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    Is this ok for dressage?

    Thank you. Yes I think that's best 😊
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    Is this ok for dressage?

    Hi, my gelding is prone to rub marks/bald patches on his neck where the reins rest so I have fleece covers on them, about 10" long and only just wider than the reins. Are these ok to use in a test or do I need to remove them? Thanks in advance.
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    ARC Equine Unit

    Hi, I too noticed that my horse was lying down a lot and chilled in the field. This also helped when I was walking him, he was such a good boy, chilled and walked out lovely. My friend has it on her horse at the minute and he too has chilled right out as he was sometimes very grumpy. He has an...
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    ARC Equine Unit

    I have recently bought one, the AE2 and my horse is in to the 3rd phase so in total has had it on for 4 weeks. He was lame with a splint for about a month before I bought one. He went sound in the 2nd week of using the AE unit but has also had the odd days of slight lameness too. I did the 2...
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    3 months with new boy - update with pics

    He's very nice. Looks like you're already having fun together. :)
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    When is it time to admit defeat?

    My horse is similar, very jumpy and has a wicked spin but I'm managing it (was as he's off work at the minute). It is frustrating but some riders can sort it so I'd be honest and just say he's a bit sharp and needs experienced rider. As he's talented and a lovely horse in other ways, honesty is...
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    Splint advice pls

    Hello, well my horse seems to have knocked himself in the paddock and given himself a splint! Short story: he's now been lame for 5 weeks! Been reading all about them and it seems there's lots of different views/opinions. I had vet out after I'd kept him on box rest for 2 days and he trotted up...
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    Strange lameness when going downhill your thoughts please

    Firstly if he were mine, I would get a good chiro/massager person (with good reputation) out as he could have issues with his pelvis and back esp as you mention he hitches up his hip? This would also cause pain thru his back, and unlevelness. Also it could be that his 'hard' gluts are in...
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    To those who have had horses with mud fever....

    I found the muddy marvellous cream helped and a friend said it helped hers too. I made the mistake of using many different creams/potions at the start, n it had a chemical reaction n made it worse for a while. When it gets bit better/less scabby, I found that the keratex mud shield powder...
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    Bad day at the vets

    Gosh I am really sorry to hear this and feel deeply for you. My gelding is currently on box rest with walking/grazing in hand. I have heard good things about the injections for her hocks tho the chips need time to heal. The hole in the suspensory is a bit more complex IMO. My 8yo gelding has...
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    Worst Xmas day ever. Fractured splint bone

    Update: Hello all, the nice vet came out Friday, took off bandage, said everything is as he expected, wiped it out, and put another bandage on. I could then walk out twice a day for 10 mins walking and twice a day 10 mins grazing. First day, saturday, I did 5 mins walking n as he was so chilled...
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    Worst Xmas day ever. Fractured splint bone

    Update: due to ice disappearing we can now walk out in hand for a graze for 10 mins twice a day. He was sedated this morning and I am really pleased to say that he was an angel. As soon as his feet touched the grass, his head went down n he just munched at the grass. He's now chilling back in...
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    Worst Xmas day ever. Fractured splint bone

    Whoop! He's home. Vet says 2 weeks box rest n then re-X-ray to see what is happening. I can walk him out for short grazes twice a day, which wasn't expected but I'm grateful. He's coming to change bandage on Friday n check on it. I'll keep you all up to date. Thanks again for your positive...
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    Worst Xmas day ever. Fractured splint bone

    Thanks again everyone. It's making me feel much better fun times, I have to agree. It's heart warming to hear all these positive stories. I've been to see him again this morning and he's being positively perky and his usual cheeky nuzzling self. Vet is going to re-assess today and take more...
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    If it is just normal thrush, I use canesten thrush cream from the chemist, or a similar cheaper make. 1% My horse had a deep hole in the frog/heel and I had to mix that with a special cream as it was really quite bad. It worked a treat. Had it originally for the first 6 yrs I had her, and had...
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    Worst Xmas day ever. Fractured splint bone

    There should be a 'like' button on here. Thanks ladies, and thank you for your kind words. Nodding discreetly at KG1. @SO1. Did your horse have the broken bone removed? Was it nearer top or bottom of the splint bone? Or did it mend/join back on main bone? I've been told 4 weeks box rest...
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    Worst Xmas day ever. Fractured splint bone

    My horse on Xmas day came in with a puncture wound on his right foreleg. I cleaned it in saline solution and bandaged it up. The wound wasn't very big but quite deep so I spoke to vet who advised it would be ok to leave til morning. Long story short, he could feel the splint bone was...
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    Facebook CAN be helpful :)

    Yep, FB can be very helpful sometimes. Great idea. Have fun.
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    Lovely outcome for a blind horse

    Awww, so nice to read about things like this.
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    Neighing horses, surprise from neighbour!

    Awwww how lovely. How sad too. :-(
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    Grrrr. What happens now??? Lesson learnt!

    Not registered at all. But has a good reputation for fitting bespoke specialist saddles. I read all about him beforehand and the positives outweighed the negatives but he's not done my horse any favours. Yes he has got a FB page. Thanks for your reply
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    Grrrr. What happens now??? Lesson learnt!

    I feel a bit of a nuisance tbh even tho it's him who keeps getting fit wrong. My horse isn't Spanish, he started doing this leapt things like Spanish do. He's a holsteiner. Thanks for your reply
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    Have you ever regretted selling a horse?

    Yes. I sold a mare I had years ago as I fell pregnant and couldn't afford 2 horses. I used to cry myself to sleep worrying about her. I won loads on her and she gave me loads of confidence, and we had a special bond. I sold her as a hack due to NA ringbone. They didn't get on with her and they...
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    Need to make a decision!

    Good luck. I hope it all works out ok for you both x
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    Which low cal chaff ?

    I use hi-fi lite :)
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    Grrrr. What happens now??? Lesson learnt!

    If a reputable saddle maker said this to you, would you trust him with your pride & joy? "I will make you a saddle to fit your horse, if we have to alter it a dozen times or change the panels, I'll get it to fit him, I won't just walk away. If it doesn't work, I'll take the saddle back and...
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    Just got my nick dolman saddle

    You were right sbloom, after a week, I felt downhill and didn't feel right, so nick came and took it away, brought it back and still wasn't happy so took it away again, replaced the panels again and then it was much better.
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    silly old fool does teeny tiny arena eventing

    Well done. Are you still smiling :)
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    Just got my nick dolman saddle

    Well, after just one week, Nick Dolman has brought me my Christmas prezzie, a shiny new saddle, just how I asked for it to be made. Only just one test ride in it tonight and my horse felt more free thru his shoulders and had such a lovely consistent light contact. But I have to admit that it...
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    Anyone own a shogun auto?

    Hi, yes Tilda, mine has the gear change thing too. Ummmm, I'm wondering if its just mine? I've had the EGR valve replaced too coz I was told this would help, but it hasn't!