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  1. GreyMane

    Dental problems in greyhounds

    Just saw this: "Bad teeth revealed as biggest problem for pet greyhounds" - University of Bristol A relative has a 13 year old lurcher cross who has bad teeth, coincidentally (no pun intended) Do people clean their dogs' teeth? And how do you train them to tolerate this?
  2. GreyMane

    Hobby horses + felted animals

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but; crafty corner... please feel free to add horse/animal art/craft work you have admired Just saw these very nice hobby horses online. Great work Lynne. I love that the sticks are short "especially for jumping" ! :)...
  3. GreyMane

    "Listening to the horse" free online - 7 episodes This is being advertised as free to view - Feb 27 to March 5th - with each episode available for 24 hours. the blurb says: "IF HORSES COULD TALK, WHAT WOULD THEY SAY? Join award-winning Irish film-maker Elaine Heney, as she explores this question in interviews with...
  4. GreyMane

    Horses on the screen

    What are your favourite horsey films or TV programmes, or memorable (good or not) moments? Some of mine: TV: Black Beauty... Follyfoot... Champion the Won-der Horse... White Horses! ahh, that theme tune. Fillums: - "The Missionary" with Michael Palin; in which his character is seen arriving...
  5. GreyMane

    Hello from SW newbie

    Just wanted to say hello, from the north of the south west.