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  1. Coblover63

    Lucinda Green - fall?

    Just seen on Lissa's IG page that her mum had some kind of fall on Saturday. Does anyone know what happened? Lucinda is my absolute XC idol ( as well as Mary, of course!)
  2. Coblover63

    Counting Poo's

    I have a 16hh Clydesdale X and a 12hh year-long filly who live out, rugless, on 3 and a quarter acres. The grass is growing well but their preferred eating areas are short. I have a pen where I have stored hay over winter which has a bit of grass, so I know the grass is growing well... it's...
  3. Coblover63

    Wide Foot/Thin Leg Long Boots?

    I have a slim friend who is looking for a pair of tall, smart leather riding boots with a zip up the back. She has thin calves but wider than average feet. Like me, she's no spring chicken so she's also of an age where comfort is paramount. She tried on a pair of Ariats today but they were...
  4. Coblover63

    Position in Jump Saddle for Hacking

    I have a short-backed traditional cob mare and long thigh bones so I have just had a jump saddle custom built for her as although we are never going to set the world on fire, we like to do a bit of everything and I was told "you can do dressage in a jump saddle but you can't jump in dressage...
  5. Coblover63

    Anyone built a field shelter on skids?

    My husband is pretty good at DIY and has offered to build me a field shelter instead of us buying one. It will be properly constructed and on skids and lined with kick boards etc. I just wondered if anyone else has built one and what the costs worked out to be, compared to an average four...
  6. Coblover63

    Aldi Horse Rugs

    Aldi are selling equestrian stuff again next Sunday and including horse rugs again. I had one of their stable rugs last time which fits my cob well but I wondered if anyone tried their turnouts and what they thought for the money? Thanks
  7. Coblover63

    Horseflies. Anyone else stop riding?

    I'm one of the ones that's allergic to horseflies. Not hospitalisation but the big, red angry, hot, hard, itchy reactions. I take a daily antihistimine anyway, plus all the usual stuff that your read about (Afterbite, hairdryer, etc). I wear a baggy shirt and wide-leg linen trousers over my...
  8. Coblover63

    Stud Hole size?

    Having shoes with stud holes put on my mare on Weds for the first time but my farrier has told me to bring some studs to make sure the holes are the right size! Are the threads of studs not all a standard size then?
  9. Coblover63

    For PPID Horses that won't eat Prascend....

    Our Clydesdale X won't eat Prascend when there is grass. He has got wise to all hand-fed treats and won't touch bucket feed until there is no grass so hubby and I were resigned to him not being medicated every summer. He's 19, retired and only on half a pill a day. A while back I saw on the...
  10. Coblover63

    Who else is ill or injured at the mo?

    Been feeling a bit rough for about a month and finally went to the docs last week for a blood test. Things went really downhill last Thursday so hubby dragged me back to the docs yesterday and after a chest xray it turns out I have pneumonia in my right lung. Oops. Not ill enough to need...
  11. Coblover63

    You CAN Overcome Fear...

    I came off my pony jumping when I was 19 and it scared me. I then sold him at 21 to get a mortgage, get married and have a family. 21 years later, kids grown up, divorced and remarried, I came back to horses in 2005. My jumping fear festered for all that time. 18 months ago, I sold the 7yo...
  12. Coblover63

    Which XXW Saddles do you have on your cobs?

    Bought my traditional mare last year as 8 but she was actually rising 7 and has continued to grow in her shoulder area. We've started with a MW fixed saddle but have just progressed from an older XW (widest in that range) Monarch to a Kent & Masters Flat Back GP with a XXW silver (again, the...
  13. Coblover63

    At the age of 54.....

    ....(rising 55 actually!) it possible to tone up and strengthen my core muscles? My husband bluntly told me I'm rising to the trot like a sack of old spuds (and yes, we're still speaking because he knows I'd want to know). Surprisingly, no instrctor has even been tactful enough to have a...
  14. Coblover63

    Kissing Spines, a question....

    Do horses develop KS or is it something that they are intrinsically born with? Could a horse in his teens (regular work, good rider-owner, varied exercise) suddenly develop it after years of no problems? Thanks
  15. Coblover63

    Kent & Masters Square Cantles?

    Can anyone tell me because it is hard to see from the photos on their website, but do the Kent & Masters saddles in the "S" range all have a square cantle? I need a K&M square cantle but I want a standard GP with decent knee rolls and not the cob-style which has a straighter flap. I can ring...
  16. Coblover63

    Which saddles have curved trees?

    .....please? Current saddle (GFS Monarch) is too flat for her and bridges. She's a XW traditional cob so I'm just looking for a nice, second-hand, GP leather alternative that has a more curved tree. If it has a comfy seat for my bum, all the better, but it is more important that it fits her...
  17. Coblover63

    Show me your Christmas fancy dress....

    Got a fun get together at the weekend and whilst my outfit is sorted, I'm looking for inspiration for my mare. Tinsellation pics please.....
  18. Coblover63

    Difference between "Multi" and "Comp" Micklem?

    I just wondered if someone's could tell me the difference between the Micklem Multi-bridle and the Micklem Competition bridle, please? I can see that the deluxe competition bridle has a diamante browband but both the aforementioned ones have plain, so I wondered what the actual differences...
  19. Coblover63

    Anyone seen their 1st horse fly yet?

    Severely allergic so on standby to take my usual precautions. None seen in South Shropshire yet.... but I'm sure we are only talking days :(
  20. Coblover63

    Keith Bryan "Pathfinder" Endurance Saddle

    Does anyone know anything about these saddles, please? If so could you PM me? I have one to value and sell but I have no idea what their reputation is, so any advice or info would be greatly aporeciated. Google doesn't help in this instance so I'm clueless. Thank you.
  21. Coblover63

    Help me find......

    Borrowed a Mickleham from a friend and it had the most gorgeous reins on it. Instead of rubber they had soft leather over webbing. I asked her where she got them/ who makes them and she can't remember (but did agree that they are wonderful!) Has anyone else got these? Can you enlighten me...
  22. Coblover63

    NLP for Jumping Confidence?

    Hi, I wondered if anyone has had NLP for some kind of riding confidence boost? In all honesty I'm a bit of a doubter of "therapies" but I have had a bit of a jumping phobia for many years and I now have the most amazing new little cob mare so I'd like to make a start at conquering my fears...
  23. Coblover63

    Why do haylage nets have small holes?

    I've used them with hay to try to slow a greedy cob (although I now read that smaller holes doesn't slow them down significantly anyway) I just wondered WHY haylage nets have small holes and haynets have big ones? Google isn't helping me with this one. Does anyone actually know why each...
  24. Coblover63

    Failed castration.....mistaken testicle!

    Had the vet out this morning to castrate my colt. When he gave him his tetanus jabs a couple of months ago I asked him to check whether he had "dropped" and he had a feel around and found two small ones. Colt is very gentle and docile but a day after booking his op last week he started...
  25. Coblover63

    Feeding a Fussy Cushings Poor Doer?

    Just starting to think about winter and how to manage our fussy Clydie X poor-doer who was diagnosed with Cushings a year ago. Thankfully he had never had laminitis, or shown any signs of it (farrier confirms thus every time he comes) but I'm not getting complacent as I know it can come out of...
  26. Coblover63

    Jackie Roberts Sale

    Just to let you know that the annual sale started yesterday, until 30th. Bargains galore with 10% off in the shop and 20% off all Ariat.
  27. Coblover63

    Can horses have off days?

    I've had my traditional since he was 11 months old and he is 7 now. He's a friendly and placid chap and I love him dearly - he's my pony of a lifetime, my "one". I've done all sorts with him and broke him to drive earlier this year, which he took to like a duck to water. I'm a happy hacker...
  28. Coblover63

    What is "Downplating"??? What does it mean?

    Sorry to be such an ignoramus but I see the word "downplating" a fair bit in relation to trailers, lorries and towing, but I have no idea what it means. Could someone please enlighten me? Many thanks.
  29. Coblover63

    Burwarton Show

    Anyone going? My boy is in the in-hand cob class after lunch.... our first "big" show....I'm a tad nervous! I'll be the one in the ring that looks like a rabbit caught in headlights!!!!
  30. Coblover63

    Anyone had NLP for confidence issues?

    Whilst I'm generally a happy- hacker, solo or in company, I have phobias about jumping and being watched when I ride, which is why I only do in-hand showing with my boy! I'd love to know if anyone has had success with NLP as Fit2Ride hold a one-day, unmounted confidence building session on a...