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  1. Blanche

    Your recent dog-ventures - let's see your pictures :D

    Has Millie got a wonky nose or is she just having an extra good sniff at the goodies? I'm another that doesn't give treats. I have bought them in the past, shoved them in a cupboard and then forgotten about them. It's not that I'm mean I just don't think to do it.
  2. Blanche

    Horse leg fracture

    So glad your mare recovered. I didn't see this thread when you put it up last year but will put my story of a broken leg on here now. I will just mention that this was the early eighties so some things may be a bit hazy. The horse was a yearling colt and he broke his hock in various places. At...
  3. Blanche

    FGS pony!

    This pony would drive you insane. There was a video of the owner trying to get it out of bed but I can't find it at the moment.
  4. Blanche

    Who was the first to try out the new sofa

    I would love to that photo Penny Less if you feel able to share it.
  5. Blanche

    Look what popped up... from the same rescue as Millie on her owniversary.....

    I love his ears. You have two black ones already, you won't notice a third!o_O
  6. Blanche

    2 years ago today.... and it was ALL Blanche’s fault πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Aunty Dishcloth- what a great name :D, I wish my nephews and nieces had such a great name for me. Love it. Oh go on DabDab, you know you want to!;) I love enabling everyone, I am living vicariously through you all at the mo.
  7. Blanche

    2 years ago today.... and it was ALL Blanche’s fault πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I do apologize.;) I can't believe it has been two years though, doesn't time fly when you're having fun! And there I am in another thread pointing out Frank the lurcher to you.:oops:
  8. Blanche

    Found stray dog... We might be having him!

    Fingers crossed for you. Poor dog being turfed out like that. There was a sad story on a local rescue page about a dog that was returned for a stupid reason. People are such arseholes at times. <iframe...
  9. Blanche

    Things found out hacking

    I was out hacking many moons ago and had a girl with me, maybe 14. A car went past and the man had his trousers round his knees and he was 'pleasuring' himself. A few minutes later he came back past with his trousers back up having obviously 'finished'. I do remember the oily smirk on his face...
  10. Blanche

    Friendly advice needed please!! Puppy pics****

    Google Kong recipes and you will be spoilt for choice. Freezing them makes them last longer. And do check peanut butter is safe for dogs if you are using it.
  11. Blanche

    How do you secure your dog in the car.... These. The prices are high but so is vet treatment after an accident. I know of one dally that escaped from a car after they were rear ended on the motorway. She was then hit by two different cars, she did survive but has had numerous plates and operations. She is...
  12. Blanche

    Would you restrict her exercise at all?

    I have never been a ball thrower and now I have a reason not to. When I had collies I didn't want them to end up like some of the neurotic town collies I had seen, plus they had enough off lead exercise. When I got dallies they were not impressed at all by that lark. With my first dallie I...
  13. Blanche

    What is it with big and little equines?

    This little pony seems to scare a lot of horses, I think he is an Icelandic.
  14. Blanche

    Just lost my boy to laminitis

    I'm so sorry, hugs to you. RIP Finn.
  15. Blanche

    Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    A cat local to me has number three on this list and it seems to be quite good. It was at the end of my garden and its collar started beeping and flashing. My house is quite deep and they were on the lane so it has a bit of range. Whether you would hear it if he was in the middle of a wood I'm...
  16. Blanche

    Getting a cat to use a cat flap....

    I have used the posting through both sides and that always seems to do the trick and the ex ferals just copy everyone else. I would perhaps try opening a tin of really smelly human fish( or whatever she likes), let her smell it, post her outside, put your hand through the cat flap with the...
  17. Blanche

    RIP fat cat

    RIP Felix and big hugs to you.
  18. Blanche

    Please help - getting really p'd off!

    Re the barbed wire, op could say that its is to keep the horses in the field if they get through the fence that holds them back from the gate. After all op has an obligation to keep her stock contained.
  19. Blanche

    Mast cell tumour advice please

    I have nothing to add to your list but wish you the best of luck with this.
  20. Blanche

    Working beardies

    WE had one many, many moons ago. Mother was the beardie, dad the border and both worked. His coat was a nightmare to look after on a farm, he took more to the beardie side. My friend had a pure beardie and she stayed with me for two weeks while they went on holiday. The day before they came back...
  21. Blanche

    WWYD? Feeling deflated

    I would retire him. If that didn't work out for him with lami etc I would pts.
  22. Blanche

    Arlo, is there a reasonable explanation for sightings?

    I can't give any explanation as to why he may be only seen on those days. I would try and get a wildlife camera and set it up where he has been seen on the days he is seen. If nothing else you will, hopefully, be able to say whether or not it is your cat. I would also get a bigger trap. Cat...
  23. Blanche

    Our dog, Spot - A Tribute

    RIP Spot and big hugs to you.
  24. Blanche

    Zoomies for sighthounds....

    The videos don't work for me but I can just imagine the mad time they had. I pass a dog field near Newnham Bridge and I always hope to see a dog having a great time but I never do.:(
  25. Blanche

    Irish Draught vs Cleveland Bay

    I would have to say Cleveland bay all the way. Have ridden a lot, probably forty plus, mares, stallions and only one gelding. Most I backed and rode away myself and they were all forward going and NOT nappy or stubborn. They have a great sense of self preservation like mules and I think this is...
  26. Blanche

    I have to sell my pony

    I'm so very sorry to hear this. What a overwhelming time for you. There is so much info here but I can see it will be hard to see the wood for the trees at the moment. I would get all the help you can to deal with your boss at tribunal, harness all your anger, bitterness, sadness, frustration...
  27. Blanche

    Does anybody know of a riding simulator in the West Midlands?

    I didn't realise the mechanical horse wasn't in Droitwich. I was told by someone that she had the mechanical horse there. Sorry OP for relaying false info.Ruins my plans for popping down the road for a go.
  28. Blanche

    Does anybody know of a riding simulator in the West Midlands? This woman is in Droitwich. I haven't been but hope to in the future.
  29. Blanche

    Cats and tablets

    I have a way that I give tablets and I hope I can explain clearly. I kneel on the floor and sit on my heels. I put the cat between my legs with the head facing out. You close your legs on the cat and sort of sit on the cat ( you obviously don’t put any weight on them). You then shove the tablet...