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  1. Sleighfarer

    Horse and Hound Columnist

    I'm glad it's not just me who dislikes this column. I think it is meant to be self-deprecating and amusing but she's not a clever enough writer to pull it off. It's astonishing that she's been given such a prime spot.
  2. Sleighfarer

    Horses in central London

    I rode on a Tuesday. Tonjah was the little chestnut I was thinking of. I remember Quaver - I've got a photo of her somewhere. She was in foal but nobody notice until the foal appeared one night lol.
  3. Sleighfarer

    Horses in central London

    Loved Merilyn. The lemon and white mare would have been April, I think.
  4. Sleighfarer

    Horses in central London

    I started there in summer 1988. I remember poor Warwick - he'd been in an accident and couldn't be ridden by the time I met him. The horses were going up to the Hollows and were hit by a van, I think. I rode Merilyn a lot and another little chestnut Arab but can't remember his name - was that...
  5. Sleighfarer

    Horses in central London

    I used to ride at Snaresbrook back in the late 80s. I think it was on its last legs by the time I was going there. I'd moved to London from Scotland thinking my riding days were over, and couldn't believe there was a school just one tube stop away!
  6. Sleighfarer

    Am i a bit mad?!! Talk to me about poodles!

    The intelligence of poodles is well documented. They normally come second behind collies in tests. They were quite popular when I was a child and the two in my immediate circle were super. They were very alert and had guarding instincts too. I've always been a bit bemused by the fact that their...
  7. Sleighfarer

    Cat (bengal) scratching carpet

    Are there particular spots where she always scratches? We once had a cat who scratched in the same place all the time and my dad cut a square of carpet from the original carpet that had been left over. We put the square on top of the actual carpet and it completely foxed the cat, who carried on...
  8. Sleighfarer

    BBC news - livestock dog attacks

    These entitled people are everywhere. My friend was riding round the edges of a field she rides in most days when a woman appeared with two lurchers. The lurchers ran straight at her at full pelt. Friend's horse is pretty steady, but she pointed out to the owner that the dogs could easily have...
  9. Sleighfarer

    Advice on sharing dogs with an ex

    I have a friend who got a dog with her previous partner, so very much a joint thing. When they split up they decided dog would live with his mum, who was staying in the house they had together, but would go to his dad every second weekend. I must say I had my doubts about this, but seven years...
  10. Sleighfarer

    Pony burgers at farmers market

    What am I missing here? I thought it was illegal to sell horsemeat in the UK? How come I have never seen it anywhere?
  11. Sleighfarer

    How likely is it that Charlotte Dujardin competes at the WEG?

    I was there for that, too, and was so impressed with the freestyle. She makes me laugh because all the other riders flash a smile at the judges in the Audis as they come in, but Charlotte sort of smiles without actually looking at them so she doesn't lose any vital nano-seconds of concentration...
  12. Sleighfarer

    How likely is it that Charlotte Dujardin competes at the WEG?

    As far as I know she doesn't have any GP horses, but seems to have lots of young horses, some of whom are hovering near the top level. When I went to the Nationals last year she was riding in a lot of classes. If I remember rightly she had 11 horses there, at all levels. I enjoyed watching her...
  13. Sleighfarer

    Derriere performance padded panty - female

    I love my derrieres, but the padding does go down over time.
  14. Sleighfarer

    Utopia to be sold at Auction with no reserve..

    Carl has now confirmed in a tweet that he was unable to secure Uthopia, but is still hoping for a positive outcome. I presume this means for the horse to stay at his yard.
  15. Sleighfarer

    Utopia to be sold at Auction with no reserve..

    Although I take Alice's points on the economics of it, the sort of people who will want to buy him don't have to worry too much about that. It's nice of H&H to do its bit trying to put buyers off, but a market is a market. If I were a Russian oligarch or Chinese billionaire wanting to propel my...
  16. Sleighfarer

    Royal Windsor dressage

    Is it my imagination or has the day for the GP dressage been changed? A couple of weeks ago I could have sworn it was on the Thursday, starting in the early evening - so much so that I booked the day off work for it. I just went to the website to book a ticket and to my great surprise there...
  17. Sleighfarer

    Utopia to be sold at Auction with no reserve..

    But isn't that exactly what is going to happen? He's not going to be sold at a horse auction - he is going to be sold along with the sports cars and trinkets, to the highest bidder..
  18. Sleighfarer

    A.P.McCoy, the documentary.

    That looks terrific. I see it is being shown at the Toronto film festival, which is probably a bit far too travel ...
  19. Sleighfarer

    Horse and Hound lost the plot?

    In the same issue of H&H there is a cover line about Jo Hamilton, the dressage rider, who recently sustained a brain injury falling in the school. She was wearing a hat, but the injuries would have been worse without it. As it is, she was in hospital for nine weeks and is still unable to ride.
  20. Sleighfarer

    Why dont instructors like giving lunge lessons?

    Whereabouts are you OP? My instructor never goes anywhere without her lunge line ...
  21. Sleighfarer

    aberdeenshire/peterhead people

    He's still around, I think, but in the southwest of Scotland now. I used to have lessons with him and thought he was a gifted teacher, as was his wife Eleanor.
  22. Sleighfarer

    aberdeenshire/peterhead people

    Was it Roger Taylor, who owned the place at Whiterashes? Grove it was called.
  23. Sleighfarer

    Still waiting for Olympia tickets to arrive

    I've got them! They arrived today :-)
  24. Sleighfarer

    Still waiting for Olympia tickets to arrive

    They are supposedly in the queue for sending out.
  25. Sleighfarer

    Still waiting for Olympia tickets to arrive

    Thanks, SBTCT. The site is saying 66% of tickets have been sent out, up from less than 50% yesterday ... so something is happening.
  26. Sleighfarer

    Still waiting for Olympia tickets to arrive

    Thanks, folks. I was going to give them one more day. When I put my booking reference in i get a message saying not to worry, my tickets are in the sending out queue, but it is cutting it fine. Feel slightly better that I am not the only one, though.
  27. Sleighfarer

    Still waiting for Olympia tickets to arrive

    Is anyone else still waiting for Olympia tickets to arrive? I am going Tues and Weds. The Weds ones arrived weeks ago but no sign of the Tues ones. I checked on the Seetickets site and it says about 50% of the tickets for Tues are still to be sent out. That seems to be cutting it a bit fine...
  28. Sleighfarer

    RSPCA with out photos

    I was just about to post saying exactly what Alec has said about the dogs in question. It's all a bit of a puzzle and I too will be most interested to hear the evidence of the RSPCA. I am also a little confused because the report posted by Fiona doesn't actually mention dog fighting - it...
  29. Sleighfarer

    Dangerous Dogs Act

    I take the points you are making, but in the cases of the 30 or so people killed by dogs since 2006 the dogs have overwhelmingly been large breeds, mainly Rottweilers, bull breeds or mastiff types, though an 8-day-old baby did die after being bitten by a Jack Russell.
  30. Sleighfarer

    Bogus rescue

    If this is the rescue I think it is, the owners will take legal action against such assertions, though they have in the past said their books are open for inspection. I don't really see what the problem is - they are not pretending to be a charity.