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    Can horses eat okra?

    nope. Okra is must be costly in UK. Even never seen a horseperson from mediterranean using Okra. (melon, watermelon and artichoke are popular...) edit: obviously should eat just inside of artichoke, not green parts.
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    Blue Point and LE Brivido declared for Diamond Jubilee. must be a joke!

    okay it is little bit embrassing but I must admit this,15 years ago one of our horse declared for a race after 4 days gap. First race was a 10,5F race and a pacemaker horse scratched just before the race cos he has a trouble in the gate. Left just only 6 horses and no one wanted to take the...
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    Blue Point and LE Brivido declared for Diamond Jubilee. must be a joke!

    I always criticize North American breeders and trainers but even they don't try this. (at least in this level) Both horses ran at Ascot on Tuesday and they will run again this saturday. Just only 48 hours gap! Both horses declared for Diamond Jubilee. How people try to run two (GR1) classic...
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    I mean if you mix it into the feed as powder, forage smells and does not eat the whole feed. Obviously we do not expect that horses eat pure garlic from our hands. Put some carrots on the pasture and find a horse who has never eaten carrot, trust me he does not care.
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    Yes I do. Garlic is a perfect thing for immune system. The best form is granule, I agree with @SamBean. Do not try as powder, horses may refuse it cos smells too much. I know some old-school horsepeople beliving that it helps to solving hypertension problem.
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    Strange behaviour with back leg

    he also hits to wall with his tail ? I'd check his sheath, may need a sheath cleaning
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    how is equine dentistry service quality and accessibility in your area?

    to say ''I'm a dentist'' I need to study for 5 years :) dentist describes human dentists. But yes I'm an EDT. it depends on the education and hands on training...I know an EU based practitioner WHO says that ''I'm head instructor of an equine dental academy/school'' and I try to fix 2 horses...
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    how is equine dentistry service quality and accessibility in your area?

    I've checked old threads about that but most of them 10+ years old Maybe you work with a good pactitioner regularly so you can feel good or you may have some bad stories about dental practitioner even maybe you have faced some troublemaker /half-educated people, absolutely everyone has some...
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    What do breeders think about this research?

    I'm interested in a few boodlines in USA and I plan to buy from any auction. but when I check previous years auctions in Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton, I can not see too many broodmares from these lines. I'm hopeless 1 - In reality lines (bertrando / skywalker /relaunch / in reality) or (honour...
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    US racetrack Santa Anita - horse deaths

    yes good news, I hope one day they understand that money is uneatable. drugs, lasix, dirt tracks or inbreeding, theese are parts of puzzle. Main problem is ignorance and empire of Money. horses get tranquilizer too on racedays. an this is legal in North America. (acepromazine) If you visit an...
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    Mitsubishi Shogun

    I have no idea about Shogun but do not think 2.9 T XC90 because it has a General Motors transmission and this transmission is a real troublemaker. others (2.4-2.5-4.4) have japanese transmission and more reliable.
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    US racetrack Santa Anita - horse deaths

    it depends on the what you have as a broodmare line…doesn't? if you have a Dynaformer I can say some US sire lines to mate will get better results if she is a good one. but if you have a Selkirk definitely you may find tons of UK /IRE lines. like pivotal, singspiel or maybe Japanese deep...
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    US racetrack Santa Anita - horse deaths

    Literally I say rest of the World. I know a lot of TB people thinking like that, Asians, South Americans... I have no idea about the reason.
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    US racetrack Santa Anita - horse deaths

    statistic shows that : for 1000 races: santa anita 2009 fatal injury rate :0,59 (polytrack) santa anita 2016 fatal injury rate :3,13 (dirt) santa anita 2017 fatal injury rate: 2,38 (dirt) As you know most American racetrack traditionally has a dirt surface but Santa Anita park switched to...
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    Help! Foal names

    Ferdinand Fortuna Flyer
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    EDT Qualifications

    Thanks EM, so I understand that there is not any formal dentistry school but young people try to catch all kind of education and apprenticeship oportunities. sounds good.
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    EDT Qualifications

    I'm litle bit confused, I hope someone explain that what I miss In united states there is a qualification if you want to take it you go to exam including written + practical parts. Little bit costly, like 1100$ As an equine dental school student you can try this way ; Once you find a decent...
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    Been given the opportunity to loan a broodmare - could use some advice please!

    I had a (1/3 shareowner) TB broodmare in North America. after conflict between shareowners I have sold my share for broodmare and her yearling. so I quit as evenmoney. This time I plan to buy one or two broodmares from bloodstock auctions in December. So I have 11 months more. When I take a...
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    Sedating for dentist

    if some one ask to you ''what kind of tyres are better ? all season, winter, All Terrain or summer?' definitely your reply is ''it depends on the weather and road conditions'' no one wants to use noisy tyres but if you need all terrain type, you must use them. Main point is the horse. sedated...
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    What do you hate that everyone else loves?

    Any white color thing on racehorses. especially white blinkers,hoods, White race bandages...also peanut green and orange race bandages. (oh! I do not like white cheese either...obviously that is about me)
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    In need of some good horsie books

    Thanks for all posts, perfect thread. As an ex TB person my favorites Frederico Tesio - Breeding the Racehorse (little bit old school but I like it, Tesio is breeder of legendery unbeaten ''Nearco'') Jeremy James - The Byerley Turk
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    Wolf teeth

    yes it is strange place for wolf teeth, is it appear? sometimes wolf teeth stay under gumline and when a dental tech. feels it he/she says ''your horse has a blind wolf teeth'' You will not use a bit but it can be annoying for your youngster because she gonna feel it on her tongue always. Also...
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    Farriery in Turkey

    half education is worse than no education. ..You can see very good farriers at racetracks and international riding centers in Turkey but if you go to suburban of any city you can see something like that. It is a county where blacks and whites together. Main problem is ignorance of horse owners....
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    pedigreequery question

    22-d is broodmare family. Others (something like 2-4-6-2-4) these numbers show that how many Chef de race stallions included this pedigree and what kind of chef de race stallions on it. As simply Chef de race stallions are successful stallions and dominate next Lyphard...
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    Help - Pony Cannot be Bridled

    Hi, suspicious situation. firstly displacement is a congenital (inborn) malfunction. sometimes happens when horse is 1 or 2 years old. does not occur when horse is 18, it sounds like eye color change after 18.... did any other EDT say this before in past 12 years? An ordinary EDT can recognise...
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    Best small tow car

    Subaru Outback 3,0 gasoline 2004-2008...which is better than 2.5 because 2.5 has some cronic problems like engine overheating etc. also 3.0 has timing chain (you do not have to change it) , 2.5 has timing belt you must change it periodically. Subaru Forester 2003 and newer, (but not 2.5...
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    Ranching holiday

    3 years ago I spent one month in a horse ranch in Colorado but not for holiday. I had a fantastic time over there. also I have lived in Alberta for couple years. I can't say any spesific ranch name but if we talk about states, Montana would be a perfect choice. Also you can look for Colorado...
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    Vet or dentist for teeth?

    I agree with @Eventingmum, additionally manuel rasps can not fix everything. Maybe manuel raps work on your horse(s) but if a horse has big hooks,big ramps or huge problems on incisors the EDT must use power tools. Otherwise a horse will have bigger eating and bitting problems. Please check...
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    Recommend me a dentist please

    I'm not a Britsh and just curious why you guys prefer EDT's using hand tools. Must be a reason. Rest of world EDT's use both and my opinion, the EDT must decide about it. Maybe hour horse needs electric tools.