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  1. Keith_Beef

    How would you judge a foreign breeds class?

    I would expect the horse to be judged on conformation to the breed standard. Isn't that how a Dachshund and a Standard Poodle compete against each other for best in show at Crufts? Or, alternatively, get each horse to do what no single breed excels at. Card tricks, for example, or singing an...
  2. Keith_Beef

    Dogs chasing horses

    Why strange? It's all about the money, as you seem to acknowledge when you write "paying thousands on a commercial shoot". If there are not enough birds when the shooters turn up, then they'll be unhappy, maybe want a refund, and not come back next year. The shoot organiser might blame the...
  3. Keith_Beef

    Dogs chasing horses

    If a dog attacked me, it would be a dead dog very quickly. Not shot, though.
  4. Keith_Beef

    Top tips for keeping bum in saddle in canter?!

    I have had trouble with sticking to the saddle in canter, too. Leaning back is helping, so is cantering without stirrups (sometimes, deliberately). I feel as if I'm leaning at 45°, but that can't be so... it would be very helpful to have somebody take photos or a video for me to be able to see...
  5. Keith_Beef

    Dung beetles

    I read something in the Economist's Science and Technology section a few weeks ago about how great dung beetles were for keeping E coli populations in check...
  6. Keith_Beef

    For the leather workers on here - Modifying Country Boots

    I had a pair of Soubirac boots stretched out to fit my calves; the bootmaker wet the leather and put in adjustable trees that he gradually opened out little by little, then left to dry slowly before removing the trees I went back after two weeks, I think it was, and they were still slightly...
  7. Keith_Beef

    Compliment from my farrier

    Would yo go to the shoe shop with sweaty feet in socks that you hadn't changed in two days?
  8. Keith_Beef

    "Cancelled due to weather conditions"

    Lovely weather over here, though. There's been a bit of rain over the past week, but nothing disastrous. And considerably cooler than the same period last year. Very comfortable weather.
  9. Keith_Beef

    Loud / noisy whips- bats

    Horze's web site flashes up a price of £10.84 for a second, before it disappears... I wouldn't buy from there, anyway, after the way my order was mishandled and the faff I had to go through to get a refund. Amazon also has them at £10.39, but with an extra £4.60 delivery! Really, it would be a...
  10. Keith_Beef

    A horse's anticipation and fear of pain, and getting him to work through it by reassurance.

    This place seems to try to take good care of its horses. I've never seen one be ridden while lame. One day, when our usual instructor was on holiday and there were very few of us for the class, a stand-in gave us an introduction to lunging. She used a horse that had been out of work for a few...
  11. Keith_Beef

    A horse's anticipation and fear of pain, and getting him to work through it by reassurance.

    I don't know enough about saddle fitting to be able to say whether it fits well, other than that I know that when I've put Dermoflon on his withers, and then ridden him, the dermoflon is still there on his withers and not on the pads or in the gulley of the saddle. I wondered about this, and...
  12. Keith_Beef

    Wildlife when out hacking

    Bluebottles, greenbottles, hoverflies, crane flies, occasionally dragonflies and damselflies. (Damsel flies, not damn selfies) Oh, and the nasty, vicious horse-eating crows, magpies, turtle doves and wood pigeons. The very occasional deer.
  13. Keith_Beef

    A horse's anticipation and fear of pain, and getting him to work through it by reassurance.

    For the lesson this Sunday just gone, I was a given my usual horse, a tallish gelding (seventeen hands or so) with very high withers. I've noticed before that he is reluctant to let me put the saddle on him, but he takes the bit into his mouth really easily, he almost puts the bridle on for...
  14. Keith_Beef

    Swapping chassis over on 3.5t????

    Swapping the bodywork, drivetrain and electrics from an old chassis to a new one is a big job; I was seriously considering something similar with a Series III Land Rover a few years ago and started research into it. There are a few companies who manufacture and sell chassis, and they might be...
  15. Keith_Beef


    Payment terms should always be marked on the quote or pro-forma invoice, something like "30% deposit to be paid upon ordering the service, balance to be paid [upon collection|upon delivery|14 days prior to collection]". I don't see why transporting livestock should be any different to...
  16. Keith_Beef

    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    I ride several different horses up at the yard (not having a horse of my own), and it's a change in behaviour that I've seen in both geldings and mares. They seem to change as soon as the headcollar is on, as if it's a signal to switch from "this is my free time, and I'll do as I please" to "OK...
  17. Keith_Beef

    Delete if not aloud

    I think that most of the time, when the inappropriate word appears, it's the fault of the user typing on a mobile phone. There are collections called DYAC (Damn you, auto-correct) spread across various sites including, but not limited to, Reddit, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Pinterest, with hundreds of...
  18. Keith_Beef

    Delete if not aloud

    I don't understand why he wants the chalk to thank the person kneeling...
  19. Keith_Beef

    Delete if not aloud

    Spelling test in J1. Teacher calls out words, and we're to write down the word. My answer to one question: "pander". To another question: "sent, scent, or cent". Teacher did not like that...
  20. Keith_Beef

    Delete if not aloud

    Oh, the irony...
  21. Keith_Beef

    Things found out hacking

    Tanned, the skin makes very nice leather!
  22. Keith_Beef

    'Silent' electric cars - will this be an issue out hacking?

    Originally, it was so that drivers in cars with music turned up would be able to hear me. Then I tried using it to scare pedestrians off the cycle path. It usually works, but sometimes the pedestrians seem to think that it is a lorry or car horn, and don't realise that it's a warning that a...
  23. Keith_Beef

    'Silent' electric cars - will this be an issue out hacking?

    I have done the opposite: an air horn on my bicycle.
  24. Keith_Beef

    'Silent' electric cars - will this be an issue out hacking?

    So the problem is that an electric cars is too quiet. We could put the responsibility on the driver of the silent car, to announce its presence. Or we can oblige everybody else (cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders) to carry electronic devices that either detect the presence of the silent car...
  25. Keith_Beef

    Things found out hacking

    I've only seen very mundane things and litter. A half dozen DVD cases with porno film labels, the occasional single glove or hat. The one thing that I suppose counts as unusual was a dumped pile of small apples, probably crab apples, judging by the size of them. The horses didn't take any...
  26. Keith_Beef

    Talk to me about wide / stabilising stirrup leathers...

    Is it a pair of these? Described as I'd suspect that the nylon webbing was omitted from your pair, or that it is otherwise defective, and I'd be sending it back for a full refund.
  27. Keith_Beef

    Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning: how to name a cat

    Enough over-hyped buzzwords in the thread title? I didn't include Neural Network, because it's in the title of the article.
  28. Keith_Beef

    Anyone tried a waistcoat back protector?

    A few people I ride with wear one of those, others have things that look like police bullet-proof jackets. It certainly looks like it breathes better than the bullet-proof jackets.
  29. Keith_Beef

    Transporting kit to your horse

    Modular storage crates, like Systainer used for Festool. If you need textiles (blankets, towels, etc) wrap these up inside a laundry bag to make a thick roll, strap this to the top of a crate, and place your saddle on that as if it were the horse's back. At the yard, put the stack of crates...
  30. Keith_Beef

    Riding for the disabled for the heavier rider?

    10st 7lbs is 67kg... that is not heavy, it's a perfectly ordinary weight for an adult rider. Where I ride, we have several people (myself included) who are well beyond that. And there are a couple of adults with learning difficulties who have lessons each week, and ride the same horses as me...