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  1. Denbob

    Itchy horse

    Anyone else's itchy at the moment? D seems to be struggling a bit, especially mane, tail, nose and back! No change in management in the last two weeks it's been happening, he's unrugged, naturally quite a hot horse (temperature wise) and a smidgen overweight but we're working on it. I'm...
  2. Denbob

    Oh yeah, this is why i do it!

    I've posted loads about my very tricky winter with D. Fencing issues meant no turnout, no turnout meant wired pony, wired pony meant trip to A&E after being left on the concrete. I don't blame him, but it shook me up in a big way. 8 weeks holiday, an inch or two taller and at least 4 wider (ah...
  3. Denbob

    Fail Friday

    "Get him fit for camp" she said, "he's been so good!" She said. Finally feeling better about hacking, decided it was time to up his trot work. Saintly through the gates, great past the cows, pick up a contact ask for trot and *clang* *thud*. Clean off. The face of no regrets... Please tell...
  4. Denbob

    What to wear...

    For grooming! Have been asked to help a friend at a HOYS qualifier, not sure what to wear in the ring?
  5. Denbob

    Whoops never mind!

    Edited and deleted because I'm a hypochondriac, apologies.
  6. Denbob

    A strange soul indeed...

    A fellow livery came out of her stable after mucking out to find Denzel pulling lovely faces...
  7. Denbob

    Dressage Which Intro?

    Am trying to give myself little targets to aim for, but can't decide whether to enter Intro A or C! (Trying to be sensible and not enter both)
  8. Denbob

    Someone had a heavy night!

  9. Denbob

    Saddle Fitter Appreciation Post

    I bought a new saddle before Denzel went on holiday - a very lovely Black Country Event saddle, so much for my "no proper saddles until he's fully grown" - about 8 weeks ago and booked my saddle fitter to come out and check it once he was back, so she squeezed me into an evening appointment...
  10. Denbob

    Another string test question!

    Having just got D back we've had lots of comments on how he's grown, there's a lot more depth but he's also gone very leggy. Probably a bit of a daft question but would a string test be accurate on a rising 6yo? Last one I did might have overestimated as said he was going to be 17'2hh, he...
  11. Denbob

    Your "must read" horsey books

    As title really, a non-horsey friend has started showing a real interest and wants to get involved. I trust beastie on the ground so he's going to come and meet him in a few weeks but want to set him some homework first (he laughed at that but I'm deadly serious). Book recommendations on all...
  12. Denbob

    Belton Live Stream

    For anyone interested
  13. Denbob

    Anyone a member of...

    The Eventing Club, and if so is it worth it? I'm looking to get involved in more demos/lectures and wondered if this was a good way of going about it.
  14. Denbob

    Is it wrong...

    To feel so relieved! Denzel went off on his holiday today after a month of being stabled. The loading was making me nervous but he went in slowly (he does everything at his own pace...) but with minimal bribery and not one panic moment. He walked off the other end on a new yard having been stuck...
  15. Denbob

    WWYD - rugging (sorry!)

    Denzel will soon be going on holiday livery (all being well) for a month where he'll be checked by staff Monday - Friday. He'll be out 24/7 in a herd with plenty of natural shelter although on a bit of a hill. He's quite a warm horse, not a wimpy type at all (unrugged during the snow down to -5...
  16. Denbob

    Holiday livery

    Looking for somewhere to rough off my 5yo for 6 weeks before I bring him back into work in the spring, near Taunton preferable but prepared to go further on good recommendation.
  17. Denbob

    Eventing ERM 2019 - no Blenheim, Blair or Barbury!

    I feel a bit selfish for being so annoyed! It's great that there are so many exciting venues across Europe but i'll definitely miss Barbury from the calendar, my favourite to attend. Good to see an Irish venue though, don't know much about Millstreet but might look into a weekend away for that...
  18. Denbob

    Soaking hay

    The beast is currently under arrest after leading a small riot (4 horses loose and one grumpy bloated beast after eating someone else's haylage... tw*t) so he's on reduced rations of soaked hay. Although I've fought his corner and think we might be able to get him back out soon even with upped...
  19. Denbob

    Taking bets on breed! Staffy x with ??? He's such a sweet dog, a bit nervous but lovely. Thoughts? ETA: I don't actually know, just curious as to your thoughts!
  20. Denbob

    Favourite exercises for the sticky horse

    In contrast to the other thread, what are some exercises you find really useful for motivating a horse who can be difficult to get thinking forward!
  21. Denbob

    Sedating for dentist

    Beastie is due a check, will be his first one done by an EDT and not a vet for a little while. EDT has said they don't require sedation and beastie doesn't necessarily need it as he's good as gold but have been advised by my vet that it's helpful in order for dentist to get a clearer look even...
  22. Denbob

    Pictures Baby Denzel!

    Following my post earlier about passport names I wanted to get in touch with Denzel's breeder - and got these! Apparently out of a Belgian warmblood mare by a coloured cob! Not quite the ID x I was sold.... He's so cute!
  23. Denbob

    Beastie needs a show name (I think)

    So I'm off poorly and been thinking about Denzel - has passport name is Langson Mason Mayhem which I don't hate but don't feel any particular love for either. He's got no recorded breeding, he's just a backyard bub. I won't bore you with all the different stories I've heard about his breeding...
  24. Denbob

    Thorowgood vs Wintec gullets

    Is there a difference in sizing? Does one fit in the other? The website isn't overly helpful, or I'm overly tired 😂 Denzel needs to go up a size from a red in his wintec and a girl on my yard has a white thorowgood for sale, any ideas if that would work?
  25. Denbob

    Pictures Continuing the Christmas cheer - festive photos!

    By now I'm sure many people have been on some semblance of a Christmas hack/show, I'd love to see other people's pictures of their bedazzled steeds :) My chunky monkey this morning, went out in a group of 7 for his first pub ride and was very sensible for a 5yo :) Better picture of his little...
  26. Denbob

    Carl Hester, Valegro and an 11 year old girl

    No idea how to embed the video but my word! Carl Hester giving his 11 year old niece a lesson she'll never forget on Valegro...
  27. Denbob

    Bareback pads, to try or not to try

    I have the saddle fitter out tonight and while I'm hoping the beast needs to go up a gullet size and readjust the flocking, I'm also aware that she might well say it's not quite suitable as he's just changed so drastically in the 6/7 months since I bought the saddle. The beast is only really...
  28. Denbob

    Barefoot Trimmer Somerset

    Hi! Have had front shoes taken off the beast for a few months now, but as ground is getting wetter want to make sure all is as should be - any recommendations welcome!
  29. Denbob

    Back protector help!

    Beastie is now at a stage where jumping is not a far off possibility (god help us all) and I am desperately on the hunt for a back protector, but there is a small problem... or rather two *ahem* large problems. I'm a size 16 with 36GG boobs, I haven't worn one in a while so any recommendations...
  30. Denbob

    Under the weather after flu jab

    As above really, beastie has been quiet and borderline ill-tempered at times since his flu jab yesterday morning - no swelling on his neck or stiffness at all which I've been advised about in the past. He's not been worked aside from a brief trot up to his field pals afterwards and I have no...