do you tow with?

    Discovery 4 which is great and even better now I have learnt how to use it! Towing in sport mode gives a lovely ride I would never have thought to use sport but have been on the Land Rover experience day and got a lot of tips to towing with an automatic.