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    Straw pellets

    Does anyone use them ? H is a very big wet horse and uses a lot of shavings in a week , I can get straw pellets easily and wondered if they might be better for him. How do you manage them ? I don’t deep litter btw . All information gratefully received I don’t think I have ever seen them in use .
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    Back on board.

    So this morning I got back on a horse just over five weeks since I managed to fall off and break my hip I rode Harvey for half an hour this morning I only walked . It felt a little strange but generally ok Harvey was a very calm boy ( he’s a really sweet person ) so I will aim for half an hour...
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    What weight ?

    What weight do you all think a small (15.2 ) Chunky tradional type of ID would carry .
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    Fairfax breastplate

    The saddlers been today to reflock H?s saddle and bring me a Fairfax breastplate . It?s really really looks so comfortable when we got it fitted (G and Harvey will share it ) . You need to fiddle about a bit to get it spot on but I really like how it sits I can?t wait to get out and try it ...
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    Lovely purebred ID over there >>>>>>

    How I wish I was looking for a ID mare . She so reminds of Fatty when he was young , the wrong colour but the expression is so like Fatty as a young horse . Of course what I really want is a magic wand so I can make Fatty six again .
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    The trouble with Fatty

    Some of you may remember that my lovely ID Fatty who carried MrGS so well has a damaged stifle and was unable to hunt last winter . So he?s now sort of retired we where leading him from another horse but he was uncomfortable in trot and although we saw some improvements with a little work it...
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    The aftermath

    OMG now it?s pouring and pouring which is good in one way because it?s tsking away the snow but the field is flooded the school is almost flooded. I am having to continually check the drains round the buildings are not filling with bits and pieces and blocking because the buildings will flood...
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    Whoo boo part 4

    So the first session with the dressage trainer went well . Harvey was very calm and while he might not have a rapier fast brain he got on with everything politely . We worked mainly on showing me the way to start to mobilise the neck we worked mainly with the neck up in the working position...
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    Whoo Hoo part 3

    Just an update on the new horse Harvey. The hacking is coming on and he?s building confidence and walking out more he still has moments when he backs off but it?s all going very well and he?s a straight forward green horse to hack . I have started school work he has what I would call...
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    Whoo Hoo part 2

    Belated Merry Christmas to every one . Busy day at the GS hacienda . This morning I had my first hack out on my lovely Christmas present who is called Harvey . He?s quite green to hack I don?t think he?s done much but he?s no bother .He needs to hack daily do that goal number one establish a...
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    Whoo Hoooo .....

    Santa?s sleigh ( in the form of a horse transporter ) left Limerick this am with the GS Christmas present /post diet treat on board in the form of the most lovely six year old son of Contendo out of a Cruising mare her dam was by Clover Hill . And bred like that you would expect him to jump and...
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    Monarch are here , I am so excited. By tonight they will have the new stables fitted .
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    Please tell me

    Please tell me that I don't need a project horse . I am now down to four at home one away on loan . A month ago I was saying how great it was like doing them part time then somehow I started looking at projects over there and on FB and I have seen a really ideal looking one that would be fun...
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    Arthramid injections for stifles

    Any body used this ? Last throw of the dice for my lovely Fatty it's pricey but he's just a epic horse .
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    Dogs do Burghley

    This great video from Facebook is posted in all about dogs .its still making me smile . Do take a look if you have no seen it.
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    I am sorry but I don't know how to do links but if you find the Tarr Steps services Facebook page there's a link posted to a good article on the role of stretching in the horse development . It's worth a read .
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    Sad news

    Today my beautiful C was put down . He was the most fantastic talented horse and a dream ride . At PM a large growth on his small intestine I have been told nothing could have been done . Good call then to call it a day it does make it easier .
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    Horse hair jewellery urgent question

    I have a horse to go to the paddock in the sky .i need to know quickly do you put conditioner on their tails when you wash them before taking a bit . I want a bracelet made .
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    Cat with Broken pelvis

    Has anyone any experiance of this . I found Bubbles on Saturday morning unwilling to move and clearly unhappy took her to vets and left her .it was decided she had a infection . They discharged her on sunday unable to walk I was pretty annoyed and rang them to be told the pain relief was...
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    New horse

    I got a horse vetted last night and pick him up tomorrow. If any one interested searches talented and competitive over there >>>>> you will find him he's the liver chestnut 16.1 eight yo . Wish me luck with the new team member .
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    Internal stables

    So the big decision is getting very near . The barn has a new roof . So stage two is to choose and order the internal fittings and decide how to lay it out . I have narrowed it down to three choices A . Internal stables built by my builder. B . Monarch C. Lodden I am leaning towards...
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    Just thought I would post this for anyone interested . My vets tell me that injectable omeprazole is now available in the U.K. It's one jab either weekly or monthly ( I can't remember what they said ) it is said to give a 20 % better performance verses paste and the dose can be used in a...
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    My favourite brown boots . I don't know how many hours I spent in you but it's thousands . You must have known I ordered new ones last week as both your back zips quietly died out hacking to today. I feel very sad you have gone . Does any one feel sad when a favourite thing reaches the...
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    Indoor stables

    The barn is having ( needing ) a revamp . It will have three stables in a row ATM you walk through one to get to one of the others we want to change this . In these sort of corridor stables how wide does the walk way need to be I want to keep the stables as big as I can . What do those of you...
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    Fibre cubes

    What do you all recommend . I need some form of cube that's tastes good to feed a horse in the wagon before work the ideal thing would have oil in it as well .
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    Invictus pad .

    Has anybody got an invictus saddle pad and if so was it worth the money ?
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    Criminal ID

    Fatty is in disgrace hes been very very bad . On Friday I was away and when the lady that helps me ( I have learnt it's not PC on the forum to call someone a groom ) was just getting on him he cocked his neck and bolted leaving her standing on the mounting block he did a lap of the garden...
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    Livery yards / rented fields and the law .

    So , considering the interesting and pertinent comment that Popsdosh made on another thread I have been musing this all day . The problem with licensing for all livery yards is that it is cumbersome and needs a great load of imput from a local authority which costs money making licenses...
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    Jumbo gelding over there >>>>>?

    I would want some better pictures before looking but gosh I wish I was looking .
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    Rare clinic report

    I thought I might take a crack at writing a clinic report . Friday /Saturday saw me and C my 15 yo ISH C at a dressage clinic run by our local riding club the trainer was Pammy Hutton . C is BE adavanced and was very ill in the summer when he had a complicated recovery from a fractured rib ...