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  1. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    interlocking tiles vs mats

    Hi all, As some of you know I am moving houses and therefore yards. I have a lovely huge stable 14 x 16ft, my original plan was to get 3 x 6ft x 4ft mats cut one in half legthways and have a covered area 6ft deep at the back for under his bed. but I am tired of having to scrape out shavings...
  2. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Moving to Cumbria

    Ok first of all, what the hell is going on with these god damned adverts, they are blocking my view of my chat box??!! Anyhow, I am moving this summer to Cumbria, would be great to know who from here is there so that I can make some links x
  3. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Link to HHO Secret Santa 2018

    For those who don't venture into Clubhouse often, HHOSS 2018 is live...
  4. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Secret Santa 2018 entries being taken - link here

    For those who don't venture into Clubhouse often, HHOSS 2018 is live...
  5. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    He's so scrumptious > Heavy Hunter to make 17.2 >>>

    Just spotted the ad over there >>>> Not in the market - one is plenty for me especially when that one is the Beast and bigger than I would need for myself, but I do like the little fellow. Love a little window shopping :)
  6. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Rugs - has anyone else taken the plunge

    Its 7-8 degrees at night here, and the beast is currently in a 100g turnout, he hasn't been clipped all winter. The weather has been pretty lovely by recent comparison but is set to get a bit wet by friday again. I have been holding off on whipping off the rug for 2 reasons really - the...
  7. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Horse box hire cost - Barlow trailers or similar

    Anyone know how much a 24 hr hire for 3.5 tonner would cost up country please?
  8. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Poorly beastie

    So, the poor boy is a little under the weather, all the horses at the yard are, slight coughs and runny noses - not too bad temps ok, the odd cough, tiny bit of intermittent snot, can't work out if Ben is a bit lethargic or just moping with the wet weather (as he does this too) as the other...
  9. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Today I did something crazy - even by my standards

    After months out of the saddle I started riding ben three days ago, he was super charged the first day - could get no sense out of him in the school as he took offence at the changes in the sandschool, he was like a coiled spring so yesterday I decided to take him for a hack round the 'mini...
  10. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    That soul destroying moment...

    When you splosh water down the inside of your welly and all over your leg... Yep, that happened and 2 hrs later I peeled my sodden jeans and socks off to reveal my prune like toes. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!
  11. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Bitless options - talk to me

    After some basic bitless schooling earlier this year with the beast, I have decided to take the bit out of his mouth on a more permanent basis. Our trial earlier this year was in a simple micklem set up. We stayed in walk and trot, he was good, pretty responsive, calmer in his head, but I...
  12. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    paddock maintenance - buttercups - help!

    Hi all, I wonder if any of you wonderful people can help. Long story short I sectioned Ben's field off during the summer as he was a tad portly, I have been giving him a couple of foot at a time and then a little over a week ago opened up the rest. Since it is a wonderful 'all you can eat...
  13. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Last call for Secret Santa 2017
  14. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Secret Santa Sign Up 2017

    Just sharing this in here for those who don't venture into the tack room - please read the first post of the thread before signing up.
  15. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Anyone know of a driving pair of friesians for sale?

    this isn't for me, I was on the phone to my friend whose employer is looking to purchase a driving pair she asked me if I knew any going - I don't. Her employer runs a carriage business already has a pair and is looking to expand - anyone know of any for sale or can recommend the best places to...
  16. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch AD>>>>> hmm, anyone heard of these? Not that I am in the market to sell, but then what? I see nothing of what then...
  17. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Straw and the fatties and insulin resistant horse - reading

    So, what with this and that, dad being diagnosed with cancer at christmas, his chemo and everything that comes with it. General hatred of riding in horrid rain, my waiting for an op or the all clear from the Drs to ride again.. the beast has had limited riding since the onset of 2017 and is...
  18. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    A sucker for food and bed...

    A short video of my beastie, he can get so over excited about things and can be very in your face - he is not fed treats because he can be quite muggy. During the end part of winter I got bored and decided to teach him to put himself to bed and ask for his dinner - sometimes I would be stood...
  19. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Share, ride and enjoy MY horse for free...

    Sparked from the 'pay to ride my horse' thread - lets look at this another way. How about if I advertised my horse like this 'Ride, share and enjoy my horse - the one I paid for and continue to pay for for absolutely nothing, if it gets ill, needs treatment, needs food, shoeing, bedding...
  20. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    my insane, strong, argumentative, overenthusiastic beastie

    so I haven't ridden beast much since 2016 - so much going on in my personal life - I left him to himself. He has been ridden by me a handful of times, and by others - plus had a lunge or two most weeks... My friend came down for 10 days -she adores ben, and took over for the week - riding, and...
  21. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    hmm... and that makes a good farrier???

    Now Im not starting a barefoot vs shod debate, or certainly that is not my intention... but I just came across this wonderful little nugget on fb... it is a comment in response to a request for good and reliable farrier recommendations. - This poster seems to think that because her farrier...
  22. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Am I not with the times? Buddy?? Good little horse by all accounts on the ad... but seems over double what I and those I know would pay at...
  23. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    JRT - Itchy Feet :(

    Hi all, wondering if anyone could give some advice/ideas on this. Our JRT (11yrs) has always been fine - about 18 months ago she started getting really itchy ears - she had special drops which alleviated the itch somewhat but never cured it. She then went onto itching her feet - so much...
  24. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Sorry, old timer noob question... Straw beds

    hey there, Ok so I feel a fool... 25 years of horse ownership and asking a proper novice question but it's been so very long I simply can't remember :/ I'm switching back to straw bedding, now I do have rubber mats but I like my 'proper' straw beds so will be making it old style... Big...
  25. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    SS 2016 - Dont forget to join

    Hi guys, Don't forget (for those that want to) to join in with SS before the deadline (31 October)
  26. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    SS 2016 - Dont forget to join

    Hi guys, Don't forget (for those that want to) to join in with SS before the deadline (31 October)
  27. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    SS 2016 - Dont forget to join

    Hi guys, Don't forget (for those that want to) to join in with SS before the deadline (31 October)
  28. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    Help please... Pricing a horse... COB - SJ -affiliation prospect

    Hi there, I'm a little out of my depth here... A friend has an awesome MW cob for sale, she has asked me to help write the advert... Fine, can do. However, I have a feeling that price wise - she could be asking a lot more than she is. Basic info- 5 year old MW cob mare - 14.2/3...
  29. Prancer & Vixen/Grinch

    SS2016 - Its back!