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    Dartford people

    That's terrible. There's a lot of dodgy dealers changing tact now due to facebook invoking no animal sales so take extra care.
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    Dartford people

    Im next door county - Essex - & am member of Dodgy Dealers - feel free to PM
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    Saddle question

    Join the saddle club of errors! We have found our AH GP Sports saddle bought secondhand for 700 to be ideal for both dressage & jumping. The AH saddles specialize in fitting tricky wide natives. I now wouldn't use anything else on our natives. There's a brilliant facebook page where secondhand...
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    Fairfax breastplate

    Interesting discussion - I recall sometime this year reading about rotational falls in eventing & questions being raised about reasons etc. with some believing it has been impacted by taking away roads & tracks, more relevance placed on dressage -sorry cant remember where I read it - just wonder...
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    Fairfax breastplate

    Golly yes I see what you mean - interesting topic though to read the research from Fairfax
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    Fairfax breastplate

    Thank you will take a look
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    Fairfax breastplate

    please could you enlighten me more - sorry just wanting to learn not to debate
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    Fairfax breastplate

    I know the Fairfax breastplate is different but we used to use an elasticated breastplate when we had a less than perfect K&M saddle but once we changed saddles after a while we realized that the breastplate was restricting her shoulder jumping so simply dont use one. Unless you have a specific...
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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    We've only just got up & running really after numerous set backs. Its our first experience of BE - yes its costly but all the stewards have been so incredibly friendly & helpful, the times are always spot on, the arenas massive, the ground fabulous. We have hogged our cob so no wretched plaiting...
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    Continual problems

    Our cob was standing with her feet camped under last year & it turned out to be a virus, which you cannot treat but just rest & slow recuperation work together with ensuring full vit & min spec.
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    Harsh riding by showjumping kids

    This is why we just don't go pure show jumping as our local venues seem to be full of kids & older for that matter just yanking, kicking, thumping on backs, a horrible sight to behold, as is most of what comes out of their mouths as well.
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    Harsh riding by showjumping kids

    Absolutely most definitely would I have spoken to the organisers.
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    Captions on photos of horses in the paper (I despair!)

    Makes my heart bleed looking at the majority of those photos as most are showing signs of facial pain - I absolutely HATE HATE HATE that they can race ride on the roads - that is disgusting & needs to be BANNED.
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    Farrier issues...

    I would definitely speak to him so you know exactly where you stand going forward with his charges etc. Sadly speaking from personal experience I am so glad to be barefoot now so as not to have to deal with either loosing shoes or being at the mercy of farriers.
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    Laminitis and double cream

    OMG that's so funny SEL - me too I mean really Double Cream !?!?!
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    How hard is too hard?!

    Ahhh my mistake sorry Although the ground is firm we have had on/off rain & I wouldn't be worried about it yet unless my horses were showing me any signs that they were worried!
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    Laminitis and double cream

    Exactly SEL so many people rave about all these products/ideas but when its done in conjunction with everything else management/diet wise why cant they see its the management/diet that's made the difference not the bloody double cream - big sighhhhhhhhhhhh
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    Getting a Canter lead correct, top tips please

    Struggling with correct canter leads can be a sign of pelvis issues have you had him checked by your physio? We had this with our cob & physio has greatly improved it Also straightness training helps as most just like humans have weaker & stronger side.
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    How hard is too hard?!

    If he is barefoot he will have far less concussion from the ground - strange really as we all think shoes = comfort/protection as with humans but actually its the opposite most of the times with horses as its the frog that cushions the landing so if you have big healthy frogs that's ideal. If we...
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    Summer loan?

    We find ourselves in a similar situation with our connie who had glandular ulcers but on top of that have my daughter is not the right partner for him. He has currently been turned away for a year but we are planning to restart him first revisiting all his groundwork, long reining etc to...
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    Too much haylage?

    We recently found that although the haylage supposedly has a lower sugar content our ponies just did too well on it! Being a first time user I didnt realize it was rye haylage which was just too yummy & rich. We then switched to meadow haylage which is a lot drier & not as tasty. Urinaating...
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    Instructors for specific breeds/ways of going

    We too have a cracking coblet we are eventing, what has worked for us if having an Instructor who also riders her as well so she totally gets the feel of her & can translate that perfectly to my daughter - its been very helpful indeed.
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    Dealer for “normal” horses, London area

    First thing I would do is join the Facebook group Dodgey Horse Dealers especially as you haven't got a massive budget so you don't get caught out by some well known crooks of the horse world.
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    Horse having a nervous breakdown

    We had a ticking time bomb & turned out to be glandular ulcers. Alfalfa sent ours over the edge totally. Stop the feed. Get a proper work up done. If nothing found Id always scope for ulcers. Also have you read up on Sue Dyson facial pain expression - very interesting & useful diagnostic tool...
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    Laminitis caught early - how long before grass?

    Ycbm - that's a very interesting & thought provoking article & website - thank you & good luck with your pony.
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    Standing in with no food

    Great thank you.
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    Standing in with no food

    Many thanks flying high for the links - interesting reading of the 1st link - 2nd link states page no longer there. So based on research a horse will eat less between 11pm - 7am so as well as the sugar content being lower in the grass overnight added in that they habitually dont eat much over...
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    Standing in with no food

    Can you point me to the studies showing this please as very interested on anything ulcer related - thank you.
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    Question about Spring grass/founder risk

    I would do as above - proceed with extreme caution yes the grass is still growing like crazy due to rain sun rain sun - also join the facebook lami page to learn more as you really need to educate yourself in prevention rather than cure & take extra care.
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    Advice on loading & loading issues

    Yes this worked for us too but ours didn't give in quite as quick & did rear a few times over a period of trys but when you watch experts videos they all initially get this response & then the horse relinquishes - its all about consistency which is what I feel RM training gives you as its an...