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  1. Jnhuk

    Warwick Schiller

    Dave Stuart is coming to Scotland also in August and would recommend him and I will taking part. Watched a previous WS clinic near St Andrews few years ago and was not impressed but I was there only on the Saturday
  2. Jnhuk

    Arena mirrors - polished aluminium

    Hello - has anyone successfully used polished aluminium sheets as arena mirrors?
  3. Jnhuk

    Advice on encouraging weight loss for my horse?

    Cut out all hard feed just a balancer for vits & mins, soak hay to reduce sugar content if getting any hay and no rugs as a start. Find some long hacks in walk uphill and more aerobic work as gets fitter
  4. Jnhuk

    Wide horses & issues with hips?

    Thanks SBloom. If I wasn't at the opposite end of the country I might have come to you as I was aware that you fitted natives/wide horses as a speciality. I have just changed to this saddle fitter specifically for their experience with wide/natives and hard to fit horses who has a excellent...
  5. Jnhuk

    Wide horses & issues with hips?

    Thanks for the replies - good to know
  6. Jnhuk

    Structuring Training

    We have one respected XC trainer up here, it is about the adjustability of being able to change between your canters and setting up exercises to get horses to think for themselves as well rather than being about the height. This trainer also is the only one that I have seen that can teach...
  7. Jnhuk

    Wide horses & issues with hips?

    Just wondering as my current horse is just getting wider and his new saddle just fitted with an 4XW gullet! Everyone who sits on him comments on how wide he is - even instructors. I am coping with his width just now but with my increasing years but does riding wide horses knacker your hips as...
  8. Jnhuk

    Buck Brannaman 2019

    Coming a bit late to this thread. I will be going along as a spectator in 2019 with a couple of friends. My advice as a specatator is just to watch Buck and ignore the others. You will gain so much more insight just watching him. I find it fascinating the difference in the horses he rides from...
  9. Jnhuk

    Horseboxes by James ????

    Just word of warning this horsebox builder is actively advertising again calling himself jim on ebay and horsedeals. Works from Pocklington near York. Nice pictures of new conversions (usually Ivecos) but adverts are not for the lorries shown in the pictures as he only builds to order. He goes...
  10. Jnhuk

    Where can I buy stables in Scotland?

    I would look at local reputable joiner as you can get better quality for cheaper although they may take longer to put them up. Just had my Saltire stables replaced with ones made by local chap and they are far better spec and absolutely solid. The previous owner to my house put in the Saltire...
  11. Jnhuk

    502 Bad Gateway?

    I was having issues with this awhile back and cleared my cookies but it put me off coming here. Just started back and guess what the bad gateway messages are appearing virtually every time I look at a thread but strangely enough this one is ok! Started to browse under incognito browser but that...
  12. Jnhuk

    Stethoscope in their first aid kit - strongly recommend

    Had scary night last night with serious ill horse and just stressed the importance of knowing your own horse/s normal breathing/pulse and temp as well as behaviours. Probably like most folks I have only done these things when things not right Was struggling to get an accurate pulse but then...
  13. Jnhuk

    Pellet bedding

    Thanks 9tails for the info but interesting to see your experience was very different to my friends. Went up to see their stables and looks very absorbent and they certainly not had any of the issues you mentioned and they been using it for over 6 months now. It didn't look dark but then again...
  14. Jnhuk

    Half clipped horses- what rugs are yours wearing today? If any

    Rain sheet with no fill and no neck on when I want to ride to stop him being a mud monster. Otherwise no rug. Live in Scotland and last winter he hardly had a rug on as was not in work due to injury. Helps me control his weight
  15. Jnhuk

    Pellet bedding

    have a friend who is raving about the sorbeo bedding. I am going to have a look at it tonight as considering swapping
  16. Jnhuk

    Experience with colic

    Epiploic Foramen Entrapment colic thankfully happened whilst I was checking horses last time before bed. Horse was PTS couple hours later despite prompt vet attention - warned at that time we were looking at surgery or PTS so had the journey time to equine hospital to consider my options but...
  17. Jnhuk

    Which Rubber Mats?

    Equimats suggest you leave a gap which I did and they never spread and the gap has been a pain so I wouldn't cut them in future
  18. Jnhuk

    Saddler recommendation

    Saddle fitters are like marmite I know! I wouldn't go near some after some of the stories I have heard. I have had variety of saddles GP/ dressage /jump fitted by Alene for different horses over the years and if she felt the fit needed adjusted then it was discussed with me and then sorted...
  19. Jnhuk

    Saddler recommendation

    Not sure where you are getting your information from Kamikaze. Stirlingshire will not part exchange your current saddle for a 'new' or second hand one but they will sell it on your behalf. They adjust/reflock saddles as & when needed and they have plenty of good quality second hand saddles...
  20. Jnhuk


    Can't believe it but hubby managed to somehow get his mug featured in this H&H article about tilting! Great fun with great fun people - anyone near Central Scotland/Borders than wants...
  21. Jnhuk

    Rug for turned out with low trace clip?

    My lad last winter had trace clip most of the winter and I kept rug off to help me maintain a good weight as he is such a good doer in the summer months. If he had a rug on it was no fill and no neck but tbh the rug flattens the coat so actually I think they are warmer without as you are letting...
  22. Jnhuk

    Lorry downsizing, in seventh heaven

    Please could you PM me too with name as considering doing something similar when we don't have our 17.1 any more
  23. Jnhuk

    Improving lateral flexion?

    Anything that encourages your horse to step his inside hind up further and also across will help improve lateral flexion - turns, circles, leg yield on a circle - spiraling in and out, lots of lateral work. Try to avoid the horse falling onto his inside shoulder and ensure that horse is looking...
  24. Jnhuk

    Where did you find you're horsebox?

    Just keep looking as can take some time but maybe worth asking mechanic what the several issues would cost to fix or if they are long term issue like rusting chassis?
  25. Jnhuk

    Filled legs at grass

    Thanks for the replies.
  26. Jnhuk

    Filled legs at grass

    My ISH who lives out 24/7 had both hind legs filled when brought him in today. No sign of lameness, no sign of even a smallest wound or injury andno heat just swollen. Hacked him out in walk for 30 mins and legs back to normal Going to have a chat to vet but thinking autumnal flush with...
  27. Jnhuk

    Affordable mw turnout- recommendations

    Swish rugs suit my ID x
  28. Jnhuk


    Hoping for things to improve your lad and you - big hugs x
  29. Jnhuk

    Bit advice for a young, unbalanced Hunter

    My 17.1 ID used to get very keen and strong during hunt rides and the few times we went out with our no longer local blood hound pack. If you are ok with a cheltenam gag on two reins - ride him on the normal rein when good then you have the extra brake rein when needed with the poll pressure...
  30. Jnhuk

    Colic surgery

    I think this is one of those decisions that you may have an idea what you would do but when it happens it is just such a shock to suddenly find yourself in the position and the unreality of it. So how on earth you make the right decision ahead of time on a bit of paper without some of the...