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  1. KarynK

    Manchester and cheshire dogs home

    Has anyone had any dealings with them? Or does anyone know anyone who works or worked there?
  2. KarynK

    We are so very lucky here in this country

    There is more on the Facebook Page, be warned there is a harrowing picture on there, but this had me in tears at the stupidity of this police officer.
  3. KarynK

    Breeding to/from Appaloosas, Quarter Horses and related breeds

    I posted a similar thread last year so here is the gist of it again. The dominant gene causing Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) has been confirmed in a number of horses in the UK. Sadly one mare with the problem had very severe symptoms indeed and despite every effort on the part of her...
  4. KarynK

    Forever Home Needed

    This poor boy has found his way into a dogs home can any active dog person help. Happy to give you the low down on the breed, they are generally not for novices but are very intelligent loyal and love to do things with you, they are good at agility obedience and trials and are much less manic...
  5. KarynK

    Warning about sugar substitutes
  6. KarynK

    Riders have your say on Forests!

    Forestry Panel opens its doors for views on forests and woods and announces forest visits "The Independent Panel on Forestry is inviting everyone interested in forests and woods to come forward, share their views and join in a public conversation. In order to advise government on the...
  7. KarynK

    Interesting Worming Articles

    Ivermectin and foals A true count of tapeworm infestation without blood testing becoming an amateur sleuth !! PS hands off the microscope I am...
  8. KarynK

    Forests still under threat

    The latest from H&H on this issue, It appears that there has been a select few hand picked to decide the future of of all our forests whoever by and however they are managed. Potential users are VERY poorly represented on the...
  9. KarynK

    Breeding to/from Appaloosas, Quarter Horses and related breeds

    Over the last week there has been some very sad news for breeders in the UK. The dominant gene causing Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) has been confirmed and suspected in a number of horses. I have had some long conversations with a very good friend of mine who had the devastating...
  10. KarynK

    Use of whip in racing study results

    I found this a very interesting read
  11. KarynK

    More threats to our forests through the back door!!
  12. KarynK

    Forest sell off latest I appreciate that in some places the FC have done themselves no favours, but the sell off to private hands is not the answer. Please consider supporting the campaign to stop the sell off to private ownership because we will...
  13. KarynK

    Price of Cushings Medication

  14. KarynK

    A late christmas card for CC and the GSD Mafia

    Here's Nic Nic on the sled for you !!! Bit of a Spoiler for the GSD Mag as well!! An in the recent snow!!
  15. KarynK

    Overdoing it at Christmas Doggy Style!!

    The cattle dogs met their match yesterday, they even left some of their Turkey till Boxing Day!!
  16. KarynK

    Zenyatta makes it 18 out of 18!
  17. KarynK

    Help with TB pedigree research & photos

    I don?t know if anyone can help, just putting the final touches to my look at TB back pedigrees of TB?s born all white and I have a horse where I can?t establish the registered colour of one of the parents to rule them in or out of the study. The horses I need to find the registered colour...
  18. KarynK

    Breeding Survey 2010

    For those that missed this earlier in the year, as for some reason it has not been stickied. I am doing a survey on aspects of breeding and foaling. At the end of the breeding season I will analyse the data and look at the results and comment on interesting trends and points that arise from...
  19. KarynK

    Raw Diet Suppliers

    Got dragged kicking and screaming to a dog show yesterday by Sis (well not screaming and I did quite enjoy it as I got to watch some cattle dogs and do some shopping) Whilst pounding the lines of trade stands I came across a supplier that will mail conveniently packed Human Grade raw food...
  20. KarynK

    White Thoroughbred Origins

    Bit of trivia, following on from the recent white TB post I have gone back through the pedigrees of four white thoroughbreds, two of which are from identified Dominant White mutations. These are Puchilingui, Yuki Chan, The Bride and White Beauty (grandam of Patchen Beauty). None of them are...
  21. KarynK

    Bit more light-hearted Swallows arrive home yesterday!

    Amazing little birds, my swallows arrived back in Hampshire yesterday, I heard that distinctive chirping and saw them swooping around, they have again timed it to perfection as the midges appeared and they are already courting and looking in the stables, so the first batch won't be too far off...
  22. KarynK

    Dog Ban in Public Parks

    Just heard that in Newark the council is banning Dogs from ALL it's public parks, I suspect that this will be taken up elsewhere if we are not careful!!!!
  23. KarynK

    2010 Breeding Survey

    Right we are all up and running with a few minor adjustments so those who are kindly wishing to participate please can you send an email to I will then send you a copy of the spreadsheet to fill in, If you are putting a mare in foal in 2010 that was either barren...
  24. KarynK

    Zenyatta makes it 16 out of 16

    She took the $500,000 Apple Blossom Invitational (gr. I), in a canter and was enjoying every minute of it, made the opposition look a bit like another breed! This takes her level with the record held by Cigar and Triple Crown winner Citation...
  25. KarynK

    Breeding Survey

    Prompted by the seasonal questions of when do you think she will foal etc. It occurred to me that all the books containing foaling statistics, average gestations, foaling times etc are all some years old and based on figures from the Thoroughbred industry. I Thought it might be interesting...
  26. KarynK

    Organic Fertilizer

  27. KarynK

    Organic Fertilizer

  28. KarynK

    Credit Cad SCAM Please read and be aware

    This has been circulated by WILTSHIRE POLICE I have checked and this one is real! Swindon Crime Reduction Department Hi all...
  29. KarynK

    New hope for laminitcs

    Stem cell therapy used to treat chronic severe laminitis successfully
  30. KarynK

    Possible Zenyatta showdown with Rachel

    Some BIG money is on the table for Zenyatta to Take on Rachel Alexander in the Apple Blossom Invitational at Oaklawn Park on April 3rd. Both sets of connections are said to be keen and if both mares contest the prize money will be $5 million! Certainly one worth watching...