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  1. blitznbobs

    Bit Recommendation

    I agree what you are describing is a wilkie
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    Tech stirrups Aphrodite dressage

    Are kind conventional now? Gosh I’m old
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    Another horse shopping thread

    Bens in Northumberland
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    What is it with kids thinking it’s cool to jump high?!

    It is my experience that kids are jumping less high than they used to and most are terrified of anything above 18 inches we jumped much much higher in the 80s
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    Planning permission for block paving in my field?

    If agricultural tracks are permitted development I would argue if anyone objects that it is a piece of track that’s not finished yet do they want you to put down more?
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    Any idea how..

    Swarfega as a last ditched attempt then wash again in human hair conditioner
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    Having a bit of a wobble!

    So what if you’re not perfect? You’re out competing and hopefully having fun. The one things for certain that this is the youngest you will ever be so get on with it and do the best with what you’ve got - if you come last it’s not the end of the world and I doubt you will having seen the vids in...
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    Very nasty livery?

    Tbh I’d be really careful if I were you - it’s harsh but she has 3 horses on full livery and you have worked there for less than 2 years if the owner has to choose between the 2 of you it makes business sense to choose her in the short term - I’d feel my way very carefully indeed.
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    Hoof pick monthly subscription service? 😂

    We have one hung on the front of every stable use it put it back I also have 5 spares in the horse box
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    I Chickened Out Today

    You don’t want a cockerel do you?
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    Horsey related small claims court advice

    Land law is an exception to the rules about written v verbal contracts unfortunately- you are required to put leases and sale agreements in writing.
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    Pony may be stolen

    Tell them to foxtrot Oscar and come back with a police officer if a crime is suspected... I doubt very much they will want contact with the police— also with the microchip your evidence is better than theirs so I doubt you have any thing to worry about apart from getting your pony stolen of course.
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    Horsey related small claims court advice

    Land contracts need to be in writing- if you don’t have it in writing you won’t have a case. I’d write it off to experience. Plus you moved on to it - whether or not you moved off quickly you did utilise the facilities such as they were.
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    Ok... Try this situation!

    If you want to give child 2 a chance get the mother alone and tell her that the attitude is causing you to be miserable - but you want to give her child a chance ... so we should have a new start from today leaving the past in the past... and a trial period of a month to see how things go and...
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    WWYD - Lameness and PSD

    I’d pts... you’ve spent a lot of time already , the prognosis is poor for this condition, but field ornament I suppose is an option.
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    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    Honey - after all a crunchie is honeycomb.
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    Cross Country Rider Confidence

    Start tiny with a helper on handput a working hunter fence next to the cross country fence at the same height and jump that a few times... and then do the cross country fence... and once you feel confident over that one fence move to another don’t leave that fence til it feels ‘safe ‘and once 3...
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    Cross Country Rider Confidence

    Which part of cross country scares you? Is it the wide open space or the fences?
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    Horsebox insurers and breakdown recommendations please!

    Seib were a 1/3 the price of nfu and they didn’t require I had a tracker ...
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    Colic surgery.. would you put yours through it?

    Money has never been a consideration when treating my horses - ever but I wouldn’t do colic surgery or a foot resection for that matter... if I could have a guaranteed and painless cure for my horse I’d gladly pay double for it . Unfortunately due to experiences I know that this is not the reality
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    Slowing trot tempo.

    Ride up and down slower ignore what he’s doing and just do it
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    Why do so many people own/ride horses they dont enjoy?

    Because sometimes the struggle is worth it - sometimes you have to go thru difficult times to achieve your goals... it’s like any relationship there are good times and there are bad if you give up at the first difficulty you can miss most of the best times of your life
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    Colic surgery.. would you put yours through it?

    The problem is there is no way to objectively assess pain- as. A human pain specialist for many years it is almost impossible to assess objectively because pain is a subjective experience. What I do know is that in humans at least laparotomies are one of the most painful procedures to undergo -...
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    Colic surgery.. would you put yours through it?

    Having worked in human medicine all my life I have seen how much humans struggle with pain after a laparotomy. Horses have to stand with all that pressure on the wound ... no way I’d put my friend thru that . No way.
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    Genuine safe hackers question/opinions

    I’d be genuinely interested for My mum/ son share .... pm details if appropriate we’re in Cheshire too
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    Genuine safe hackers question/opinions

    Where is this paragon of virtue?
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    Best anatomical bridle

    If your husband said he’d buy you a bridle as a present - anything you like (and he genuinely means anything) what dressage legal snaffle bridle would you want?
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    Best soundproof ears

    Ear poms every time... work like a dream and I’ve never had them fall out by accident
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    Today I jumped ....

    So for some reason I had a major crisis of confidence after Christmas and could barely function on anything other than nutter cob... my new fella has been on schooling livery ever since and I’ve been riding him 3 day a week ish... so this was a big deal to me. I decided today was the day we were...
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    Anyway of stopping the general public feeding the horses?

    A obviously placed cctv camera and a notice saying. “Do not feed the horses, they are on a special diet and anyone caught feeding the horses Will be held responsible for any vets fees incurred.”