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  1. Hanno Verian

    How difficult to find a reliable groom?

    Having shared my own groom nightmare, now for the other side of the coin. I helped a young friend 20 years ago to get a job when she relocated, she ended up working for a reasonably well known eventer who thought it was perfectly acceptable to start early and finish at ten at night, as a special...
  2. Hanno Verian

    How difficult to find a reliable groom?

    Always a difficult one, I’ve had some good grooms and some terrible ones, but had friends who have worked as grooms for shocking bosses. My worst experience was the groom who I phoned up to see how she was getting on, to be told she was just tacking up my horse to ride him out, when I was on my...
  3. Hanno Verian

    Yard owner doesn't let us use trailer locks!?

    Bl**dy Hell - yet another YO who fits into the megalomaniac basket. I’d be asking him if he would be prepared to give me £5.5K because sure as hell your insurance company won’t. And for all the YO’s who’s hackles have risen 6” I’m fully aware of just how awkward clients can be wanting their...
  4. Hanno Verian

    Trailer & yard anti-theft ideas

    What Ive done before is bolted a tow bar onto a building hitched the trailer too it and then put a hitch lock onto it to prevent someone unhitching it. I have seen these -...
  5. Hanno Verian

    Teenager thrown off horse, dog owner refuses to call off dog – Devon 7th Jan

    In case anyone hasn't seen it - Update
  6. Hanno Verian

    Teenager thrown off horse, dog owner refuses to call off dog – Devon 7th Jan

    Does anyone know any more about the incident, that horse and rider are OK and whether the individual has been identified?
  7. Hanno Verian

    Teenager thrown off horse, dog owner refuses to call off dog – Devon 7th Jan

    Just seen the report in H&H about this incident, does anyone know anymore about it?
  8. Hanno Verian

    Which side of the trailer

    Not a daft question at all, only daft if you don't ask it! Right hand side for single horse/biggest horse, I once followed a trailer that went over on a particularly tight bend with a stiff camber after driver took the bend too fast with a horse loaded on the left. Not pleasant !!
  9. Hanno Verian

    Sports insurance

    Does anyone here have general sports insurance? I have cover for my riding through my horse policy, but this doesn’t give me the level of cover for loss of earnings I’m looking for. I have been using Sports Direct to cover my other sports, I’m interested in what other people use if anything?
  10. Hanno Verian

    Owner shares shocking video footage of near-miss in lorry - Why hasnt she reported it??

    Just seen the dash cam video Why the hell hasn't the owner Linda Faulks gone to the police with this she has dashcam footage, albeit not great quality - pointless having a dascam if you cant read...
  11. Hanno Verian

    When did it become acceptable to allowdogs to run free across other peoples land?

    Only read partway into the thread - But yes it is illegal if the posted speed limit is under 30mph - And yes we've all done it at some stage, consciously or unconsciously, I personally would have no issue with being pulled for doing over 30 if I was in the wrong, Id chalk it up to my own...
  12. Hanno Verian

    How to pay for a horse

    Online payment, but do a test payment of £10 the day before and get them to confirm that they have received it and at what time, then compare the receipt time to the send time and you know if its going to be instant or take upto 4 hours. Don't use paypal the fees are astronomical. I've done it...
  13. Hanno Verian

    Selling saddles

  14. Hanno Verian

    Positive experience with cyclists

    I don't, I will see if I can google it and turn up the event it was passing through the village of Winterbourne Bassett in Wiltshire and they were heading towards Avebury. I agree it would be great to give them some positive feedback and thanks.
  15. Hanno Verian

    Positive experience with cyclists

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the cyclists that my trainer and I almost literally ran into on Sunday, I cycle, but not competitively and I've been very aware of the often justified bad press that certain cyclists have generated through their behaviour on the road and around horses...
  16. Hanno Verian

    Hacking with air jacket/hi vis

    I'm not being funny but would you bet your life on it! If you are insured, you might well find that your insurance company declined to pay out on the basis that the vest was not used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions as a way of weaselling out. The other thing is it might...
  17. Hanno Verian

    Which side of your trailer do you travel a single horse on

    They might be well balanced unloaded, but by introducing a horse, you both raise the centre of gravity and offset it from the centre line of the trailer both of which effect stability, add a camber to the road, add centrifugal force from turning, throw in a horse stumbling and or a gust of wind...
  18. Hanno Verian

    Which side of your trailer do you travel a single horse on

    This has been brought on by seeing a lot of IW type trailers on the roads with a decent sized horse (16hh) loaded on what is the nearside (side nearest to kerb). I would never ever think about putting a horse in a position where it can effect a trailers centre of gravity and put the horse...
  19. Hanno Verian

    Dog Poo Wormery

    if you worm your dogs it will be very short lived....
  20. Hanno Verian

    Poo picking in residential area

    OMG - I read part of the Mumsnet post, I nearly cried laughing quite apart from some nutty woman running out to scream at a horserider for allowing her horse to poo on the road, there was the gem from a woman who was worried about her child playing in the road and getting covered in horse poo...
  21. Hanno Verian

    DOH!!!!!! - Thank you Ester
  22. Hanno Verian

  23. Hanno Verian

    Help me please with buying a body protectors/air vest

    I believe that was resolved, the issue was around their upgraded Balios failing to achieve BETA certification and there only being the older (BETA accredited) ones available, the "New" Balios range became available in I think Jan (18), I bought one then having held off for over a year. The...
  24. Hanno Verian

    Can horses be affected by noise?

    We had a lovely cob, who became a complete neurotic mess over the course of a year because of the commercial shooting in the estate where we kept him, he developed ulcers and turned from being a kind reasonably placid creature to an absolute fiend. We rehomed him and he's living the life of...
  25. Hanno Verian

    Hi-viz in sunny weather...

    Bizarre isn't it, a year or so ago a friend nearly ran into the daughter of an Olympic medallist who is now moving up the eventing levels herself. Out with her groom, each riding and leading two, in thick fog at 7.00AM, without a light or scrap of hi viz between them. When mentioning that some...
  26. Hanno Verian

    Eeek going to view a horse - what to ask and whether to vet?

    Are you planning to insure? If yes, vetting is mandatory in my experience, 5 stage if you include LOU
  27. Hanno Verian

    Calories burnt in dressage training?

    Hi Charf Glad it was useful, don't get too hung up numbers, treat them as a guide not an absolute! I used to get obsessed over split times cycling and all the cadence & HR readings, generally it confirmed how I felt about myself, I know my own body. We all fluctuate and cardio fitness will...
  28. Hanno Verian

    Calories burnt in dressage training?

    Hi there, I think that its a little over inflated, I've just restarted rowing (on a concept 2) using a heart rate monitor (chest mounted) and over the course of three sessions of fairly high intensity training this week have notched up 1.15 of rowing, with an average heart rate of 135 BPM and a...
  29. Hanno Verian

    Tack shops in Walsall and other horsey things to do there?

    There isn't really much in Walsall, if you have transport Townfields Saddlery on the other side of Birmingham (towards Coventry) or Horse Sense at Solihull Riding Club are worth a look at (or rather used to be)