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  1. Faracat

    How to trot up a cat?

    I suppose the answer is 'with great difficulty'. ;) The cats have been through the wars a bit with one being bitten by a rat (we think) on the tail and another having an eye ulcer. So after much time at the Vets and struggling to give medication, we have a healing tail wound and a recovering...
  2. Faracat

    'Silent' electric cars - will this be an issue out hacking?

    I know that blind people are concerned about this, but should the horse world be worried too?
  3. Faracat

    Horse show in US - dog attacks girl with puppy Just heartbreaking. :(
  4. Faracat

    Can someone please home the Egyptian Mau on Gumtree *please* *please* *please*

    I can't have another cat and of course my Dad shows me that there is a smoke coloured Egyptian Mau on Gumtree that needs a home. I wish that I could have her but it's just not possible as I think that our lovely moggy would leave home (he's already fuming about the black feral cat that visits)...
  5. Faracat

    Tack colour in the UK?

    Does anyone understand this post from chronicle of the horse? My experience has always been that brown tack (havana) is always OK and is actually required depending on what you are doing. So for showing above local level, havana is essential but you can also dressage, jump etc... in brown tack...
  6. Faracat

    The lumbering thug...

    is growing some fur! :D It appears to be coming in a bit darker too, so I'm looking forward to seeing if he turns out a bit more of a liver chestnut this time.
  7. Faracat

    Moulting - slow summer coat growth

    This does seem to be normal for my gelding, but I've not seen it on another horse. He has huge black patches, which is actually his skin where the winter coat has moulted away, but the summer coat has not grown in yet. His topline has some fluffy winter coat hanging on and his lower legs, head...
  8. Faracat

    Can a bruise turn into an abscess?

    CM had what looked like a bruise on her heel bulb. A few days later an abscess burst out of that heel in the same spot. I'm just wondering if the 'bruise' that I could see was actually an abscess all along or if the bruise became an abscess?
  9. Faracat

    Well this is a new one - chestnut carrying black gene

    So how does that work then? Mutant? Owner doesn't understand how colour is inherited? He looks chestnut. Apparently I'd love to see the paperwork. :) Lovely chap though, I hope he finds a nice home. :D
  10. Faracat

    US racetrack Santa Anita - horse deaths

    Can anyone shed any light on what is actually going on there? Is it really as simple as just too much rain on a dirt track?
  11. Faracat

    Yard clothes - environmentally friendly on a budget?

    Like so many of us, I have several synthetic fleeces which I use around the horses. Due to all the micro fibres of plastic that they shed when washed, I'm not sure that I should replace them with more synthetic fleeces when they wear out. So what is a good alternative? I wondered about looking...
  12. Faracat

    High heart rate - no outward sign of stress

    First thing this morning my horses had their flu boosters. The two mares seemed their normal calm selves and were well behaved. The gelding was getting himself in a knot, not knowing whether to weave or box walk because it's just so awful being in a stable for five blimmin' minutes and the Vet...
  13. Faracat

    Shoppers - decent dandy brush?

    So I went to the local tack shop and looked at the grooming brushes as I need a new dandy. Oh what a sorry bunch of brushes they had of different makes. :( Soft, sparsely distributed bristles and plastic backs, the whole effect was not instilling me with the belief that the brushes could...
  14. Faracat

    Fancy dress ideas... is it terrible to be inspired by a plastic pony called 'Cupcake'?

    I think my grey could rock this look. I just need hair chalk, glitter and maybe some pink tinsel. :D I could go as a cherry. *Sadly I have no fancy dress comp to go to... maybe next year!*
  15. Faracat

    They tried to understand our weird British horse ways... LOL

    Quite charming really. :)
  16. Faracat

    Reasonable or not? Staying in touch with former owners

    I was browsing the horse ads for fun (as you do :)) and came across this ad The essential info is that the horse is...
  17. Faracat

    Can anyone explain why...

    ... complete strangers seem to think that I should let them ride my horses (for free) and on top of that, that they are doing me a huge favour by doing so, even though I would be required to teach/supervise them? No-one ever asks to drive my car, so what is it about horses specifically that...
  18. Faracat

    Thomas & co at HOYS

    My google skills have failed and I cannot find their website at all. Can anyone give me the link? Thank you.
  19. Faracat

    Shoppers - hoof file

    I need a good quality one that can deal with really tough, dense horn. The cheap ones from my local tack shop just don't stay sharp enough. I'm happy to buy online. :) Thanks.
  20. Faracat

    Quick survey for cat owners. :D

    Q1. How many prawns should a cat be fed? a) None b) I'll give them a couple as a treat if I'm cooking prawns anyway c) They make good cat treats as my cats love them, so they are good rewards during training sessions d) Sorry, got to dash to the shop, my cat is sobbing their little heart...
  21. Faracat

    Anyone else snowed in?

    Luckily we got some shopping yesterday and stocked up on horse feed.
  22. Faracat

    Stable rugs - anyone bought a good one recently?

    Preferably in a higher denier than 210d, middleweight and doesn't cost the Earth. 5'9. :)
  23. Faracat

    Just awful. Poor pony.
  24. Faracat

    Vets and navicular RE H&H article There's still a long way to go before the Veterinary community embraces barefoot rehabs as an option.
  25. Faracat

    RIP Bernard

    Sadly Bernard the brown Burmese was PTS this evening due to kidney failure. He had suffered from congestive heart failure for a few years, but due to his super nature he let us give him his medication of five pills a day and his heart was doing really well. So it was a bit of a shock to us that...
  26. Faracat

    Headcollar update/review type thing!

    I just thought that I'd update on this, just incase anyone else is on the lookout for a new synthetic headcollar. :) In the end I went for the Cottage Craft adjustable one with buckles on the poll strap, throat lash and on the top of the nose. I got it in navy and I actually went for full...
  27. Faracat

    Model horses - Magpie's are back!

    I know that some people on here like model horses or may know people who do (especially with Xmas coming up rather faster than I would like ;)) or might want to know this as they had one as a child. Magpie Model Horses are up and running again! They only have DIY kits at the moment, but...
  28. Faracat

    Shoppers - headcollars

    Has anyone bought a really nice headcollar recently? I'm after a synthetic one to replace a broken one as I don't like to use the leather one when it's peeing down with rain. Cob size. :)
  29. Faracat

    I seem to have rather a lot of spare leadropes...

    So I may not have piles of lovely matchy matchy sets, but I do seem to be hoarding leadropes. :o When I was young I stayed with a horsey friend who used plaited baler twine as leadropes and it seems to have made a lasting impression on me in a 'plaited baler twine does not a good leadrope make'...