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  1. Jnhuk

    Arena mirrors - polished aluminium

    Hello - has anyone successfully used polished aluminium sheets as arena mirrors?
  2. Jnhuk

    Wide horses & issues with hips?

    Just wondering as my current horse is just getting wider and his new saddle just fitted with an 4XW gullet! Everyone who sits on him comments on how wide he is - even instructors. I am coping with his width just now but with my increasing years but does riding wide horses knacker your hips as...
  3. Jnhuk

    Stethoscope in their first aid kit - strongly recommend

    Had scary night last night with serious ill horse and just stressed the importance of knowing your own horse/s normal breathing/pulse and temp as well as behaviours. Probably like most folks I have only done these things when things not right Was struggling to get an accurate pulse but then...
  4. Jnhuk


    Can't believe it but hubby managed to somehow get his mug featured in this H&H article about tilting! Great fun with great fun people - anyone near Central Scotland/Borders than wants...
  5. Jnhuk

    Filled legs at grass

    My ISH who lives out 24/7 had both hind legs filled when brought him in today. No sign of lameness, no sign of even a smallest wound or injury andno heat just swollen. Hacked him out in walk for 30 mins and legs back to normal Going to have a chat to vet but thinking autumnal flush with...
  6. Jnhuk

    D ring on girth & clip for girth loop on breastplate?

    This maybe a numpty question but what do folks do with their martingales/breastplates when their girth has a D ring attached. Ignore it and put the girth loop round the girth as normal? After a pectoral tear, my horse's preferred girth is a professional choice one which has a D ring. I have...
  7. Jnhuk

    Riding school recommendations Stirling area

    Hi a friend has asked me if I know of any good riding schools for her kid to continue learning to ride they move to the Stirling area. Think the kid in question is just past a beginner but still very novice. It is outside my own local area of knowledge so hoping some folks would have...
  8. Jnhuk

    Tongue Ties - why?

    Please can someone tell me why in racing they use tongue ties? They have just described on the Royal Ascot feed that it used to help the horse breathe but horses only breathe through their nostrils and not through their mouth? Anyone know the real reason why?
  9. Jnhuk

    Neem Oil - how to use?

    I have heard this is good for flies amongst other things. It certainly stinks!
  10. Jnhuk

    Valuation of horseboxes

    I have been toying with the idea of changing my 7.5 horsebox so been trying to figure out how folks arrive at a valuation as I am bamboozled at what some folks think their lorry is worth. As I need a large payload and capacity to fit large horses, I am not looking at those with all mod cons...
  11. Jnhuk

    automatic horsebox?

    Anyone drive an automatic horsebox? Pros & Cons please?
  12. Jnhuk

    Please help to find Bonner Bandages?

    Anyone bought these recently? Have a friend who is trying to buy another pair but they seem to be out of stock everywhere and can't find any second hand. Anyone have any links or ideas as none on ebay or horsey sites that we can find TIA
  13. Jnhuk

    Arena Lighting - anyone installed their own?

    Has anyone put up their own lighting? Can't afford the mega bucks that the companies seem to quote. I need to detail what we are using in our planning application so just trying to finalise things. Have been advised that using 7.5 m aluminum poles and lights on can work well and another...
  14. Jnhuk

    Educate me on arena surfaces

    What do folks recommend but please be aware that I don't have unlimited funds to spend on new arena. Have been to see an outdoor arena built by the chap we are thinking of using. It had washed silica sand and stablising fibres (looked like shredding carpet bits tbh). The folks were very happy...
  15. Jnhuk

    Groundworks/Arena construction recs please

    Would love to hear from anyone that put in an arena in Central Scotland/Borders in recent years for recommendations (who to use and/or avoid!) and anything that you learnt from the process that you would do differently. Pm me if you prefer Many thanks in advance
  16. Jnhuk

    Torn Pectoral muscle

    Just wondering if any peeps have experience of this, how things turned out in the end and how long it took to come right/if they came right 100% after it. Physio attending my gelding just now and we suspect he did this larking about the field. I am now applying heat to affected area which he...
  17. Jnhuk

    Rugs - weights & temp

    My guys (ISH and IDx) have a tracer clip and they are toasty warm in a 50g turnout. Good frost this morning - frosticles on mane/tails/ear hair this morning but boys all cosy so I am not feeling guilt although despite my horsey neighbour using heavy weights on her two finer types. My guys live...
  18. Jnhuk

    Help re girth tender/advice re fleece liners and girth rings

    Up to now I have used breastplate/martingales with a loop that the girth goes through. However, one of my horses is letting me know that he is uncomfortable around his girth/transverse pectoral area between his front legs just since Thursday. I can't see or feel anything odd here but it is...
  19. Jnhuk

    SJ Warm up Plans

    Took my youngster to his second SJ show this morning at a lovely venue with unaff SJ. I have never really enjoyed SJ and in particular the warm-ups used to freak me out so always would just do the minimum then just go in and do the course. However, I am finding at this venue as the warm up is...
  20. Jnhuk

    acavallo gel pads - with or without numnah?

    Anyone use these pads to help stop saddle slipping on a cob type with no wither and wondering if it is better at this without a numnah or doesn't it make a difference TIA
  21. Jnhuk

    First XC for Mr T

    I have been a bit quiet on here since lost my main riding & competition horse in January but thankfully had my youngster to occupy me and keep me going. Had proud mum day on Sunday when we took Mr T to his first Pick a Fence competition. He was a star and was the busiest event he has been to...
  22. Jnhuk

    BP - new racesafe 2010 or provent?

    Anyone got either of these two BPs and love them/recommend? Previous BP was a RS2000 but need to upgrade so have a Level 3 2009 one and these are my two choices. Many thanks
  23. Jnhuk

    Wedding horseshoe charm

    Has anyone made these out of their own horses old horseshoes? Any ideas of how to get them looking their best OH was suggesting somehow getting them chrome plated rather than just painting them
  24. Jnhuk

    Celtic Dressage Championships

    I have managed to qualify for these championships to be held April 2017 at the Cabin, near Aberdeen. However, the qualification slip tells me that I have 14 days in which to decide if I am competing at the champs or not? Now this venue is going to be over 3 1/2 hours away so I unkeen to...
  25. Jnhuk

    BPs - is Beta level 3 2009 required for 2016 unaff HT/ODEs etc?

    Had just entered my first HT with my youngster in a baby class at a local PC XC event online in couple of weeks time, however when printed the schedule to send in the entry form as requested, they are stating all competitors BP must be BETA level 3 2009. I was planning on replacing my...
  26. Jnhuk

    Arena Sizes - what do you have?

    Further to my previous thread been having a serious think re arena and sizes and location. Anyone got an usual size arena that works for them? Obviously I would love a 40 x 30 or larger but have limited space and money. Anyone got a square arena approx 25 x 25m or 30 x 30m?
  27. Jnhuk

    Arena groundworks and surfaces

    Investigating the possibility of putting an arena in at home. Please can people pm me who they recommend and who to avoid in Central Scotland/Borders. I am about 30 mins south of Edinburgh
  28. Jnhuk

    Tips/Advice re Arenas - from those who put their own in

    To those folks who have put their own arena in, what top tips/advice do you have or wish that you had been told before your started? I have no knowledge and starting to test the waters with OH!
  29. Jnhuk

    Combined Training - scoring etc.. how does it work?

    Looking at introducing come combined training competitions to our RC shows but trying to figure out how does the scoring work Anyone able to help? Thanks in advance
  30. Jnhuk

    Horse hair jewellery company recs please

    Any recommendations regarding horse hair jewellery - seen several on fb that do necklaces and bracelets but when have been looking not seen the ones that I really liked awhile ago. Seen some plaited hair rings with the hair covered with I presume a clear resin/acrylic wondering about rings...