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  1. windand rain

    Pictures 23 years old today and more than 21 years in my life

    Love this old girl and she is still in full work she has been a joy every minute of her life with us and has done everything we could ask of her. You could put your granny on her or a toddler (we do) and will step it up to do a mean x country too
  2. windand rain

    Are we a dying breed

    I have just checked the entry numbers at our local county show, when we went every year class number entries were in the 50's with 30's forward this year number of entries are in their low twenties at best and fewer will present. Is it just the showing world that is dying or are the general...
  3. windand rain

    Highland ponies really are the best

    Hazel spent several hours at nursery school today the children were offered the opportunity to stroke and pet her they had a ball and although she moved while the classes were changed over she didnt even move her feet while the children were in the vicinity and stood like a statue so as not to...
  4. windand rain

    Pictures Kitten is 1 today

    Bless her couldnt understand the fuss
  5. windand rain

    slightly perplexed

    was watching a Working hunter class today. Not something I normaly do nowadays the winner was a very forward pony with a tiny girl on that jumped clear then bogged off in the individual. Second was a horse that napped and reared for at least 10 minutes before it got to the first fence then...
  6. windand rain

    Pictures Day 2 at the county show

    Rowan loves this little boy and he loves her she is the only pony he will go near he is nervous of animals but adores her. Both Rowan and Kitten came home with fourth places again because their coats are not out not bothered both are babies and both behaved in the rarified atmosphere of rearing...
  7. windand rain

    Pictures Lovely day at the county show

    Third in a biggish class and qualified for the second round of the Olympia veterans age 19-23. She is my best friend and has lived with me for 21 years since she was 18 months old. Oldest in the class and loved every minute of it. OH and her were by far the oldest combination at 90 years between...
  8. windand rain

    Just had a scary thought

    Do the SSADL veterans need age badges we have one entered tomorrow at 8.30
  9. windand rain

    Finally we have some rain

    Yesterday it rained properly for the first time in months we have had showers that largely speaking missed the fields and my garden. It was cold yesterday so rugs back on to keep the wet off it is drizzling today so will soak in well so fingers crossed the grass actually gets going now. It has...
  10. windand rain

    Saddle for a wide little pony

    Going to call the saddler as although her current saddle is wide enough it has a tendency to flip up when she trots, It is a lovely old saddle not a mark on it but could probably do with re flocking. Will this help the cantle rise or is it a problem of saddle shape not quite being right for the...
  11. windand rain

    Pictures Kittens debut

    Loaded first time, travelled well, behaved impeccably at the show on the roadway into and out of the showground didnt flinch even at the airbrakes, Performed a pretty top knotch show and was placed 5th in a mixed 123 with all breeds in the class thee judge was a tb fan so lightweights at the top...
  12. windand rain

    Pictures Next lesson for Kitten

    Having a bath not overly impressed by the hose but soon settled for a good scrub
  13. windand rain

    Anyone else praying for rain

    Last year we got hardly any rain after the beast from the east until a few wet days in Autumn Winter has been coldish and dry and we haven't had any rain since the middle of March the grass is trying hard but it really does need a good soaking
  14. windand rain

    Pictures Think she is moulting

    this is the bit before her bath nearly twice as much has come out since
  15. windand rain

    Kitten lesson 3 grooming vulnerable areas and feet

    Kitten is like a Yak so today we laid off the loading and did some grooming, feet lifting and touching everywhere. She was super not even a flinch when clearing some of the tufts of hair from round her ears and her tummy still a bit like cotton wool so any tips on how to remove it without...
  16. windand rain

    Kittens 2nd lesson leading up the road and loading

    She was as good as gold leading up the lane away from her field with horses galloping up to say hello (from a different yard) met her first moving car and some loose dogs didnt bat and eye was a little up and down about loading in the trailer but after about 20 minutes of me standing quietly on...
  17. windand rain

    Kitten starts school

    She has now got her feet firmly under the table and her place sorted it is time to start her education. She is a very quick learner. was trying to grab food but as we feed in the field she has to learn to wait for permission to eat. She is getting the message quite quickly. Today we increased...
  18. windand rain

    Youngsters are making progress

    the little welshie is 4 now (how time flies) so she has been tacked up and started doing a few minutes lunging she struggled with the concept of moving while wearing tack but is getting better every day. She has had a tiny rider on on lead rein but will be going away over the summer for riding...
  19. windand rain

    Getting rid of winter coat

    What is the best way to encourage the yak like coats to shed out. Have an early county show and both highlands young and old have at least 4 inches of guard coat. Will upping linseed help or just make them fat. Presently using a shedding blade most days but the youngsters coat is quite matted as...
  20. windand rain

    What breed should i have

    We currently have a yellow labrador that is the most amazing dog ever never chew anything, never stolen food, never run off never barked except at burglers and is a joy to live with. The babt granchildren adore her and she is unfazed by them they are careful and of course have to be gentle with...
  21. windand rain


    What are the toughest cheapest clippers for a cobs legs tried small trimmers but are not man enough can you trimmers that are tough enough for the job doesnt have to be a pretty clip as he is old retired and messy but he does stamp sometimes so need to keep them short. His wners clippers have...
  22. windand rain

    can a horse have colic and still poo

    Old boy is a bit off today not eating a lot and seems a bit down yesterday he was his usual pain in the neck cheeky self today he is standing about and picking at his food he still has a squity bum in fact he is passing just watery poos owner is planning on getting the vet in the morning but if...
  23. windand rain

    I am very impressed

    My foal came a bit muddy as she had been snowed in for a while and they didnt have chance to clean her up today we had a good groom, a tail and tummy wash and met the hosepipe. It is testament to her temperament that she was very happy to stay and have all the pampering she could get she is a...
  24. windand rain

    Terrier stripping comb

    Might sound odd in a care of horses but would it be feasible to use a stripping comb to get rid of matted fur with clinkers And any other suggestions please a bath would be a bit mean and may not work
  25. windand rain

    My 65th Birthday present arrived today

    She is very wooly and very sweet
  26. windand rain

    Bit and bridle

    Just been to a talk about bitting and bridle fit so as a matter of curiosity how many people have their Bridle/bit fit checked as regularly as the saddle. It was interesting to hear some of the questions from the audience based on those it would seem it is as important if not more so to have a...
  27. windand rain

    Discussion about horse breeding

    Probably not the right place but here goes Do you feel that modern horse breeding is not filling the market need. Are breeders trying too hard to produce the next Big Star or Valegro at the expense of middle of the road amateur horses and are the failures of those breeding ambitions making good...
  28. windand rain

    best small reins

    how is it best to keep reins small for a child rider with tiny hands I knotted them today but she still struggled can you buy or make bridged reins while she learns to keep her reins and her hands down.
  29. windand rain

    Poopy legs

    Ancient cob who has had a hard life is plagued by scours. At this time of year should I wash his legs regularly either in warm or cold water, Scrape the worst off and avoid wetting him, or leave well alone until Spring. So far it has been tail washed and poop scraped off if it dries enough. Will...