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    Disappointing First Outing with New Pony

    I have had my new part bred (25% TB) Highland Pony since October, and as she lived out for most of winter I just plugged quietly away with her. Yesterday marked our first ‘outing’ together, and I had picked what I thought was an easy ask – a local showing show just 15 minutes down the road, one...
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    Going from 2 to 3

    Just wanted to share really as I'm a bit excited, I'm adding a third mare to my little herd on Saturday morning :D I really wasn't look for a third horse but unfortunately (or fortunately!) the right horse came along at the wrong time, and I will now be the proud new owner of a dun Highland...
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    Ariat Complaints?

    Hi all, wondering if anyone has ever gone through similar... I bought a pair of Ariat Grasmere boots last year at HOYS, and they have had medium use since then with yard work and riding. So far they haven't had to go through puddles or much mud as last year i was at a smart full livery yard...
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    Livery Yards: Time/Cost vs Facilities?

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    Weird Mare Behaviour

    Just wondering if anyone can help shed some light on my mares behaviour that I've noticed this past winter. I have two mares, one 16yo who is the dominant one of the pair, and one 9yo. They have known each other for 18 months, and have been really close since we moved yards last March...
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    2018 Goals

    Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread about everyone's 2018 goals with their horses, be they big, small or something in between! I know personally it always helps my motivation reading about what other people are up to and how they're training, despite the fact that I'm a nervous...
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    Central Scotland Barefoot Professional Recommendations

    Hi all, My mare was diagnosed in April after an extended period of unexplained lameness with navicular disease in the right fore, and secondary suspensory desmitis. Since her diagnosis she has been shod in raised heel heart bars and now normal heartbars, and has become sounder (approximately...
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    Tack Locker Storage?

    I?m thinking of moving to a yard with amazing hacking but with limited storage space. Each horse is allocated a tack locker to contain all their tack, boots, grooming equipment etc, and one arm of a rug rack for drying wet or dirty rugs. I currently have two horses with quite a lot of (obviously...
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    Bringing back into work with less than perfect facilities?

    I have been given the go ahead by my vet to start bringing my navicular mare back into work for the first time since her diagnosis. He warned me against riding her on very deep ground, and also against going faster than a walk on hard surfaces at the minute. I wasn't expecting her to be able...
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    Idiotic question about knee boots

    I recently bought my mare a pair of knee boots as she's a gawky, gangly octopus and we have started doing a lot more roadwork, so I thought better safe than sorry. I bought a pair of the older style Jeffries boots with the felting around the protective part and the 2 straps...but...
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    High withers and huge shoulders

    The horse I'm riding at the minute has quite high withers and huge, quite upright shoulders. She's a big Irish horse od unknown breeding and has quite a flashy front with no real push through from behind. As she's so weak, we're currently doing a lot of hacking to try and strengthen her core...
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    Hack 1000 Miles

    Is anyone else doing the YH Hack 1000 Miles challenge? If so, how are you getting on so far? I signed up last Friday as a hopeful way to push myself to get my nerve back, get myself and my horse a bit fitter and muscle her up. We've recently moved to a new yard with hacking that seems like a...
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    A happier post from me, for once!

    I have posted a few threads over the past couple of months where I have been at my absolute wits end, thinking of putting my older mare to sleep as she has had problem after problem for over a year, and giving up on horses altogether. As well as my older mare being lame, it was found that my...
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    Balancing Housework and Horses

    Sorry for the boring post but how do you all make time to fit in your housework around working your horses? Both myself and my partner work full time, he gets home at around 5pm and I get home after horses anytime from 7-8.30pm. I've been feeling a bit guilty recently as he has been doing so...
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    Can an asymmetric pelvis make horse look lame?

    As title really..I have a mare whose pelvis is higher on the off side than the near side. She looks lame in trot on the lunge, much worse on the left rein but still noticable on the right, and is also slightly lame in trot under saddle. I had her into my vets last month for a lameness workup...
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    At what point is enough enough?

    I'm really struggling here at the minute and possibly not thinking clearly. I've owned my horse for 19 months tomorrow. I bought her to do lesson, hacking, RC type stuff and low level eventing. When I first got her we had 8 great months of fun together. 11 months ago, she colicked and...
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    SI Disease/Injury - what signs did your horse show?

    As title really - one of my mares is going in for another lameness investigation tomorrow as after almost a year of investigations, diagnosis and rehabs she is still not quite right, and I have a sneaking suspicion something might going on in her SI region. Symptoms include a 'stiff' looking...
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    Nervous about first yard move!

    I recently moved in with my OH, which has been great as I now have only a 7 minute commute to work, but on the flipside it means that I have been commuting a 76 mile round trip every night to my yard and back home after work to sort my two horses on DIY. This is a killer, on a good day it means...
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    Shopping help - French Link D Ring

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    Where would you go next?

    Have a mare who since September has shown some objections to being groomed/feet worked with/saddled/worked. She received a kick to her left flank just before the issues started. She pins her ears and threatens to bite just as you're picking up her front legs, but does not continue to react once...
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    What have you done with your horses this week?

    Let's face it, Christmas and New Year are well and truly over. It's cold, it's dark, we're all skint and summer seems a lifetime away. I personally am in serious need of motivation after a crap horsey 2016, having 2 horses now in very little work and losing my confidence. For some reason...
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    Anyone want to play Yard A or Yard B?

    Okay, so following on from my last big ranty post on here where I lamented my entire horse life this year, I've decided to just suck it up and get on with it for a few more months over winter at least and see how I feel in spring. I currently commute for up to 1hour 40 minutes after work to get...
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    Pectoral Tears and Lameness

    Has anyone had any experience of pectoral tears causing lameness? My mare has been out of work for a couple of months while I investigated unusual behaviour for her, which I believed to be related to pain. Whilst a vet didn't find anything after two physical examinations, a physio seen her...
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    Am I Giving Up Too Easily?

    I have been a horse owner for 1 year and 2 months. I waited 24 years to buy my first horse last September, and she was everything I could ever have dreamed of. Beautiful, cuddly, fun, confidence giving. During the first 8 months that I had her, she gave me fun hacks, lessons, a handful of...
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    What would you feed?

    I have two mares, currently both are a decent weight and are on pretty much ad lib hay when in at night and out during the day in a field with still quite a lot of grass, they're not hanging around the gate waiting to come in at night yet. Both mares are in light work. I'm just wondering what...
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    Traditional Chambon vs Libby's Lungie Bungie?

    I was planning to buy a chambon next week for lungeing my mare a few times a week in to encourage her to stretch down and try to build some of her topline up after she has been out of work for a few months. Recently I had someone mention the Lungie Bungie as a good alternative to a chambon, I...
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    Behaviour Change in Mare

    Before I said, the usual disclaimer: the vet has seen this horse and come up with some ideas, and is due back Thursday to begin investigation. I am not attempting to replace said vet with forum advice, merely looking for ideas and suggestions :P I bought a 7 year mare in June, approx. 16.3 IDx...
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    Straw on top of shavings

    Thinking of switching to straw on top of my current deep shavings beds to save some money this winter, does anyone have any photos of this set up? I know I've read several people have tried it before. What are your tips for making sure the two layers don't mix?
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    Bringing back into work after boxrest

    I'm currently bringing my mare back into work after 4 months off, most of which she has spent on boxrest. I know there are general guidelines and probably threads on this already, but just wondering out of interest what everyone's regimes would be for this? I have sat an written out a plan for...
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    Tips on figuring out herd hierarchy?

    Just a pondering question really! How do you figure out from horse behaviour who is top dog in a herd, who is lower down the pecking order and who is at the bottom? My mares are turned out in a mare only herd (well, younger one is, older currently boxresting). I got my younger mare in today...