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    Tips to improve my trot to canter transitions

    Does anyone have any tips to help me make better trot to canter transitions. I've watched videos of my dressage tests and I tilt my upper body forward - once in canter I'm fine and downwards transitions are fine. I don't do it in walk to canter.
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    Dressage saddle recommendation for slightly roach backed horse

    Hi My ISH mare is built downhill and has a very slight roach back, luckily she has decent withers but she is also narrow at the shoulders. Trying to get anything to fit that doesn't move forward is a nightmare, I have found a lightweight monoflap jump saddle that fits for hacking/jumping but...
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    Can you fit at Elevator bit to Micklem

    I spoke to the Horse bit shop and they recommended the Neue Schule Elevator bit which I now have on trial but my mare wears a Micklem bridle, has anyone used the two together as it looks like it will be to big?
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    Advice please

    I would like people's advice and opinions on my mare as I am struggling to make a decision. The back ground is I bought my little 13 year old TB mare last summer and was aware that she cribbed when in the stable although was told never in the field, initially I had no problems however when the...
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    Weird behaviour in the field

    I am hoping someone might have some advice or ideas why mare is acting so strangely. I bought her in the summer and was told she was a cribber but ONLY in the stable and it was controlled with a collar also that she also would sometimes take off as soon as you took her head collar off in...
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    Hi I need to buy a good quality Turnout and cant choose betweent he Rambo Duo and the Weatherbeeta 3in1.Has anyones used either and how were they - wear and tear/warm/fit etc..
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    Rubber Matting maintenance

    Hi I recently bought rubber matting and it covers nearly all but a foot of the stable which is 12x14 Its good quality but i havent got it sealed and it isnt the sort that locks together. How often do i need to pull it up and clean underneath and what is the best bedding to use on it