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  1. Nayumi1

    Ulcers.....Anyone with Experience?

    So Thursday of easter my mare was scoped for ulcers and came back with Grade 3 Ulcers over entire stomach. She is now currently on Ulcer Gold syringe every morning and omeprazole type powder in feed in the evening. This is to continue for 4 weeks and then it will be halved. Shes currently to...
  2. Nayumi1

    Revamping my Trailer

    Just looking for some advice for products to use on my trailer. It's a 2008 Cheval Liberte Pullman Green/White. The colour is looking a little lifeless and there is some black scum on the roof. Was hoping to clean it up and bring it back to life really. What are the best products that you have...
  3. Nayumi1

    Beach Recommendations - Yorkshire

    I am looking for recommendations to take my mare to the beach for the first time in Yorkshire 😊 Thanks in advance for all suggestions!!!!
  4. Nayumi1

    My mares progress

    So it’s been 6 months since I bought my first mare. It’s been a lot of hard work with farrier, saddle fitter, vet and physio but it’s been so worth it. I have been riding 2 years and there was some concerns of being a novice with a thoroughbred. However I made sure I had plenty of support around...
  5. Nayumi1

    Recommendations on grip reins

    Hi guys, so I am looking for options for the best reins in your opinion for performance/grip? Similar to below (in black)
  6. Nayumi1

    Collegiate Comfitec Bridle

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Collegiate Comfitec Bridle? Was thinking of getting it for my girl.
  7. Nayumi1

    A bit of a rant

    So I keep my horse on a very small livery yard which works perfectly for myself. I am the newest on the yard which has a total of 5 horses (3 geldings and 2 mares). My mare is sharing the field with one other pony who I share poo picking duties with taking it in turns each day. The main things...
  8. Nayumi1

    Feeling like a bad horse mum!

    So I’ve now had my mare 2 months. When I bought her I also got her saddle which was meant to be a made to measure silhouette GP saddle. She’s barely used it due to lack of time and never riding (why she sold her in the first place). I had the farrier and physio out rather early on. Sorted out...
  9. Nayumi1

    Male riders - Rising Trot

    So my partner has decided he wants to start learning to ride. His daughter loans a horse whose owner is more than happy for him to learn on and he has had a couple of lessons so far. He was riding yesterday in the school and was trying to get the rising trot. Being female I neglected the fact...
  10. Nayumi1

    Riding Instructor - West Yorkshire

    Hi Wondering if anyone has some recommendations for a private instructor based in West Yorkshire. Ideally looking to get into eventing but mainly focusing on flatwork at the moment. Thanks!
  11. Nayumi1

    Feed Options - ideas welcome

    So I have had Lunar 3 weeks now. She has had ulcers previously and since then has been on Baileys Ease and Excel with no issues since. I am currently continuing the ease and excel but was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a better alternative that I can gradually switch to? I’m adding...
  12. Nayumi1

    WWYD - A bit stuck on best way

    So a couple of weeks ago I bought my own horse - Lunar. She's a 6yr old reschooled ex-race (that never raced). She is a very forgiving ride, really responsive to aids etc. I've been riding her most days to learn/get to know her and for her to get to know me. Every day we (mostly me) make more...
  13. Nayumi1

    WEG - Watching live on FEI TV

    So I am trying to watch WEG on FEI TV and all I keep getting is technical difficulties. Endurance comes and goes, dressage won't load and reining just has technical difficulties coming up. Is anyone else having these issues?
  14. Nayumi1

    My new family member

    So we have added a new member to our family. Introducing Lunar a 6yr old Thoroughbred. She was trained for racing though never made it, she's been then schooled for 2 years with her previous owner. She has been with us nearly 2 weeks now and she has settled in so well. On the ground her...
  15. Nayumi1

    Mobile Phone App for Stable Management

    Just wondering if there are any good phone apps (apple) that track the stable management of your horse. Ideally for vaccinations, farrier, dentist, worming etc?
  16. Nayumi1

    How many do the same?

    I have an office job, it is a boring office job. I end up sat here thinking about everything horse, wishing I had a job outdoors on a farm! At lunchtime I am straight on the forum! Anyone else do the same? On the plus side I will be riding Miss Tia tonight so that should help recover from the...
  17. Nayumi1

    Riding School vs Reality

    I've had several discussions over the last year I've been riding where it's been mentioned that riding school horses don't give an accurate reality on how to ride a horse. In the riding school they do the same thing day in day out so you learn to be a passenger rather than actually ride, control...
  18. Nayumi1

    Perils of being an adult beginner rider

    I guess I'm putting it out there to see if anyone else has had similar experiences and suggestions on what you would do. I've been riding as a 31 year old for just over a year now. I started off at a riding school doing lessons twice a week. I then started helping out a lady with two horses...
  19. Nayumi1

    Hoof Clay....any experiences?

    So the horse I ride regularly has a small hole at the bottom of her hoof which seems to be great for tiny little stones to hide. The owner was wanting to try hoof clay to see if that will help. Has anyone had any experience with hoof clay? What were your thoughts on it?
  20. Nayumi1

    Inconsiderate road users!

    So last night we were riding up to our lesson, which a section of it requires us to ride on a main road. We crossed over to the far side of the main road and began setting off towards the arena. Behind us was 3 young lads on motorbikes, we signaled for them to slow down, which they did to an...
  21. Nayumi1

    Riders Fitness Question

    So a bit of background: So I'm an novice adult rider, been riding again for just over a year now. Prior to that I was sedentary for a year after sereral years of hiking and rock climbing. I wouldn't say I am unfit, I can still jog a good 6 or so kms however I am definitely not the fitness level...
  22. Nayumi1

    Long time lurker finally deciding to say hi

    So I have been using the horse and hound forum for a while now but always just reading what people put rather than contributing. I've now decided to poke my head out from shadows and say hellow. A little about me: I'm an Australian trying hard to survive in the UK until I can move back (3...
  23. Nayumi1

    A questions for the beginner adult riders

    So I started riding when I was very young however as a kid with many hobbies I ended up giving riding up not returning until last year at 30. I am absolutely in love with riding again and love the idea of one day competing in eventing (low level) My questions to those out there who started as...