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  1. hellfire

    Liquid brewers yeast

    Ive fed brewers yeast to my horses past and present. We collect brewers grain each week from the local brewery for our cattle. Was chatting to him today and mentioned I fed powder Brewers yeast. He asked if I could feed the live liquid yeast he chucks away and what the difference were. I don't...
  2. hellfire

    Cushings update

    Said I'd let people know and I'm very happy to say his re test after 1/4 tablet a day means his level is now 19 instead of 445! He's gone back to his normal chirpy self bombing about like a grand national shetland😂. Here's hoping he sheds his coat properly this year too!!
  3. hellfire

    Cushings and rolling

    Mini was diagnosed in Autum as been showing mild symptoms for a while. He's 16 this year and still regularly ridden but it's getting less as he has started to slow down a bit and Ive found he's much more lively and enjoys it more when it's only once a week now. It's a shame as don't want him...
  4. hellfire

    Cushings and glucosamine/MSM?

    One of my ponies has recently been diagnosed with cushings. He's suffered slight locking hocks for years and was on glucosamine and MSM for years which has been a massive help. Now with cushings it's said glucosamine can make conditions worse in regards to insulin levels. What are any of you...
  5. hellfire

    Thorowgood gullet size confusion.

    Am I correct in thinking it goes orange, white then yellow? The orange is slightly too narrow and yellow too wide. I found a second hand white gullet which I've just put next to the orange and its narrower by a smidge!!?? What's going on? It's stamped A R-XW and has found holes but my other...
  6. hellfire

    Usual saddler has lost the plot! Laughable!!

    My normal saddler has been out a few times lately with my new horse. He's always been good and thorough. I think he's lost the plot! Twice he's forgotten all his measuring stuff and the Thorowgood gullets as I told him that's what I wanted saddle wise as just hacking him at the mo to build...
  7. hellfire

    Horse insurance

    My insurance is up for renewal so I had a shop around. I have 4 horses and have never covered them all for full vets bills in all honesty. Just basics. I've found out from a friend who has rider only insurance it covered any horse she rides for exactly what's been on my more expensive policies...
  8. hellfire

    New Acavallo Coccyx seat saver?

    Just seen they have this new seat saver out. I adore my Acavallo seat saver and bought it a few years ago to help my back. Has anyone tried the new one and if so any good?
  9. hellfire

    Which thorowgood gullet?

    I'm undecided as to which gullet to go for looking at Dakotas wither line on the template. Anyone had a horse that measured like that and if so what did you do? Larger gullet and slight flock?? He's carrying a bit extra fat right now. Sorry the pics not great kept saying it was too big so had to...
  10. hellfire

    New herd member nightmare

    Been quite some time since I introduced a new horse. Dakota came the weekend to join my 3 geldings two of which are Shetlands. Sparky and Dakota are similar size and build and the fighting has been a bit much. Nothing really dangerous but I'm concerned as they are both dominant geldings both cut...
  11. hellfire

    Herd number issues.

    Just wondering if other people have similar issues and the best way to deal with it. I have 3 geldings. Two pair bonded and one just gets left out and is even being bullied by one. He's only a little Shetland so I'm becoming concerned at him being charged at especially when hay is involved. Will...
  12. hellfire

    Thorowgood endurance saddle size??!!

    I received a new thorowgood endurance saddle from a reputable on line stockist. They only go up to 17.5" which is what I got. The seat measures 19"! Even measured from the end of the stud to center of cantle its 18". I called thorowgood and the serial num I saying a 2004 cob saddle. They are...
  13. hellfire

    Serious Separation Anxiety Issues!

    My lad Sparky was a serious neglect case, weaned too early then left alone to starve and beaten all at the age of 3 with no human or horse contact apart from the beating he go from a man. Ive had him 7 years now and had to work through a lot of issues and problems. Ive never had a horse with...
  14. hellfire

    Kent and masters / Thorowgood compact

    Does anyone have a cob compact Kent and masters or thorowgood?"or even just the cob one. I need to know how long the panels are as may be too long on my cob. Ideally a 17.5 but may only get a 17" on him depending on panel size. If anyone could measure their saddle id be very grateful. He's in a...
  15. hellfire

    Pony seems happier in single joint snaffle!

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this. I've recently bitted one of my Shetlands. I've tried French link and lozenge and he either gets his tongue over or tries his hardest, ported and mullen he has his mouth constantly open crossing his jaw lowering his head etc. I tried a single joint...
  16. hellfire

    Driving shetlands. What bit?

    I'm traing my two shetlands to drive. Minstral has been ridden with a bitless bridle for a few years but is too strong in it now. He's very fussy with bits I'd tried a few! His teeth are fine etc. What bits have you found are good. Traditional Liverpool? Half spoons or butterfly? I borrowed a...
  17. hellfire

    wintec 500 wide saddles

    Hi all. Has anyone got the newer wintec 500 wide saddle? I'm having issues fitting my table top fell who's short back. Prob is I'm a 17 1/2" saddle really. Anyone who has one any size can you measure the length please of what's sat on the back. Want a saddle that's shorter but wider seat to...
  18. hellfire

    Bit advice please

    Hi all new to the forum. I've been keeping horses for years and broken several now. My youngster who I'm training is proving a test of patient's to say the least! He's been in a full cheek Mullen happy mouth but now is too strong for it. The girl who rides him is 14 so double rein bits are a no...