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    Horse wormers, manure and dogs

    I read (on here somewhere) about not letting dogs eat horse manure because horse wormers are toxic to dogs. A number of the horses on the yard where I keep my mare have recently been wormed. I was planning to pick up some manure for the allotment from the yard but then thought of our dog - we do...
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    Introducing Blue

    So here's Blue, he joined us at the end of January (it's taken me this long to work out how to put photos on here!) He came from a friend of Clodagh. He's very happy here, wags his tail, raids the garden for windfall apples and found his way to the biscuit cupboard very quickly.
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    The importing rescue dogs question

    I know this has been discussed a lot on here, but thought I'd share this link anyway:
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    Couldn't resist sharing this link
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    Couldn't resist sharing this..
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    Trying not to get too excited...

    ... but OH and I are planning to go on Monday to meet this little fellow, if he's still up for adoption. Feeling excited and nervous all at the same time!
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    Animals in need, Northants

    Has anyone rehomed a dog from Animals in Need, Little Irchester? OH has agreed to us having another dog (!!! yippee!!!) and I've looked at the Animals in Need website (mainly because I picked up one of their flyers at an event yesterday). Just wondered if anyone had any experiences of them...
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    Eventing team for WEG announced.
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    Charlotte Dujardin is in the Guardian
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    Homeless people and their dogs in shelters

    After our old terrier died at the end of December, I said I was thinking that while we were between dogs, we might foster homeless people's dogs to enable them (the homeless people, not the dogs) to access winter shelters and all the associated help. Heard today that I won't be able to do that -...
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    Out of hours vets

    I found this article online the other day. Would be interested in people's thoughts on it. Vets Now are the people we took our Parsons too in the small hours of the morning last month and it was expensive, but they...
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    Lost our old Parson Russell terrier this morning

    As the title, really, he was fine yesterday morning, vomited once during the day while we were out and was a bit fidgetty afterwards - we put that down to him having snaffled some rubbish off the floor on a walk (which he did a lot!) and he seemed to get better and back to normal during the...
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    Do you need to limit access to salt licks?

    I bought a Himalayan salt lick for my mare, which she loves. She just licks it while tied up being groomed or after exercise. She lives out 24 hours at the moment. My question is, can horses lick too much salt? (Is too much salt bad for horses as it is for humans?)
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    WFP's horse Fernhill Pimms

    A while ago someone on here posted asking what had happened to WFP's ride Fernhill Pimms. According to the British Eventing website, he won the Open Novice at Calmsden on it recently. (Apologies if I've...
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    European showjumping championships
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    Bruised foot on stirrup iron??

    Two days ago I woke up with pain and soreness in my foot, on the side around the joint of the big toe. When I looked, there was extensive bruising along the side of the joint and going into the ball of the foot. I honestly can't remember having any kind of accident or anything to cause that size...
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    2017 European eventing championships What does everyone think of the combinations on the long list / squad / whatever it's called? If you click on the link to the championship's website (don't worry, it's in English, you don't need to practise your Polish), you'll see...
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    Supplements for stiff joints?

    Our Parsons, now aged about 17, is a bit stiff when he starts his walks - by the time he's been going a bit, he's trotting around quite happily, he's just a bit stiff and slow to start with. Just wondered if there was any kind of supplement anyone could recommend for him.
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    Shanghai Joe

    Just seen on Eventing Nation's FB page that he's been euthanised :-(
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    Changes to Olympic equestrianism

    Saw this and thought I'd share it.
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    After the Olympics, who do you all tip for Burghley?

    As the title, really. Riders who weren't selected for, or didn't do themselves justice in, the Olympics might be trying to prove a point, the French might be so full of confidence after winning gold etc. Here's a link to the list of entries...
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    Showjumping qualifiers start today, 2pm UK time
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    Saw this on BBC website
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    Changes to Olympic eventing team

    This came up on my facebook page, although I see it's in Horse and Hound too: Izzy's horse sustained a slight injury.