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    Equine flu

    I suggest competitors need to keep abreast of developments regarding the outbreak of Flu that is stopping racing(at least for today) as its most likely to have knock on effects with affiliated competition as well as they usually follow racings lead.
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    No sniggering please!!!! Well it takes all sorts.
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    Never give up!!!! Title says it all.
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    Riders mate

    Not sure if this has been flagged up before ,but I thought these were a great idea for those out hacking on their own. It is automatically activated if you fall off and sends an emergency message including your location(where you fell off) to people...
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    Thumbs up RAF

    For hose who are forever moaning about military Helicopters!
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    It appears that the Futurity and equine bridge project is about to bite the dust. Are the serious breeders totally surprised ? The reasoning behind it was great however as with most things with horses in the UK the aims were sound but it got hijacked with vested interest.
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    Who would have thought it??

    *****lands stuffy.
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    The Joys of selling!!!!

    This will touch a nerve with many! Sorry if its done the rounds before.
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    Oasby BE! beware

    Yesterday afternoon was sunny and as the sun got low shadows gave real problems for riders with a lot of stops in the 100 although i am sure others would have suffered as well from approx 16.00 on all at fences 6&7 so anybody going your warned . Wont mention the idiots name who left their two...
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    Altior in CC

    Just seen NH has put his brave pants on and entered Altior in the champion chase, does he know something we dont?
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    For all the racing geeks on here, Who is rounding up the sheep here? The clue is in the photo.
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    When the time comes be prepared!

    I am hoping that Admin may consider this worthy of a sticky? Its all about finding the most economical way to say goodbye to your equine friend at the end. Having recently heard all sorts of horror stories of prices some people are quoted I thought it was time to put the owner in control...
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    BE headgear

    I hope none of you have Top hats or beaglers on your christmas list.
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    Beware muppets!!!

    Some will cringe at this ,some split their sides and others will try and suggest an answer ! which camp do you fall into ? As seen on FB "My ish hates everyone in the field. Always chasing all the other horses away. Does anyone know a good supplement to try prevent this? He is also getting...
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    So Very true!

    Thought after the last few days this may be a reminder of why we are passionate about our horses.
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    Well done Lizzie!!!!

    As per title great to see the win today. What an achievement and on level terms. She is a great ambassador for racing as well!
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    SS is back

    The most georgeous horse in racing is back! I have to eat my words and that I dont mind doing. I never thought he would return . He was his old self today with the swagger back. He needed the race and lets face it he should have beaten them by half a furlong but it was just great to see the...
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    BE fixed peak ruling retained

    As per title. Fixed Peak ruling retained for the Cross Country phase Further to an announcement on 30th January regarding the new rule banning helmets with fixed peaks being worn on the cross country phase of British Eventing affiliated events, the BE Sport Committee met again on 10th...
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    British breeding network.

    Thought I would draw peoples attention to this for those who dont know. Its still in its infancy and establishing itself.
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    Sad to see on facebook that its been decided to fold this organisation. Its a shame some very good people tried to make a go of it but it never really got the support it needed from the top riders!
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    British bred horses.

    For all you competitors that believe they have to go to ireland or the continent for their horses. I post this as a breeder that gets rather upset when people on here post that british horses are not good enough. Hope this may...
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    Burghley 2013

    I just wondered in the light of what has transpired this week .Has people perception of the events around the doped horses changed at all. I ask this as a lot of forum members could not believe and would not believe at the time there was anything wrong and it was a big mistake.From what I know...
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    BE fixtures musing

    Now the fixture list is official it is sad to see another drop in the opportunity for higher level horses to compete.Another Advanced gone which is 7% of fixtures and a drop of two intermediates so 5% cant help think there would be an outcry if at 80-90 level.
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    Pau cc live

    for those interested watch Pau here 2* on now 4* later!
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    Le Lion young horse championships.

    CC live here for those interested.
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    NH the ups and downs

    Just to wish Ryan Mania best wishes! Just 24hrs after winning the grand national at Aintree ,he is airlifted off the course at Hexham with possible spinal injuries after a crashing fall! I hope the news is good later on!!!
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    Please all of you in your travels keep an eye out for Owen Brennan who has gone missing . He is in his mid seventies with short greying hair and medium height and build. He will naturally try to be close to horses so if you see anybody closely matching this description near your horses please...
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    Thank You From Tic Toc

    Just a big thank you from me for every body's concern about my well being!It was a shame the previous thread degenerated due to trolls. You will all be kept informed of my exploits in future and I think there is talk of a blog or something,what the hell would I know haven't a clue what that it...
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    4yo Potential BE

    Hi not been on here for ages and could do with some help. I have a 4yo BWB by Brief encounter that has not made the size I had hoped (15.1) he is 3/4 brother to a good horse called Jimmy Shoo that is with Phoebe Buckley .My dilemma is he is not something that I wish to compete myself (due to...
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    Anybody caught the Daily express front page!!!! Its been corrected on the online version . For those that have not seen it they have a photo of our gold medal dressage team! Only it is the Dutch with their medals