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  1. windand rain

    Do horses really grow much more after 5 years old?

    Mine seem to stop going up at a little more than 2 year olds but do fill out and look a lot bigger as they age so in my experiance no they dont but it does depend on how well done they are when babies
  2. windand rain

    Pictures 23 years old today and more than 21 years in my life

    Love this old girl and she is still in full work she has been a joy every minute of her life with us and has done everything we could ask of her. You could put your granny on her or a toddler (we do) and will step it up to do a mean x country too
  3. windand rain

    Showing a part bred Section D

    Yes feathers too
  4. windand rain

    Showing a part bred Section D

    I agree with BP a partbred should always be shown pulled,trimmed and plaited. The only exception is a palomino in a colour class
  5. windand rain

    Do dressage judges care if...

    Sub conscious can be very powerful though I would expect putting Karl Hester or Charlotte du jardin on a dirty hairy pony would still result in exceptional marks and yes I know they would likely get a good tune out of said pony but the fact they were sitting on it would be a few points in the...
  6. windand rain

    Sweet itch?

    I had a highland that always rubbed her face at this time of year never any other time but it got raw and hairless if she had anything to rub on We concluded that it was some sort of pollen allergy possibly a grass species it went again a few weeks after hay was cut
  7. windand rain

    What is it with kids thinking it’s cool to jump high?!

    My cousin brought his fiancee to visit from Australia she asked to have a gallop on the beach on my boy he was a scopey 16hh. I advised her not to gallop back to me but if she did to turn him into the sea if she couldnt stop She thought she knew better galloped back towards me the horse jumped...
  8. windand rain

    Can you imagine your life without horses?

    I can imagine it but it would be horrible. No need to leave the sofa, no need to go into the countryside, no need to mix socially. Yup nightmare recipe. I would get fatter and lazier and my mind would shut down. So ponies are my lifeline I will admit my advancing age and aches and pains worry me...
  9. windand rain

    The things I have learned.....

    Yes all of those and more trying to buy but trying to sell is far worse. Standing about for hours with no shows, people who read an ad for not a novice horse and cannot rise to trot, Getting insulted if I ask them to ride a safe horse before trying a youngster, big people wanting an adult child...
  10. windand rain

    Showing the unregistered cob

    Part bred classes unaffiliated but she will need to be trimmed and plaited
  11. windand rain

    What is it with kids thinking it’s cool to jump high?!

    yes that was another challenge we did being the one on the take off and landing was a bit scary at times. We rode in the forestry commission land among the trees never stuck to paths jumped up and down bits of quarry. We used to swim in the river it was deep enough for the horses to actually be...
  12. windand rain

    Highland pony - a question.

    I saw that one too but wouldn't want to breed from a possible PSSM horse or for that matter one who behaved like that rare breed or no. It could be poor handling though
  13. windand rain

    What is it with kids thinking it’s cool to jump high?!

    Or even jumping at all the little child who rides my pony is desperate to jump the higher the better. She cannot even rise to the trot in an upright position. Every child that has tried to jump the old girl has fallen off the front as she jumps in a perfect parabola not running in with a head...
  14. windand rain

    Best New Owner Breeds?

    The best breed is the one that fits the horse you like. You say you are too tall for highlands and cobs etc but actually they are often much bigger to ride than skinny legged tbs etc and often just as challenging. There are a few overheight highlands but a full up 14.2 is a big strong horse...
  15. windand rain

    Rugging Mares and Foals

    Would never rug a mare with a foal and have only rugged a foal once when it was seriously ill (sadly didnt make it) but it was already on the floor by then. Did see a foal caught in the leg straps of its mums rug once so wouldnt be something I would ever do.
  16. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    Pros tend to win on merit after all that is their trade you can beat them as home produced but unless you learn and observe what they do and how they do it you will struggle to beat them. Only gripe a lot of people have is when pros pretend to be home produced ie riding at top level for others...
  17. windand rain

    Showing - County versus Local Show differences

    Some county shows dont send numbers out so you may have to collect them but apart from that you need to be at the ringside before your class starts they wont wait and may stop you entering the ring if they have got the bulk of entries there on time. Collecting rings are usually close to the ring...
  18. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    Think it was PUK with the clapometer I was there when they did it it was a lot of fun but not for the right reasons
  19. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    There are so many adults in the low classes now at our local venue they divide them by horse or pony the horse class is often much bigger than the pony class even though a lot more adults ride ponies now
  20. windand rain

    The pony quest continues - short tail eaten by a foal?! Hair Extenions?

    Yup I agree it does look chewed whether by a foal or a human with scissors it has definitely been chewed but it will grow back over the winter
  21. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    Me too once saw a showing class done on the ice skating marks system with 4 judges with cards to hold up it was interesting to watch until one judge quickly added up the marks others had given and changed his mark so his favourite one won it started out as a 7 and was quickly changed to 9 when...
  22. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    You see to me dressage is just as bad as showing okay you get numbers on a sheet but it is still subjective and although some write an essay some do not explain their marks in the comments box and a sheet may just contain smart pony well ridden. Or not on your side today but shows promise etc
  23. windand rain

    Is my pony too fat?!

    Emerald green grass chaff is well received by my lot and it is completely chemical free as are their grass nuts, No pesticides and no herbicides are used in the fields they are grown locally to me and will point you to the field it was grown in if you have the code off the bag they are so keen...
  24. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    Nice to hear some are enjpying it I love it I don't mind where we come occassionally feel cheated when beaten by a clearly lame horse but thats a different problem. I appreciate people give up time and money to judge and steward and most of the time the friendliest places are at show. We always...
  25. windand rain

    Is my pony too fat?!

    Looks fine for now but wouldnt want him any fatter and would like to see him lose a bit over the winter
  26. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    I understand the answers re local showing but these are prestigious HOYS qualifiers direct access to the top show of the year it used to have so many ponies, over 50, (natives are my speciality) they didnt all fit in the ring but had to be brought in in groups now there are about 20 in each...
  27. windand rain

    Hunter or riding horse

    Locally you will be unlikely to get hack classes so all the horses shown on this thread are riding horses at this level at affilliated they are a bit of a mix as it depends on turnout and way of going too
  28. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    I have just checked the entry numbers at our local county show, when we went every year class number entries were in the 50's with 30's forward this year number of entries are in their low twenties at best and fewer will present. Is it just the showing world that is dying or are the general...
  29. windand rain

    Highland pony - a question.

    OK I stand corrected I read the first table but missed it in the second. I still think that the low sugar low starch high salt high oil diet is good for all horses and if you cannot yet test for it I would just follow that diet to see if it worked first after all you really should only change...
  30. windand rain

    Highland pony - a question.

    Sometimes it is just the way of it it does sound a bit like PSSM but not sure the gene has been identified in Highlands But am happy to be corrected. Highland ponies are generally speaking opinionated and can be stubborn they need careful feeding as it takes very little to make them too fat to...